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"The Sims 4: Island Living" Guide

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Let's Go to Sulani!

There's a brand new tropical island paradise to explore in The Sims 4: Island Living! Let's move our Sims to Sulani and start exploring the features this rich new land has to offer! Our Sims can now dip in and swim in the open water, snorkel, dive, or even sail! Three new part-time careers and one full-time career was also added. Let's not forget the abundance of new island-themed objects and costumes. Now let's dig in a little more closely . . .

Food stalls and Beach Supply vending machines are scattered all over the neighborhoods! The Food Stalls each contain a different menu, all island themed!

Food stalls and Beach Supply vending machines are scattered all over the neighborhoods! The Food Stalls each contain a different menu, all island themed!

New Aspirations and Traits

A new Aspiration has been added!

Beach Life

  • Rank 1: Get a Sun Tan, Earn Gold on Kava Party, Eat a Coconut.
  • Rank 2: Find Things Beachcombing, Grill, Barbeque, or Roast Food (5 times)
  • Rank 3: Explore the Beach Cave, Discover Buried Treasure
  • Rank 4: Doze off while relaxing in a lounge chair or float.

The Reward Trait for Beach life is Laid Back. Laid back sims never become tense.

New regular traits were added as well!

Child of the Islands: Your Sim can summon elementals that will reward or punish them based on their contribution to island activities.

Child of the Ocean: Your Sim becomes more affectionate towards creatures of the water (including fish) than they do regular Sims and will be happier while doing water related activities.

Sulani's 3 Neighborhoods

Sulani hosts three neighborhoods, each containing their own perks for living there. Although there is a lack of community lots, all of the neighborhoods have food stands where your Sim can visit and order local favorites... meaning grilled, roasted, or barbeque meals.

Ohan'ali Town

Considered the main town area, the only type of lot that exists in Sulani that is not a residential lot or a beach is the bar and this is where you'll find it. There is a coral reef that your Sims can snorkel at here.

Lani St. Taz

A residential neighborhood with a beach, your Sim can find diving buoy and a snorkel buoy here along with a large waterfall.

Mua Pel'am

Home to the island volcano and another large waterfall, and even a mysterious cave. This neighborhood contains three large residential lots.


How to Care for Your Sims Islands

The neighborhood island Mua Pel'am is the area that is affected by conservation. When you first visit, it will show signs of corruption such as green algae clouds in the water, trash on the ground that needs to be picked up, or even strange fluids that need a mop. If you're part of the Conservation Career you can interact in new ways with this junk by using the interaction "survey" or "take photo." Doing so you can include research data with your grant requests.

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With work, the quality of the island will improve and you'll see a message like the one above indicating so. It will take some time but the end result is a beautifully clean island with flourishing plants and wildlife. Oh yeah, did I mention that you can actually interact with the birds and scare them away now and it actually improves the islands health?



Three new part-time jobs were added along with one full time career! Your Sim can now join the Fisherman, Diving, or Lifeguard part-time jobs and with the update that came out the same time as the expansion, you can now have two part-time jobs at once, so long as the schedules don't conflict. You have the ability to choose which shift you work now when you first join the career however if you decide to change your mind later you'll have to quit and rejoin.

These part-time careers are much like the others in regards to having only 3 ranks, however, some bonus rewards make them worthy of maxing out!

Conservation is the new full-time career added, unlocking new functions that help benefit the environmental health of Mua Pel'am. It contains two career branches, Environmental Manager or Marine Biologist.

Environmental Managers will benefit the island through political means where Marine Biologists will spend their time out in the waters and collecting data on the wildlife. They can even discover new species!

Check out my guides for my The Sims 4: Island Living Careers And Odd Jobs Guide for more detailed info!


Diving and Snorkeling

Unlike The Sims 3: Island Paradise, Diving is not an interactive task and instead, your Sim basically goes down a "rabbit hole" into the ocean. Meaning they disappear from view. Snorkeling is also not an interactive task, however, due to the shallow surface you can still watch your Sim as they perform it.

Some buoys allow snorkeling while others allow deep sea diving. Look for a coral reef underneath the buoy, if you see one it's for snorkeling and if not, it's for diving.


Living the Mermaid Life

You can become a mermaid by using a Mermadic Kelp, an item that can be purchased from the rewards store, found in the cave on Mua Pel'am or even by deep sea diving for treasure. Turning back into a normal Sim works the same way, by eating another mermadic kelp.

Mermaids have a Hydration need rather than Hygiene although it does not appear to be deadly to let it run out. Instead, you just have a smelly mermaid. Bathing in a tub helps fix this need so even if you'd like to live in one of the normal neighborhoods where entering the water is off limits, your mermaid Sims can survive.

If you don't like your mermaid looks by default you can edit the tail and fin at a dresser like you would any other outfit.


Sims Mermaid Powers

Mermaid Sims get a few new magical commands to play with! Using them costs Hydration, which is easily obtained by hopping in some water.

Aquatic Lure: Can be used while selecting a fishing sign to increase their chance to catch fish rather than trash.

Weather Control: By selecting your Mermaid Sim, you can cause rain, a thunderstorm, or demand the skies be cleared.

Siren's Lullaby: Containing four different songs to choose from, each of these options adds a positive or a negative moodlet to the selected Sim.

  • Charmers Lullaby: Removes Embarrassed Moodlets, bestows +2 Flirty Moodlet.
  • Aegean's Question: Removes Focused Moodlets, bestows +2 Stressed Moodlet.
  • Night's Requiem: Removes Energized Moodlets, bestows +2 Sad Moodlet.
  • Inspiring Berceuse: Removes Uncomfortable Moodlets, bestows +2 Inspiring Moodlet.

Call Azure Dolphin: By now I'm sure you've noticed the dolphins that randomly pop up near the deep sea diving buoys to visit. Your mermaid can call upon them now so he or she can build a deeper bond. Becoming soulmates with a dolphin gives you a +2 Happy moodlet just from being around them, making it a quick and easy way to cheer your mermaid Sim up!

The next two Mermaid Powers are not available to Sims with the Good trait.

Siren's Call: Your Sim will attract other Sims through singing and then it appears they actually try to drown them in the ocean. This gives them a stressed moodlet and usually results in them leaving the water. I have not seen this successfully kill another Sim but it appears to fill your Mermaids motives... for some reason.

Summon Ocean Threat: Much like the Siren's Call, another Sim is dragged underwater and receives an uncomfortable moodlet. This one, however, doesn't appear to actually benefit our Mermaid Sim and is just there for fun. If tormenting other Sims is your idea of fun, at least. I'm not judging!

Thank you for reading! Now go dive into Sulani and explore the island life!


Allison Adams on March 30, 2020:

Hi I had a question about the 3 host neighborhoods in Sulani. I can't click or visit them. Is this a glitch or something I am doing wrong?

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