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"The Sims 4" Freelancer Career Guide

Heather has a passion for writing and drawing and maybe a slight addiction to anime and video games.

Sims Can Be Their Own Boss!

The Freelancer Career option in The Sims 4 allows you to choose to work from home either as a Digital Artist, a Writer, or a Programmer.

Getting started is just like any other Career, with the phone or the computer. The only difference is this time, you'll pick your specialization immediately. Do note that if you choose the Digital Artist career, you'll want to pick up a sketchpad to work on!


Starting a Sim Freelance Gig

Under the Career tab, you'll notice you have a performance meter for this career as well! Instead of getting new titles and promotions, you'll start earning more money per gig (+10%) each time you rank up, along with bigger bonuses! There are also objects that are unlocked after your first rank.

To accept a gig, check out the computer under the Freelancer tab, or your phone, or even the career tab. Pick a job, and you'll find that the career tab has filled with objectives!

You can accept higher paying jobs as your Sim builds their skill and in the meantime earn as they learn! Unlike the gigs in Get Famous these give you plenty of time to complete the job and you can get started as soon as you'd like. This means you can take on multiple gigs a day depending on how well you manage your Sims needs and emotions.

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Completing a Gig

Once you've started a gig, complete the objectives under your career tab. This usually has Chat with the Client, Write/Program/Create... and then getting the work approved. To chat with a client, hop on your computer and look under the Freelancer tab to find the interaction.

I personally like to mood boost my Sims however before starting a project, for inspiration I use the computer to Browse Art. For Focused mood, I'll have my Sim Ponder Moves on a chess board.

Once you've completed the project, you'll have to send it to your client for approval. Right click on it in your inventory, and then send to client. If your client loves it you may get a bonus! If they don't, you will have to go back and edit it. This can be done the same way you started the project through the Freelancer option.

If your client really hates it, sometimes they'll stop you in the middle of the process and tell you to start from scratch. This doesn't happen too often, but of course, it's a slight set back when it does.

If you own The Sims 4: Get Famous, you can earn Fame from some of the higher level gigs. Although I found it was difficult to maintain it this way and you'd have to perform the same ones over and over as they are available.

"The Sims 4" Freelancer Career Guide

"The Sims 4" Freelancer Career Guide

Freelancing Tips

  • Of course, the higher your Sims skill is, the better the jobs they can accept, and the more money they can make. This is why boosting your mood before working is so beneficial! You can complete several gigs in a day and you'll gain a lot of skill progress doing it. Other than using actions, you could always place objects that have the same effect.
  • Another helpful suggestion is to keep a pet for your Sim to interact with for their Social Need. This ensures you always have someone who is willing to spend time with you when you are managing your needs.
  • When you cook, make group servings and put the leftovers away for later. This will help save a lot of time and keep your Sim much happier for much longer while working.
  • Choose Aspirations you can accomplish while doing the Freelance career. You don't want to miss out on perks!
  • The Ambitious trait will help boost your Sims performance meter so you can make more from gigs! I would expect the Lazy trait will slow it down but I haven't tested it myself.
  • You can make really great money really in the Freelancer career. It's perfect for a stay at home parent Sims, or those who'd like to focus on other hobbies. It's especially great for those who would like to earn more doing a specific skill rather than going for a high paying job and relying on daily income. Build that dream house!

Thank you for reading! I hope my guide helped answer your questions!

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