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"The Sims 4: Get Famous" Expansion Pack Review

Kenzie needed a quick escape from real-life pressures, and found "The Sims 4." She now enjoys playing, writing, and YouTubing the game.

"The Sims 4: Get Famous" Expansion Pack

Admittedly, in real life, I probably wouldn't want to be a celebrity. I guess, as something of a loner, I prefer my quiet, humble lifestyle. I am betting some of you can relate.

There are a lot of people who dream of finding fame and fortune, though. Look at YouTube and Instagram, or check out how many people show up to audition for shows like America's Got Talent. Getting famous is clearly a popular goal for bucket lists around the world.

The Sims 4: Get Famous expansion pack allows you to live vicariously through your little Sim. I have to admit, even a camera-shy person like me can have fun by getting famous in this game.

Getting Famous Was Never Easier

"The Sims 4: Get Famouse" was released in November of 2018. This is one of those packs that changes the way you play the game, but the good news is  your Sims can opt out of fame.

"The Sims 4: Get Famouse" was released in November of 2018. This is one of those packs that changes the way you play the game, but the good news is your Sims can opt out of fame.

Your Sim's Life Will Never Be the Same

Whether your Sim becomes a celebrity or just interacts with them, life will never be the same again. This addition to the game brings star power to your Sim's world. However, it also shows that fame is not all that it is cracked up to be. There is a downside.

There is a whole new Hollywood-esque city for your Sims to explore with some of the most luxurious (not to mention expensive) plots of real estate. Lots of build mode items will keep you busy, and you may enjoy some of the new glitzy wearables that will shake up your Sims' wardrobes.

Look Out, World!

Your character can take The Sims universe by storm if she becomes a big star.

Your character can take The Sims universe by storm if she becomes a big star.

Del Sol Valley: A New City to Explore

The influences are obvious. Del Sol Valley practically screams "Los Angeles" and "Hollywood."

  • Mirage Park is an affordable residential area with a couple of empty lots. There is also a beautiful playground for families with children located off the dead-end street.
  • The Pinnacles is also a residential area, but not one your Sims will likely be able to afford until they've amassed a sizable fortune (or unless you use cheats). This neighborhood boasts gorgeous mansions, great views, and famous neighbors.
  • Starlight Boulevard is a commercial area with community lots where your Sims will want to go for some recreation. They'll especially love the nightlife, and it gives you the best shot for celebrity sightings.
  • Plumbob Pictures is a hidden lot that your Sim will only see if he or she is an actor. It is the Sims movie studio and security is tight.

Welcome to Del Sol Valley

A city made for celebrities.

A city made for celebrities.

The Ups and Downs of Celebrity Life

Sims don't have to be an actor or even an entertainer to become famous. Your Sim can find fame as a celebrity chef, renowned artist or writer, or even as a world-famous criminal hacker. Your career selection will not be limited if you want your Sim to be famous, so don't worry about that.

There are five levels of fame your Sim can achieve:

  • Notable Newcomers don't get a lot of recognition, but doors begin to open.
  • Rising Stars begin to get some attention. Fans may approach your Sim for autographs or may ask you to pose for photos. You can even have a meet and greet with fans.
  • B-Listers will find that they are gaining more fans, and the paparazzi are beginning to hound them. There is a celebrity disguise outfit for those Sims who want to go out incognito.
  • Proper Celebrities have made it, and your Sim will develop a celebrity shine and saunter. Proper celebrities can whip crowds up into a frenzy.
  • Global Superstars have reached the peak of fame, and are living legends. Even other celebrities will go nuts over your Sims.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Fame


There are a lot of benefits to being famous, but there are drawbacks as well. As your Sim climbs the ladder to success, she will gain "Fame Perk" points that she can spend on rewards. Rewards may include things like more recognition, a bigger fan base, or earning opportunities.

There are 21 possible perks, but you only get a maximum of 10 perk points to spend. Use them wisely.

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Fortunately, if you are unhappy with the way you spent your points, your Sim can look up the "Celebrity Cleanse" service on his phone. Choosing this option will cost some money and time, but will reset the perk points.


As they become bigger and bigger stars, Sims also unlock fame quirks. These are annoying habits or issues that give your Sim negative moodlets and may make them difficult to handle until the situation is resolved.

Your celebrity may become overly-emotional and have meltdowns, may become addicted to his phone, or become stressed out whenever anyone touches him. Your star may even end up with a stalker fan.

These fame quirks are not exactly random. Your Sim's behavior triggers different quirks. For example, a Sim who likes to rub elbows with other celebrities might get a quirk that makes them depressed if he is not in the presence of greatness. A Sim who gets used to high-quality food might become extremely picky when food is of lower quality. Quirks cause a tense moodlet that will put your Sim in a lousy mood indefinitely.

No matter what triggers a fame quirk, they can be very annoying. Thankfully, you can rid your Sim of them by purchasing a potion with aspiration points. Be careful, though—these quirks can return if a Sim triggers them again.

Break Into the Movies

You can go to work at the movie studio with your Sim and guide him through his day, from getting into make-up to his final scene.

You can go to work at the movie studio with your Sim and guide him through his day, from getting into make-up to his final scene.

More New Stuff

Though the focus of Get Famous is on fame, there are a lot of new and exciting additions with this expansion pack. Here are a few things to look out for:


  • There are a whole host of new townies, most of whom are local celebrities.
  • Bouncers
  • Paparazzi


  • The Actor career is a fun, active career that allows you to follow your Sim to work and guide him in his tasks.
  • Drama Club is listed under "careers" for children and teens, but it's just an after-school activity.


  • Acting—it's not just a career, but a skill your Sim can learn.
  • The Media Production skill will help your Sims who dream of being the next YouTube star.


  • Creative Sims can work on a Master Actor aspiration.
  • Sims concerned with Popularity aspirations will find the World-Famous Celebrity option.

Lot traits

  • Hottest Spot in Town is a commercial lot trait that only lets in Sims with certain levels of fame (though you can always try to convince the bouncer to let you sneak in).
  • Up-and-Coming Hotspot is a place where celebrities swarm.
  • Celebrity Home is a residential trait. Non-celebrities who live on a lot with this trait will get negative moodlets and feel like a poser.

Public Image

  • Reputation meters will measure whether your Sims have a good or bad reputation. Either can have its benefits, though.
  • There is a Fame meter that tells you the level of fame your Sim has achieved, and you will find your Fame Points here.

Build Mode Items

  • Make your home fancy with lots of items available to accommodate the lifestyles of the rich and famous
  • Check out the quality media-making table for recording your own videos.
  • There are items to build a theater or movie studio if that's your dream.


  • Sims can now have scars for a more striking appearance.
  • Sims can get gold teeth (but to be honest, they look like yellowing from poor dental hygiene to me).


  • Sims can get busy inside their sleeping pods.
  • Wealthy Sims can woohoo in their money vault.

I'd Like to Thank the Academy . . .

Your Sim can get recognition as a global superstar who is adored (or hated) by fans.

Your Sim can get recognition as a global superstar who is adored (or hated) by fans.

Is It Worth It?

Much depends on your interest in getting famous, and your tolerance for celebrities. If you like the idea of your Sim becoming famous, then obviously this is an excellent pack for you.

Even if you don't like the idea of your Sim becoming famous, you might still enjoy it. You can opt-out of fame altogether, but enjoy Del Sol Valley, all the cool items and wearables, as well as celebrities running around in your game.

For some people, celebrities and the fuss they cause is just annoying. Some people do not want to have celebrity encounters. They would rather stay far from the limelight and do not want any of the hype and drama of Hollywood. If that's how you feel, you might want to skip this expansion pack.

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