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"The Sims 4: Get Famous" Guide: Perks, Acting Career, and More

Learn how to get famous in "The Sims 4."

Learn how to get famous in "The Sims 4."

On the Road to Fame!

Ready to become a celebrity? The Sims 4: Get Famous added a ton of new gameplay mechanics. Prepared with a new Fame System, your Sim can now join the Acting Career and manage their Public Image to become a successful superstar! Let's start by talking about the two new Lifetime Aspirations!

  • Master Actor/Actress: Rewards World Renowned Actor/Actress trait. They will never fail a risky acting interaction.
  • World Famous Celebrity: Rewards Unstoppable Fame Trait. Your Sim will never react poorly to Paparazzi. Their Fame will never decay, and on top of all that, they get an additional Fame Perk.

Fame System

Your Sim will now have a new bar displaying their Fame Level. Certain interactions will now appear with a + Star symbol, indicating that it increases your fame level. The interactions while completing jobs in the Acting Career will have the greatest impact. Keep in mind that Fame decays over time, so you need to actively pursue it to maintain Rank.

  • Rank 1 Notable Newcomer: Allows you to select your first Fame Perk and puts you at risk of obtaining a Quirk.
  • Rank 2 Rising Star: You can now choose two more Fame Perks. New interactions such as Sign Autograph and Pose for Pictures. Your Sim can also throw the social event Celebrity Meet and Greet.
  • Rank 3 B-Lister: Your Sim gains two more Fame Perks, and unfortunately the ability to pick up a second Quirk. Paparazzi will now stalk your Sim from time to time, and your Sim can choose to Disguise themselves at a mirror.
  • Rank 4 Proper Celebrity: Again, your Sim can choose two more Fame Perks. Your Sim will also start to shine now, which you can turn off by clicking them if you'd like.
  • Rank 5 Global Superstar: 3 Fame Perks are unlocked. Can obtain 2 more Quirks. Your Sims Fame will now decay at a slower rate, and your Sim will be unable to drop below Rank 3, B-Lister.

Your Public Image will affect how you earn Fame as well. Depending on how good or bad you are, you may gain Fame for similar interactions. You also unlock certain Fame Perks depending on just how bad you are and what level Celebrity you are.


Fame Perks

Each level you gain will allow you to choose Fame Perks. By Rank 5 you'll be able to select 10 of these.

Rank 1

  • Corporate Partnership: Your Sim will gain more fame than usual by using Media Production Equipment. Also gives the chance that a random event will occur requesting they upload a video within a certain time.
  • Networking: Makes it easier to socialize with other Sims who are more famous than they are. Socializing with other famous Sims increases their own Fame, and this perk boosts that effect even more!
  • Noticeable: Gives you an extra boost to interactions that already give you Fame.

Rank 2

  • PR Agency: Ruin or Improve your Public Image over the phone! Awards Fame and Reputation, and also gives you the opportunity to be invited to parties where other celebrities are present.
  • CelebuSerum: CelebuSerums will start arriving in the mail, having multiple different effects from skill boosts to inducing emotions.
  • Influencer: Start receiving gifts from your fans! Gifts come in all different forms.

Rank 3

  • Established Name: Sims in the Acting Career can bypass auditions to be approved for gigs. Also grants a bonus simoleons for anything sold or even royalties.
  • All-Nighter: Sim receives an Energy Boost, allowing them to stay up extra long. Helps with 24-hour charity event your Sim can do with a higher Media Production Skill.
  • Fan Favorite: Your Sim can now request their Fans to boost the reputation of a household member.
  • Giving Back: Requires a good reputation. Will increase all your reputation gains and gives your Sim the ability to donate objects from home to increase their Fame levels further.
  • Who's Bad: Requires a bad reputation. Your Sim will gain fame from doing mischief interactions and also helps them to drop their reputation further.

Rank 4

  • Career Hopper: Your Sim will start at a higher rank when switching jobs, and be promoted more quickly. Additionally, when returning to a career, your Sim will return to the same Rank they left.
  • Trailblazer: Grants additional Simoleons for Videos Uploaded. Other Sims will start to copy your Sim's fashion.
  • Instant Besties: Grants encountered Sims a positive moodlet, and increases relationship gain rates!
  • Rally: Requires a positive Public Image. Your Sim gains the ability to give Inspirational Speeches, and will have an easier time socializing with Sims afterward.
  • Play The Villain: Requires a negative Public Image. Allows you to also gain Fame from performing Mean interactions.

Rank 5

  • Lifestyle Brand: Your Sim can now start their own brand to earn a more consistent income.
  • Easy Street: Sim will obtain double their current paycheck, or double what they earn from gigs. Your Sim will also gain a ton more career performance and always return home happy.
  • Squad: Your Sim will gain the ability to summon an entourage. They will dress up like your Sim and cheer them on.
  • Star Treatment: Requires a positive Public Image. A chance that anywhere you go and anything you do will be free. This ranges from Spa treatments to hiring a bartender for a social event.
  • Feud Bringer: Requires a negative Public Image. Your Sim can now start and end Celebrity Feuds, which unlocks unique interactions that help boost their fame by performing mean interactions.

Fame Quirks

As your Sim gains fame they will unfortunately and unavoidably become able to gain four of these. Although they can be removed with the Celestial Crystal Crown.

  • Emotion Bomb: Your Sim will lose emotional control when Sad or Angry.
  • Paparazzi Darling: Sim will attract more Paparazzi, and gain more fame when their picture is taken.
  • No Touching: Current Sim will get mad from physical contact with strangers.
  • Phone Fanatic: Sim will become obsessed with their phone and gain a negative moodlet if they haven't used it recently.
  • Stan: Celebrity Sim has the chance to gain an obsessive fan while signing autographs.
  • Refined Palate: Sim gains a negative moodlet when eating meals that are less than excellent quality.
  • Vain Street: Your Sim becomes obsessed with the mirror and will gain a negative moodlet if they haven't checked themselves in one recently enough.
  • Juice Enthusiast: Sim will require juice in order to increase their fun motive.
  • Fan Mail: Starts receiving garbage in the mail.
  • Brushes with Fame: If your Sim touches a more famous celebrity they will feel the need to socialize with them more and gain a negative moodlet until they do so.
  • A Serious Actor: Sim starts to dislike funny or mischevious social interactions.
  • Public Number: Celebrity Sim will start receiving text messages from Fans.

Acting Skill

If you want to become an Actor/Actress you have to level the Acting Skill. Seemingly the best moodlet for this is Confidence. Psych yourself up in a mirror and start Practicing Acting!

Level 1: Launches the skill and allows you to Practice Acting on a mirror or microphone.

Level 2: Allows your Sim to Practice Acting with another Sim. Also gives them the ability to cry on demand.

Level 3: Your Sim can now perform a Romance Scene with another Sim for Tips. You can also now salvage an awkward conversation.

Level 4: Unlocks a special mirror that you can purchase to increase acting Skill faster.

Level 5: Can now perform Musical Scene.

Level 6: Performs Action Scenes. Can pretend to not be bored during boring conversations.

Level 7: Sim can now perform Horror Scenes. Can salvage unpleasant conversations.

Level 8: Sims can perform Sci-Fi Scenes now.

Level 9: Perform Comedy Scenes and recover from embarrassment.

Level 10: Sims can now perform Drama scenes and have access to special gold clothing in their wardrobe.


How to Launch Your Sim's Acting Career

To get started in the Acting Career, you need to pick up your phone and hire an Agency. Once you have done so you can select a Gig to audition for. You'll notice that the requirements are not for acting but for other skills such as Charisma, Guitar, or Fitness. The chances of getting hired for a job you do not have the skill for is pretty low, so best to build on these as well!

You will have some time before the audition, where you will likely be given tasks that can be found under the career tab, usually relating to building the skills involved in the job. Your Sim will go off to their audition at the appointed hour and when they return you will know whether or not they were hired!

If you were hired, then you will be given another time to arrive to film. Again, you will have tasks that can be completed to boost your work performance. This time you'll be able to follow along and control your Sim while they work. The better your Sim performs, the more fame and simoleons they are rewarded!

The first thing I do when my Sim arrives on the set is to send them to hair, makeup, and costumes. Once they are ready and have completed any tasks I have them interact with the director to let them know they are ready. The stage will then light up and you will be given different directions on what to perform by clicking X's on the stage. You can choose to do a "safe" or "risky" scene. Risky will award no performance if you fail, but double the amount of safe if you succeed.

The more talented your Sim is, the better jobs they perform and, of course, the more fame and simoleons they will get from completing jobs!

Acting Career Ranks, Bonuses, and Rewards


Uncredited Extra


Can Sign up for Auditions

Background Actor


Unlocks Voidcritter Stage and Costumes

Commercial Spokesperson


Unlocks Family Home Stage and Camping Adventure Stage

Guest Star


Unlocks Pirate Ship Stage and Wheel for objects, also Unlocks Pirate and Old French Costumes

Supporting Actor/Actress


Unlocks Hospital and Police Drama Stages

Sitcom Star


Unlocks Apocalyptic Stage and Costumes

Rising Star


Unlocks Victorian and Western Drama Stages

Seasoned Thespian


Medieval Stage unlocks, also unlocks Medieval and Alien costumes.



Unlocks Romantic Garden and City Street Stages

Silver Screen Icon


Unlocks Super Hero Headquarters Stage along with Super Hero and other Sci-Fi Costumes


Media Production

The Media Production Skill allows your Sim to make mixtapes or videos to upload online for fame. To make music, you'll need a Mix Master Music Station. For videos, all you need is The More Views Video Station. However, having a drone will allow you to record videos in other locations as well.

As you level the skill, your Sim will be able to perform new interactions to edit their videos and release higher-quality uploads.

This skill only goes up to level 5 but is highly useful for famous Sims who need a break in between acting jobs without decaying their Fame too much.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed my guide! Get out there and show the stars how to shine!