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"The Sims 4: Cats and Dogs" Guide

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Sims 4 Pet Guide: How to Breed or Raise Sim Cats and Dogs

Sims 4 Pet Guide: How to Breed or Raise Sim Cats and Dogs

Let's Adopt a Sims Pet

Explore Brindleton Bay with your new companions!

The Sims 4: Cats and Dogs expansion allows us to add furry friends to our families! In this guide, I'll go over all the new features and general directions on how to explore them!

There are tons of new objects and outfits in an adorable old-time theme much like the original The Sims Pets.


Create or Adopt a Pet?

You can create a pet as you create your Sim family! You can make almost any breed and they even went as far as to add Fox's to dog breeds and Raccoons to cat breeds! Just like Sims, you can select their names, gender, and personality traits! There are even cute outfits to dress them up in!

If you just want to add a pet to your Sim family there are two ways you can adopt. You can choose to adopt using a phone or a computer, or you can find yourself a stray pet and befriend them. Cavalier Cove is a great place to find pups and Whiskerman's Wharf may be a good place to check for kitties if you're looking to go this route.


What Do Sims Pets Need?

Much like baby Sims, you cannot select and control your pet. Still, it's not very difficult to make sure their needs are attended to at all times. You can ask your pet "What's wrong?" for a pop-up hint.

  • Hunger: All pets need a food bowl to eat out of.
  • Toys: Toys will give your pets something to do and help keep them happy.
  • Attention: Other than eating and having somewhere to do their business, your pet will need attention. Neglecting your pet could lead it to run away from you.
  • Hygiene: Dogs also need baths. It will be pretty obvious when they need one. You'll need a bathtub in order to do this.
  • Scratch: Cats will need a scratching post or other scratch friendly cat furniture, or even the most well-behaved felines will scratch the couch.
  • Litter Box: Cats, of course, need a litter box to do their business in.
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Pet Breeding

In order to breed your pet, they cannot be neutered/spayed. Almost all adult stage pets that I find in adoption are already altered, so if you plan to adopt your breeder pet, you'll want to look for a puppy or kitten. You can create mixed breed pets this way! Rather than it happening entirely at random, you can "Encourage to Breed with..." and then choose the other pet you'd like to breed. Most litters are between 1-3 puppies or kittens.


Veterinarian Skill and Clinic

Vet Clinics are run like a business in The Sims 4: Get to Work. You'll need a building filled with all the basic necessities so you can treat pets. You will learn the Veterinarian Skill by doing so and also by crafting medicines that you can sell in your office.

Hire and manage your Sim workers just like any other business. Promotions and other functions are the same.

As your Sim gains Veterinarian Skill, you will be able to diagnose and treat new illnesses and make new medicines and treats to sell in your office! You could also just learn to make treats at home and treat your pets that way.

Eventually, you can learn to make treats that can bring dead pets back from the grave or age them down so that they never die.


Pet Training

Pets do not gain skills as they did before in The Sims 3. Now they are not controllable, although they do learn tricks and will follow commands. You can gain the Pet Training Skill by interacting with them and choosing which trick you'd like for them to learn.

You will need to train your pets to get rid of certain behaviors, for example, dogs you can scold them for using the potty on the floor so they learn not to go inside. You can "Praise" them when they do what you want them to, and even "Ask to Go Potty" before they have an accident.

As you gain Pet Training skill points, you'll learn how to train new tricks and commands.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed my guide and learned a few tips to keeping happy pets!

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