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"Taonga" Review

I have always had a passion for gaming. I love being taken out of reality and put into an exciting new universe.


A Tropical Paradise

Taonga is an adorable farm game that gives you an island to make your own. Grow, create, make friends with your neighbors, or add other island farmers to visit. You'll have tons of fun no matter what you do. This game is recommended for ages fourteen and up since there is so much to follow along with.


For Experienced or New Farmers

Taonga will go through a quick tutorial to make sure you know how to play through the game. If you have a history with farming simulators then it works pretty much the same as any other one. You have a specific amount of energy you use to clear plots of land to grow your crops. There are a lot of different ways to acquire energy. If you ever run low, there are a few different ways to gain more. You can wait for it to replenish over time, or use gems to purchase different size energy bundles.


There are all kinds of plants to clear out in order to expand your island. As you make room for new crops and buildings, you can uncover extra treasure to help boost your farming. Keep a lookout for hidden chests! You will also collect items as you clear the land that will be used in completing buildings and crafting materials. You have limited storage, but don't worry! You can upgrade your storage with special gems and continue to carry what you need.

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Easy Rewards!

There are plenty of quests for you to do that will help you in many ways. Complete simple tasks like placing buildings or harvesting eggs from pesky chickens. You can earn coins, energy, experience, and even special gems used for an array of possibilities. I really enjoy how well this game prepares you to start playing. The quest at the beginning make sure to supply you with plenty of rewards to get you up and going for the rest of the game. Toanga does offer in-game purchases for those who need just a little extra boost.


Unlock Island Wonders

Everything you do on your island goes towards your level. As you level up, you unlock many new and exciting items. You can get flashy decorations to enhance the look of your island or expand to new areas. You can unlock beautiful, new islands inhabited by other people. Win even more rewards by helping them with tasks own their own. Some of the special islands are event islands only, so make sure you catch them in time to get exclusive items for your own island. It is so much fun to visit the other places as it gives you ideas for decorations, earns you materials, as well as the reward items to take back with you.


Farm Away!

The entire purpose of this game is to farm. While you have all these other possibilities, don't forget to grow your crops! You'll need them to help with building materials, selling to other farmers, and creating delicious dishes to give you other island's friends as you visit. You can move your plots around to help decorate and organize your island. More crops will become available as you level. Each crop has its own unique look as they grow. Taonga has an easy clicking system which makes harvesting and planting crops no problem at all.


A Quality Time Passer

Taonga is everything you could want in a farming simulator. Its creative, interactive, and perfect for those who need something to occupy their time with. It would be neat to see more animals as options for the island farm. Just a few more in the shop would at lot more creative options. Also giving users more things to save up coins for. There are so many decorations to choose from. They did perfect on that portion of the game. Even when you run out of energy to complete tasks, you will still be able to move the decorations around your island. This gives you plenty to do as you wait for energy to replenish. This really is a great little game to keep you entertained for as long as needed.

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