"The Sims 4" Needs a Wedding Stuff Pack, and Here Are Some Things That Should Be in It

Updated on December 24, 2019
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Kenzie needed a quick escape from real-life pressures, and found "The Sims 4." She now enjoys playing, writing, and YouTubing the game.

I Love Weddings in "The Sims 4"

I'm a sucker for romance, and nothing satisfies me more than planning a wedding for my Sims. There are some great decorations and outfits already available that can be used at weddings, but for me, it's just not enough. I feel there are definitely some elements missing that could make weddings in the game so much more satisfying.

I would love to see The Sims 4 come out with a wedding stuff pack, and here are some things I'd like to see in it.

I'm Addicted to Sims Weddings

It all starts with a perfect proposal.
It all starts with a perfect proposal. | Source

Lots of New Attire

I like to get creative in dressing my Sims up for their weddings. Sometimes I go with a big, white dress or a formal suit. Other times, I like to be a little more creative with casual attire. The Sims 4 already offers a vast pool of wearables from which you can choose.

Still, while there are a lot of items you can use for weddings, very few items are actually wedding-themed or wedding-specific. Some things I'd love to see are:

  • fancier wedding dresses and suits for formal or semi-formal weddings
  • cute bridal wedding suits for elopements
  • veils of different styles and lengths—something that is sorely missing from The Sims 4 right now
  • flower circlets, fancy hats and more wearable head accessories in general
  • bouquets—another item we sadly don't have at all yet
  • attire for toddlers and children to dress up as flower girls and ring bearers
  • a selection of engagement and wedding rings

In addition to the new attire, I'd love it if we could:

  • have an option to apply engagement or wedding rings to all outfits
  • have an opportunity to dress up bridesmaids and groom's men

The Perfect Venue

Search the gallery for the perfect wedding venue if you can't build your own. It would be nice if a stuff pack included a chapel or reception hall.
Search the gallery for the perfect wedding venue if you can't build your own. It would be nice if a stuff pack included a chapel or reception hall. | Source

Build Mode Items

Previously released packs, such as Luxury Party Stuff and Romantic Garden Stuff, provide players with some very lovely party-themed build mode items suitable for weddings. Again, though, there are not a lot of items specifically designed for weddings. I think it would be nice to see more wedding-specific items, such as:

  • wedding-themed floral arrangements—the ones they have now are prizes given after you pull off a successful wedding event; this doesn't make sense since most people want the flowers for the wedding
  • decorative aisle runners, swags and draperies
  • fancy buffet tables—perhaps something with fine crystal and champagne laid out on it
  • more wedding arches from which to choose—a heart-shaped arch would be lovely, or arches that come in all one color, like white
  • wedding shower-themed items—perhaps a wishing well to collect gifts to help the happy couple get started
  • honeymoon suite items for the perfect get-away
  • a bigger selection of wedding cake toppers from which to choose

Even though it's not specifically a build mode item, we also very much need a bigger selection of wedding cakes! That single white tiered cake is getting boring. What about something with pink flowers, hearts, or sparkly swirled icing?

"The Sims 4: Luxury Party Stuff" Pack

The Sims 4 - Luxury Party Stuff [Online Game Code]
The Sims 4 - Luxury Party Stuff [Online Game Code]
The stuff in this pack is probably what I find most useful for weddings. The fancy attire (much of which comes in white) and the elegant furnishings and accessories provide the selection for wedding planning. I especially love the banquet table, which I find far more effective for a wedding than a caterer.

Casual Outdoor Weddings Can Be Fun

Weddings don't have to be formal to be beautiful.
Weddings don't have to be formal to be beautiful. | Source


There is already a wedding event in The Sims 4, but a wedding stuff pack could add another wedding-related event.

Wedding Shower: this could be a cute little pre-wedding party. Perhaps it could include a wishing well item where guests can deposit gifts for the bride and groom.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party: this could be a fun party where Sims go out with their friends to cut loose and sow their wild oats. They already did this in "The Sims 3," so it shouldn't be hard to pull it off in the latest version of the game.

Honeymoon: while a honeymoon wouldn't be effective as a party-like event, it would be great if Sims could enjoy a honeymoon similar to a university semester. It could span a specific amount of days; there could be a couple of different suites or destinations from which to choose and activities to enjoy. There could be mini-goals as well, such as having a romantic meal together, going dancing, or a hot night of woohoo.

A Memorable Reception

You have to love a big, white, formal wedding.
You have to love a big, white, formal wedding. | Source


Some of us 'Simmers" love weddings so much that we would jump at the chance for our Sims to have careers in the industry. Some possible wedding-themed jobs are:

Wedding Planner: this kind of career could involve interviewing couples about what they want, designing wedding attire, baking fancier cakes, or perhaps redecorating venues.

Wedding Photographer: now that Sims has improved photography in the game, why not take it one step further? Allow photographers to meet with wedding parties and take photos.

Wedding Retail Shop: this wouldn't need to be a separate career; it could be just like any other retail shop, except players could offer actual wedding-themed items.

Don't Forget the Honeymoon

Weddings are just the beginning of a happily ever after.
Weddings are just the beginning of a happily ever after. | Source

New Fun Interactions

In the past, just getting guests to sit down and watch a wedding has been a challenge, but the game creators seem to have gotten wedding guests under control. Still, a wedding pack would offer the opportunity for a lot of fun new interactions:

  • new proposal interactions would be nice to see
  • an option for autonomous proposals (which some mods do offer), as well as the option for your Sim to turn down a proposal
  • an opportunity to have a maid of honor/best man standing next to the bride/groom during the ceremony
  • guests could tap glasses and call for the couple to kiss
  • family and friends getting weepy-eyed
  • the wedding couple having a first dance together
  • a pop a bottle of sparkling juice, perhaps have the couple clinking glasses
  • a receiving line to greet or thank guests
  • throwing the bouquet
  • carrying the bride over a threshold

New interactions keep the game fun and fresh, so it doesn't feel like you're playing out the same thing over and over again.

What Do You Think?

What's your opinion on a wedding stuff pack?

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Kenzie Cartwright


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