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"The Sims 4" Child Skills

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Four Sims 4 Child Skills

Once you give birth to or adopt your child you need to figure out how to raise them. Children learn differently than adults do, so it only makes sense that the skills they develop are different from, but are related to, the skills they'll grow into. Unlike adult skills, the Sims 4 Child Skills are only learned through doing, not reading, so you won’t find any books on these subjects.

There are a total of four different skill sets: Creativity, Mental, Motor, and Social. Each child starts off at level one of each skill category. You want to make sure your child fulfills at least one Child Aspiration, which requires at least one level 10 skill, so make sure you focus on at least one to take up to the maximum level.


1. Creativity

The first Sims 4 child skill we’ll be going over is the Creativity skill. This skill is related to the Painting skill for adults, and getting this skill high will allow you to develop the Painting skill faster. Creativity is developed by playing with an assortment of different small hand held toys as well as the doll house. Although you need to be an adult to make fine art, increasing your Creativity skill will allow you to draw different kinds of pictures at the Activity Table, as well as gives your child additional choices you can make when interacting with their toys.

  1. The default level of this skill will allow you to play with a Dollhouse, Activity Table, and Toys
  2. At this level you are able to create one additional drawing at the Activity Table
  3. From now on the Pirate Ship Jungle Gym will be more enjoyable.
  4. You now have the Daydream and Tell Make Believe Story interactions, as well as have an additional drawing available at the Activity Table.
  5. Playing with a Dollhouse can sometimes provide the Inspired emotion.
  6. Playing with Toys now provides a more powerful moodlet, and an additional drawing is available at the Activity Table.
  7. Satisfaction from playing on Jungle Gyms is further increased and if a Dollhouse is owned the child can now select “Write Dollhouse Story.”
  8. A new drawing is now available at the Activity Table
  9. You now have the ability to Narrate a Tale of Dolls at the Dollhouse.
  10. You have mastered the Creativity skill and can now start to level up the Piano and Violin skills.
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2. Mental

When your child is developing their mental skills they’re developing their critical thinking skills. This skill is related to the Logic skill for adults, and getting this skill will allow you to learn the Logic skill faster. Mental skills are learned through experimentation at a Science Table, or by playing Chess. Playing Chess with a family member is a great way to not only build up skills for both people, but can help fulfill the social need for both at the same time.

  1. The default level of this skill will allow you to interact with the Science Table and play Chess.
  2. You can now play “Arithmetic Game” while at a computer
  3. While no specific rewards are at this level, you are getting smarter.
  4. Playing the Arithmetic Game on the computer will now give you stronger moodlets, and you can create a Health Potion while at the Science Table
  5. You’ve learned about math and can now talk about Fractions to other Sims
  6. You’ve become more interested in the world and can now research Simpedia on a computer.
  7. Both Space Ship Jungle Gym and the Science Table provide stronger moodlets, and you can now create an emotion potion while at the Science Table.
  8. Your mind is expanding; even your specific rewards from this skill are not.
  9. Have you ever tried to read someone’s mind? Well, you can now! Attempting Mental Telepathy is now available, and you can now sometimes gain the Mental skill faster while Researching Simpedia or playing Arithmetic Game on the computer.
  10. You‘ve mastered the Mental skill. You can now create the Stink Drink at a Science Table, and can gain the Logic, Video Games, and Fishing skills.

3. Motor

When your child is developing their Motor skills they’re getting more active and getting more coordinated. This skill is related to the Fitness skill for adults. This skill is learned by playing either on one of the Jungle Gyms, or on the Monkey Bars.

  1. The default level of this skill enables you to play on Jungle Gyms, Monkey Bars, and Practice Typing at a computer.
  2. You’re starting to become more coordinated.
  3. You can now choose the “Ask for Typing Tips” social when interacting with other Sims.
  4. You can now play the Keyboard Commander game on the computer.
  5. You now have the option to “Hangout” on the Monkey Bars.
  6. When playing Keyboard Commander you can gain a High Score positive moodlet.
  7. Playing on the Monkey Bars will now provide you with stronger moodlets.
  8. You’ve gained another level of the Motor skill.
  9. You can now sometimes gain the Motor skill faster when playing on the Monkey Bars or playing Video Games.
  10. Playing on the Monkey Bars will give an even stronger moodlet.
Chess with a friend or parent helps develop two skills at once, Social and Mental

Chess with a friend or parent helps develop two skills at once, Social and Mental

4. Social

When your child is developing Social skills they’re learning how to interact with other people. Learning this skill helps develop the Charisma skill later on in life. This skill can be developed by interacting with other Sims, or by interacting with child only objects like giant stuffed animals, or by interacting with mirrors.

  1. The default level of this skill allows you to use the “Press to Talk” interaction on talking toys.
  2. You are now able to watch on a computer
  3. You’ve just gained another social level, but didn’t get any specific reward for it.
  4. Sometimes after watching on a computer you will get a stronger moodlet from it.
  5. Playing with a Teddy Bear will now give you a stronger moodlet.
  6. When you’re sad you can now talk it out with a Giant Stuffed Animal for comfort, and you can now Research Idioms while on a computer.
  7. While interacting with other Sims you now have the option to Talk About School.
  8. Ding… another level gained in the Social skill.
  9. Now your Giant Stuffed Animal can help with all negative social moodlets like Embarrassment, Stress, or just being Uncomfortable.
  10. Mastery of the Social skill will allow you to mock other Sims moods, and you can now gain skill in both the Charisma and Mischief skills.

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