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"The Sims 4": Get to Work Expansion Pack Review

New exciting career opportunities for Sims: This detective Sim is on the case!

New exciting career opportunities for Sims: This detective Sim is on the case!

Do Your Sims Need to "Get to Work"?

If your Sim wants to earn simoleons, he's going to have to get a job. In the base game, Sims have a lot of career options, but jobs take place outside the gameplay. You, the player, had little to do with your Sim's career after choosing it. He would be sent to work, and you would have to wait for him to return home to resume playing that Sim.

The Sims 4: Get to Work expansion pack changed all that. It makes working even more fun for players. This pack was released back in 2015, but seeing how The Sims 4 audience has been rapidly increasing over the past year, a review of this great game addition is in order for newcomers.

New Careers

This expansion pack offers three new active career paths that allow you to go to work with your Sim and control her on the job. You’ll be given daily tasks for your Sim to complete in order for her to advance in her career, and you’ll get to see how your Sim spends her days.

  • The Detective career is for Sims, who are dedicated to protecting and serving their community. If you are the kind of person who loves a good mystery, you may find this career path interesting. Your Sim starts out as a trainee, and you will help her hone her sleuthing skills. Eventually, you begin investigating crime scenes, interrogating suspects and putting clues together to crack cases. If you’re really good, your Sim might even be promoted to chief.
  • The Doctor career allows your Sim to start out as an intern, and you can help her work her way up through such positions as orderly, medical technician and nurse before she will finally achieve the status of Doctor. Beyond that, your Sim can go from being a general practitioner to a specialist, a surgeon, and at the height of her career, chief of staff. Days may be spent doing menial tasks (such as mopping and making beds), working with medical technology, diagnosing sick patients, delivering babies or performing surgery.
  • The Scientist career is for those intellectual sims who like a mental challenge—and those challenges come with some pretty interesting rewards at higher levels! As a lower-ranking scientist, your Sim will spend a lot of time collecting and analyzing a variety of items. She’ll learn how to synthesize serums that may really come in handy in gameplay and will make some pretty exciting inventions, such as a ray that transforms objects and allows you to control the minds of other Sims. You’ll also gain access to a hidden alien world.

For Entrepreneurs, There Is Another Option

If your Sim is more of the entrepreneurial type, he doesn’t even have to get a job. He can go into the retail business and run his own store.

Of course, starting your own store isn’t cheap. Unlike a job in which you earn a daily salary, your Sim will have to invest simoleons into his business, and profits are not a guarantee—especially in the beginning. However, if the business prospers, it can be very lucrative.

You’re the boss, along with your Sim, and you get to run the shop together. Your Sim can sell anything he wants: clothes, toys, furniture, gadgets, art or baked goods, or a hodgepodge of different things. You get to control things such as building and decorating your shop, setting prices, dealing with employees, advertising and interactions with customers.

Your Sim might start with just a small roadside stand if funds are low. It may not get much business, but it’s a start. You can always expand. Someday you might run a three-story shopping mall, complete with a food court.

This Sim is operating a simple roadside rubber duck stand. With effort and a little luck, she may own a huge rubber animal emporium one day.

This Sim is operating a simple roadside rubber duck stand. With effort and a little luck, she may own a huge rubber animal emporium one day.

Additional Content

With the Get to Work expansion pack, your Sim will be granted access to two new worlds in your game.

  • Magnolia Promenade is a small, retail-only district. There are no private residences there, only stores, and it can be a great place for your Sim to buy a shop or build his own. Even if your Sim doesn't want to run a retail business, it can be a nice new place for any Sim to go shopping and hang out.
  • Sixam is a hidden alien world that scientist Sims might be lucky enough to access if they can use technology to build a wormhole generator. While your Sim can't live on Sixam, he can visit, collect some rare items, and meet (and party) with alien beings.

New skills for your Sims come with Get to Work, and these are available for any Sim to enjoy. You don't have to pick any special career paths to learn them.

  • Photography is a skill that allows your Sim to use better cameras than her cell phone and to take better photos. Your Sim can make some side money selling photos or can hang her treasured photo memories in her home as decorations.
  • Baking allows your Sim to expand on his culinary skills. Just like the cooking and gourmet cooking skills of the base game, the baking skill allows your Sim to whip up culinary delights such as cookies, breads, cakes, and pies.

Aliens are introduced into The Sims 4 world with this expansion pack, so don't be surprised if your Sim gets abducted. If your male Sim is abducted, he might also become pregnant with an alien baby. This element of the game can open up some interesting plot twists and storylines.

Finally, there is a whole slew of new-build items and wearable items for your Sims to enjoy. Most are work-related, but most can be obtained by any Sim, regardless of his or her career. There are a few objects and outfits that are only unlocked with certain career achievements or with game cheats, if you prefer.

My favorite skill is photography. My newlywed Sims are so happy to have their bedroom wall decorated with their wedding photos; thanks to the photography skill, they can.

My favorite skill is photography. My newlywed Sims are so happy to have their bedroom wall decorated with their wedding photos; thanks to the photography skill, they can.

Pros and Cons

My opinion on this expansion pack is that it has some pros and cons.


  • Being able to accompany my Sims to work and control them throughout the day.
  • The new careers are fun to explore.
  • It is a lot of fun to run your own retail business.
  • The photography skill is, hands-down, one of my favorite things for Sims to do, and I love decorating their home with pictures of their weddings, vacations, children, and pets.
  • Baking is an excellent way for a non-working Sim, such as a stay-at-home parent, to make money. You can bake goods in your own kitchen and sell it to local bakeries with the click of a button for a pretty tidy profit. You don't even have to open a shop to do it, and you set your own hours.
  • Aliens are always an interesting addition to any world.
  • Exploring Sixam is fun, especially for those who like building collections.
  • You can play, or give birth to, an alien Sim.
  • If you want, there is a satellite dish to help your Sim avoid alien abductions.
  • If you prefer not to accompany your Sim to work, there is an option to send him by himself. On his own, he'll do the basic minimum work to keep his job and get paid.


  • Going to work with your Sim is exciting for a while, but it eventually becomes very redundant and tedious. This is especially true with the detective career, when the investigations become redundant, taking the mystery out of the game.
  • It's hard to play multiple Sims when you want to focus on careers. Sure, you can send one Sim to work without you tagging along, but he's not going to earn as much or advance without you there.
  • Because the game introduces the medical career, it also introduces illnesses. All Sims will become randomly sick more often. It can be very inconvenient.
  • Despite the fact that there are doctors and hospitals in the Sims universe now, when your Sim gets sick, he won't have the option to go get treated by medical professionals. His only option is to purchase an all-purpose medicine online (risking an overdose) or ride it out for a few Sim-days.
  • Your retail shop can't run without you. If your Sim isn't there, the store is closed. It is unfortunate you can't allow employees to run it when you take days off or lunch breaks.
  • Employees at retail shops can be extremely frustrating to control. I wish they would come up with a better way for this to work.
  • While photography is my favorite skill to utilize by far, they could have fleshed it out a bit more to make it better. It's very limited-- there are not a lot of poses or ways for your Sims to take pictures together, and no official photographer career. You can work around some of this by getting creative, but again, it's something I hope they will improve in the future because there is potential there we're missing.

Is Sims "Get to Work" Worth It?

Whether or not this expansion pack is worth the money depends on what you enjoy about playing The Sims 4. There is definitely a lot packed into it. If career goals, earning simoleons and micro-managing your Sims day are fun for you, then you'll probably like this expansion pack a lot.

If jobs are merely a means to an end for your Sim, and you prefer to use cheats to earn money and gain skills so you can focus on other types of adventures with your Sims, then you may not take advantage of some of the major components for this expansion pack.

For me personally, the photography and baking skills alone make it worth the money, but I do love exploring new careers and running shops.

If you have played The Sims 4: Get to Work, what are some of your pros and cons?

Questions & Answers

Question: Would you recommend getting this pack over "Get Famous?" Or is "Get Famous" a better option?

Answer: I really like these two pretty equally, it would be hard to choose between them if I could only have one. I would probably go for "Get to Work" though because I really enjoy the challenges of the different careers or of owning a shop in the long term, I feel it adds a lot to different kinds of storylines. "Get Famous" brings a lot of fun stuff too, but in the long run the celebrity think can sometimes be annoying so I end up just opting out of fame altogether. Although, "Get Famous" gives us Del Sol Valley and I do like the acting career, so I wouldn't be disappointed with that either.

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