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"Kenshi" Is One of the Hardest Survival RPGs You'll Ever Play



Kenshi: A Hard, Patience-Testing Survival Game

Of all the games I've ever played, Kenshi is the hardest and most frustrating. Now I don't call this the hardest because the gameplay itself is difficult, but rather because it requires an egregious amount of patience. If you thought Kingdom Come: Deliverance required some serious patience, this game will really grind your gears.

I highly suggest you pick up a copy on Steam, as this is a PC-only game!

The Plot

There is so much you could say about this game, but as it concerns plot, there isn't really anything at all. Now I know that sounds lame, but just wait. The lack of any real plot is the point!

In Kenshi, you get to start out as one of the four races available within the game, and depending on the type of start you choose, you may also have a pet tagging along with you. Perhaps you are even missing a limb or are dying of starvation in cannibal territory.

No matter where you start, you start out as meaningless and worthless to everyone! Unlike most games where the world revolves around your life story from the get-go, where you have a destiny and you're going to fulfill it, Kenshi drops you right on your broken butt and says, "Good luck, nerd!"

The true fans of the game will tell you, "That's the beauty of Kenshi, the power to choose and create your own stories. The freedom to do whatever you want, however you want!"

Playable races: Hive, Human, Shek, Skeleton

Playable races: Hive, Human, Shek, Skeleton

Game Mechanics

If you have ever played anything like KOTOR, Command and Conquer, Rise of Nations, Dawn of War, Dragon Age: Origins, and anything of the like, then you should know Kenshi is like all of those games blended together with an extreme amount of freedom. You fully control how close or far the camera is, allowing you to catch the stat-based battle systems in as much or as little detail as you so choose. Let me tell you, when you have a full squad of fifty and you're taking on a Holy Nation raid, my goodness, you'll appreciate the camera versatility.

Other than fluid stat-based battles, it is a point-and-click adventure in which you'll choose from the races and factions who to ally with and who to make enemies. You can build entire cities, or you can burn them to the ground. It's all up to you. Your story is truly in your hands!

Want to be a trader? Do it!

Want to be a slaver? Do it!

Want to be a cannibal? Do it!

Want to be a breeder? Do It!

Want to be a hunter? Do it!

Want to be a martial arts god? Do it!

Want to ... you see where I'm going with this. The gameplay is near-limitless and the map is near-seamlessly huge!

My one complaint, however, is that the UI and load screens can get real clunky. If you don't have a mid-tier rig (preferably, you should have a high-tier rig), then this game will make your drives and processors chug hard. You'll also experience quite a few crashes and ridiculously frequent and long load times.

Will you survive?

Will you survive?

An Early R.I.P.

Now I have been saying this, over and over I have said it, that the game is one of the hardest I have ever played and you need a ton of patience. I am not joking around in any capacity when I say it, because the amount of things in the game that will kill you and your people are innumerable. If it isn't the gaping wound where your arm used to be bleeding you out, then it will be one of the many species of wildlife gnawing on your unconscious body.

You're going to struggle for food, money, supplies, weapons, armor, medicine, and anything else you can think of in this game. You're going to lose tens, if not hundreds of your people to all different kinds of mishaps. Heck, you may even lose your mind to the slow process of getting enough money and stat levels to even afford to venture out farther than the limits of the nearest city!

No matter what, I offer an early, "rest in peace," to your characters that you are inevitably going to lose!

Bust out the Astartes with mods!

Bust out the Astartes with mods!

Don't Forget Your Mods

Kenshi may be the hardest game I have ever played, hundreds of hours and still haven't even explored most of the game, but it gets even better than that. The mods in Kenshi are some of the greatest for a low-end style game I have ever seen, and the mod community is absolutely terrific.

I saved this section for last because I was worried that if I didn't I would want to go on and on about the mods available to you. From game-breaking mods like infinite resources, to making the game even harder, you have your choice of full customization and play. Personally, I love anything Warhammer related so I'm going to talk about it for a second here.

If you decide to get the game, humor me and download the Warhammer mods. It is so fun to see and battle with Astartes all throughout the Kenshi universe. The one pictured above is of the Grey Wolves, and it really adds a whole new, amazing facet to the game!

So get out there and start your own adventure!