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"The Sims 4: Get Together" Expansion Pack Review

Kenzie needed a quick escape from real-life pressures, and found "The Sims 4." She now enjoys playing, writing, and YouTubing the game.

"The Sims 4 Get Together" Review

Get together. That's what Sims do, after all, isn't it? They are social creatures. A large portion of the game is spent having your Sim meet people, make friends, or date. Many Sims end up getting married and raising a family. I figured my Sims got together just fine, I didn't bother buying the expansion pack. I didn't think I would need it.

I was so wrong. The Sims 4: Get Together expansion pack ended up being a real favorite of mine.

Here is a sneak peek of some things you will find in this pack.

Take The Game to a New Level

Take The Game to a New Level

A New Beautiful Neighborhood

This expansion pack opens the door to Windenburg, arguably one of the most beautiful and exciting worlds that The Sims 4 offers. The picturesque seaside town has the vibe of a modern city with an old-world European flair.

Windenburg offers:

  • more bars for your Sims to haunt.
  • a three-story gym venue with an indoor pool and snack bar.
  • coffee shops for low-key (and low-budget) dining or hanging out.
  • a discotheque where your Sim can really show off his moves.
  • a community pool for a fun and refreshing day.
  • a new library with an "Ivy League University" feel.
  • a historic chalet, complete with a hedge maze.
  • "The Bluffs," which is an overgrown island with a natural pool. You might even spot a sea monster from the rocky shores.
  • Ancient ruins, which are a great place to party.
  • Lots of new fishing spots.
  • plenty of new residences, including a couple of vacant lots on which you can build your Sims dream home.


Romance Is In The Air . . . and Woohoo Is Everywhere

Windenburg has a lot of beautiful areas for romance. You can find many spots that will put your Sims in the mood:

  • They can slip away at a bar or club and find a walk-in closet for a quick make-out session if they're feeling frisky.
  • If they're really heated up, they can woohoo in the closet, or try for a baby. (Timing is everything, isn't it?)
  • If the mood to woohoo strikes outdoors, they can disappear into a bush for a little afternoon delight.

Your Sim can look for perfect places to pop the question, too. Windenburg has plenty of romantic spots:

  • Near a natural pool in the wild, overgrown Bluffs.
  • Near one of the town's stunning fountains.
  • On a moonlit night in a quaint town square.
  • At one of the towns' breezy beaches by a cozy bonfire.

Love is definitely all around in Windenburg.

Sneaking out of the bushes after woohoo. Why wait until you get home when there is a perfectly good bush nearby?

Sneaking out of the bushes after woohoo. Why wait until you get home when there is a perfectly good bush nearby?

Join Some Clubs (or Start Your Own)

Clubs are a great feature of Get Together with unlimited potential. Whether your Sim is into gardening, looking to get in shape or hoping to meet their soulmate, there is a club for it. If there isn't, he can create one on the spot and attract like-minded Sims.

Once a club meeting is convened, your Sim has the opportunity to breeze through learning any skills that are part of the club's activities. This can really help your Sim achieve those aspirations or max out valuable career skills. Your Sim can also employ the help of club members to take care of some chores.

I go more into detail about the ways you can use clubs to your advantage in this article here.

Have Your Sim Join Some Clubs Today!

Have Your Sim Join Some Clubs Today!

They'll Love the Nightlife, Baby

Sims love their nightlife, don't they? They'll get more of it with the Get Together expansion pack. Every night of the week is an excuse to party.

The pack introduces:

  • bar nights dedicated to specific themes: aliens, such as "Ladies Nights," "Alien Nights," or "Knight Nights."
  • There is a daily happy hour, making all drinks and food half price.
  • Your Sim can learn to be a DJ. Unfortunately, the mini-skill is not a career option. Your Sim can buy a DJ booth and earn a little side money, though. Plus, they'll be super-popular at parties.
  • Sims really ramp up their dance moves. Not only will their freestyle dancing improve beyond the standard rock and shimmy in the base game, but they can do group dances and even have a dance-off with the Sim of their choice.
Group dancing in Sims: It's highly entertaining, for the Sims AND for the player.

Group dancing in Sims: It's highly entertaining, for the Sims AND for the player.

Is "Sims 4 Get Together" Worth It?

For all these reasons and more, The Sims 4: Get Together expansion pack ended up being a real favorite of mine and was completely worth it. With all the new venue types and Windenburg architecture in The Sims 4: Get Together, there are plenty of new build mode items to get a creative player's juices flowing. You can jazz up your Sim's business or home with some of the dance floors or DJ booths, or give any home anywhere an "old-world" style.

Of course, you'll also be wanting to stash some bushes and walk-in closets around the house. They can be used for more than just woohoo.

  • Sims can also relieve themselves by choosing the option to "fertilize" the plant, or they can catch a quick nap in the bush.
  • Kids can play in closets, or Sims can have a good cry in them to help rid themselves of negative moodlets.

As for the "Create A Sim" mode (CAS), there are lots of new party outfits and casual styles for hanging out, as well as hairstyles from which to choose.

Just a Few of the New Sims Looks

Just a Few of the New Sims Looks

Get Yours So You Can Get Together!

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Kenzie Cartwright (author) from San Myshuno on July 26, 2019:

Hi Carol; not at this time that I'm aware of. The base game goes on sale quite often, but the expansion packs don't seem to have any kind of free trial that I've ever found. Best bet is to read reviews or check out Sims videos on YouTube to see different features in action. Thank you!

Kenzie Cartwright (author) from San Myshuno on July 26, 2019:

Hi Poppy and thank you. As far as I know, all TS4 content is rated for Teen or older. There is a lot of woohoo opportunities in this expansion pack in particular, but as with the base game or other packs, nothing graphic is shown. I guess parents have to be the judge here.

Carol Essed from Suriname on July 24, 2019:

Nice review. Is there a free basic version...just to try it out???

Poppy from Enoshima, Japan on July 14, 2019:

What a great review! I have Sims 4 but none of the expansion packs. I'm wondering if there's an age rating on it since there seems to be a lot of sexual content. I played the older games when I was a kid and even then it felt a bit adult for me.

I might buy this expansion pack since I'm a grown-up now and can do whatever I want ;) Thanks for the terrific details, you clearly love this game.