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"The Sims 4" Children and Teens Guide

How to raise Children and Teens on "The Sims."

How to raise Children and Teens on "The Sims."

Raising Sims

In The Sims 4: Parenthood game pack, we're given the Parenting Skill and Character Value System. The life stages of Child and Teen are when it becomes easiest to manipulate the Sim. Let's hop into these life stages!

Childhood Aspiration

Now that your Sim has become a Child, they will be able to select a Childhood Aspiration and a Trait. There are four Aspirations to choose from that will reward a trait on completion.

  • Artistic Prodigy: Awards Creatively Gifted Trait, which increases the Cooking, Writing, Painting, Guitar, Piano, and Violin skills gains.
  • Whiz Kid: Sim will receive the Mentally Gifted Trait for completing, improving the Logic, Fishing, Video Gaming, Rocket Science, and Programming skills progress.
  • Rambunctious Scamp: Earns the Sim the Physically Gifted Trait, which will increase their Fitness skill gains.
  • Social Butterfly: Socially Gifted Trait will be earned. Makes it easier to raise the Mischief, Comedy, and Charisma skills.

Child Skills

Sims in the Child life stage can learn four different skills. Maximizing one to level ten will give them a head start on their related adult skills.

  • Social: Gives a boost to Mischief, Charisma, and Comedy.
  • Mental: Increases Logic and Rocket Science skills.
  • Motor: Doesn't affect adult skills.
  • Creativity: Affects skills such as Piano, Painting, Writing, Guitar, and Violin.

Sim School

Sim children will go to school on weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Just like adult Sims at work, they have different options for what they can do while they're there. Default option is Normal, other options are Slack Off, Work Hard, Make Friends, or Leave Early.

Your Sim has the option to Skip School, but their grade will drop dramatically. Making friends will add other children to your Sims relationship list so they can invite them over to hang out and build friendships with them. This will also help out with their social needs.

Sometimes your Sim will bring home school projects they are not required to do but will give them Extra Credit and boost their school performance enormously! Students will be given Homework each night; this is basically the same function as a daily task for careers.

To earn an A, your Sim will need 4 skill points in at least one skill. Earning 10 skill points in a skill also makes your Sim complete their homework 70% faster, which stacks with each different skill! Students who have earned at least a B earn the interaction to Do Extra Credit Work.


Sims 4 Scouting and Drama Club

The Sims 4: Seasons added the Scouting career, and The Sims 4: Get Famous added Drama Club! For Children and Teens only, your Sim can earn badges and ranks to gain an extremely useful trait, Scouting Aptitude. Among other rewards, this trait gives a 25% bonus to all skill gains to your Sim. For Drama Club, your Sim will earn fame as a reward for participating.

Scouting Meetings will be held on the weekends, and the daily task is more like a weekly task of checking the scouting board.

  • Rank 1 "Llama Scout": Unlocks the Scouting Uniform and awards the Scouting Board object. Also unlocks a secret handshake interaction.
  • Rank 2 "Griffon Scout": Gained by accomplishing 1 Scouting Badge. Provides you with a Scouting Manual.
  • Rank 3 "Unicorn Scout": Earned by obtaining 3 total Scouting Badges. Sim obtains a Bronze Scouting Trophy.
  • Rank 4 "Pegasus Scout": Achieved by earning 6 total Scouting Badges, awards a Silver Scouting Trophy.
  • Rank 5 "Llamacorn Scout": When you've finally earned 9 Scouting badges, you'll unlock the Expert Scouting Outfit, obtain a Gold Scouting Trophy, and also the Scouting Aptitude Trait!

Sims 4 Teen Skills

When aging up to a Teen, you'll finally be able to pick your Sim's first Life Aspiration and another personality Trait. There's a lot, so we'll save that for its own guide. Their Skills will be the same as a regular Adult Sim, however, they'll still be expected to go to school.

Sim teens can become couples and go as far as messing around or promising themselves to each other. Other than that, there are several other unique interactions that only teens can use.

Sim Teens can earn money from skills like any other Sim, such as painting or programming. However they can also pick up a part-time job too. Keep in mind that Scouting counts as a part-time job so if you'd like to make actual money from it, you'll have to quit. I suggest doing so after earning Rank 5 and the Scouting Aptitude Trait, as it's no longer useful after that.

Jobs for Teens

JobRank 1Rank 2Rank 3

Babysitter: Playful Mood

Babysitter §33/hour

Nanny §40/hour

Daycare Assistant §48/hour

Barista: Inspired Mood

Coffee-Stain Remover §13/hour

Bean Blender §16/hour

Latte Artiste §25/hour

Fast Food Employee: Inspired Mood

Table Cleaner §14/hour

Fry Cook §15/hour

Food Service Cashier §16/hour

Manual Laborer: Focused Mood

Lawn Mower §45/hour

Landscaper §59/hour

Backhoe Operator §70/hour

Get to Parenting

Thank you for reading! Hopefully now you're well equipped to raise your Sims to adulthood with many added benefits!


Heather Lengel (author) from Cleveland, Ohio on May 30, 2019:

I do! I enjoyed it a lot more in The Sims 3. However I probably spend less time on building and more time playing through and making my Sims build themselves up from scratch.

Internetwriter62 from Marco Island, Florida on May 30, 2019:

That is awesome Heather! I am a late comer to the Sims.. I got the Sims 3 starter pack back in 2016. I have been hooked ever since! I have almost all the eps and all the sps, I also have most all the worlds and store items.. I have the Sims 4 base game and I do have Get Together, Get to Work and City Living.. I also have Spa Day and Dine Out.. Do you like to build?

Heather Lengel (author) from Cleveland, Ohio on May 30, 2019:

Thank you! Yes, I started playing when the original came out in 2000 and have been following closely ever since. There isn't an expansion I haven't played.

Internetwriter62 from Marco Island, Florida on May 30, 2019:

Even though I don't have the Parenthood game pack or the Toddler Stuff, stuff pack, as a Simmer I found your hub to be very informative and very well explained.. I really like the charts you added.. Do you play any of the legacy Sims games?