"The Sims 4: Realm of Magic" Guide

Updated on October 1, 2019
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A Realm of Magic

In The Sims 4: Realm of Magic your sim can experience not only one but two new areas. A new neighborhood, Glimmerbrook has a magical portal that leads you into the realm of magic. This is where you will learn the craft and be able to purchase magical goodies, including potion ingredients and familiars.


Magical Bloodline Basics

There are three ways to become a Spellcaster. First and foremost is the easiest, by starting off that way in Create-a-Sim. You'll start at the beginning level, Apprentice, the same as you would if you did the starting quest.

The second way is by traveling to the Realm of Magic, and asking one of the three Sages how to use magic. You can tell they are a sage by a magical symbol that will float above their head. There is one for Practical Magic, Mischief Magic, and Untamed Magic. You will be asked to complete a quest, I'm not sure if it's always the same but in my case, I was asked to obtain magical motes floating around all over the Realm.

The third way is to be born magical. Simply stating, your parents were already Spellcasters. If that's the case your Sim can be born with one of three traits:

  • Strong Bloodline: 20% Spellcasting XP bonus and 20% less likely to experience overload. 1 extra perk point per level.
  • Weak Bloodline: 10% Spellcasting XP Bonus and 10% less likely to experience overload. 1 extra perk point per level.
  • Ancient Bloodline: 30% Spellcasting XP Bonus and 50% less likely to experience overload. 1 extra perk point per level.

The game seems to take on the stronger bloodline when passing down to the next generation. If only one of your Sims is a spellcaster there's a chance your heir won't be magical at all. Two strong bloodlines will make an ancient bloodline, while two weak ones will make a strong bloodline.

New Needs Window
New Needs Window | Source

New Life Aspirations

Spellcraft and Sorcery: The basic life aspiration for becoming a spellcaster and moving up ranks. Awards the reward trait Slinger of Spells, reducing the charge rate from spells by 30% and therefor adding extra protection from overcharge deaths.
Purveyor of Potions: Essentially become a Potions master. This will award the Master Mixer trait, reducing the chances dramatically that a potion will fail when it's used.


Brooms And Wands

Your Sim can purchase Brooms and Wands at a stall in Magical Realm. You can also set one as a favorite to use all the time. As far as wands go, they only really dictate your Sims spellcasting animation. However brooms can be used for transportation.


Learning Spells And Potions

There are a few different ways you can learn spells and potions. The first and most simple, you can ask one of the three Sages to teach you. You can only learn from them spells or potions specific to their powers, and only ones that are within your ranks knowledge. Of course, you must have a relationship with them first which is pretty easy to obtain. You'll receive a notification stating you've learned all you can once you've done so, which is a suggestion to continue raising your magical rank. Note that there are a few spells that require your friendship and to be learned this way.

Another way you can learn is through Tomes. These can be purchased from a stall in the Magical Realm or you can find them by searching the bookcases. You can also come across familiars by doing this.

Practicing is yet another way to learn. Same with experimenting at a cauldron for potions. Again though, you can only learn within your rank.

Dueling for Knowledge is the last resource, and the only way you're able to learn spells that are actually above your ranks knowledge.


Spellcaster's Perks And Spellbook

At the bottom of your new needs bar you can access your Spellcaster perks and Spellbook. For each rank you can unlock different perks, and each rank you gain gives more points.

  • Rank 1 Neophyte: 1 Perk Point
  • Rank 2 Acolyte: 2 Perk Points
  • Rank 3 Adept: 2 Perk Points
  • Rank 4 Master: 2 Perk Points
  • Rank 5 Virtuoso: 3 Perk Points
  • Rank 6 Overmax: 1 Perk Point

The following traits lead into each other and must have a point in their tree in order to gain a higher level.

Knowledge Tree

Knowledge Is Power: Neophyte rank. Your sim will gain magical experience when researching and reading about Magic and will do so at a faster rate than normal.

Mote Hound: Acolyte Rank. Your sim will now find magical motes in the world that can be consumed for magical experience and motive boosts.

Charge Control: Adept Rank. Your sims Spellcaster charge increases will be reduced.

Hexproof: Master Rank. Your sim will now be protected from curses.

Magical Resonance: Virtuoso Rank. Increased chance of successful potion making and spell casting. It also protects your Sim from death from overcharge and makes their spellcasting extremely powerful.

Potions Tree

Blender Arm: Neophyte Rank. Increases your potion crafting speed.

Frugal Combination: Acolyte Rank. There is now a chance your sim will not need all of the regular potion ingredients.

A Little Chemistry: Adept Rank. Claims your sims potion is extra tasty and gives them a small benefit while using them.

Mix Master: Master Rank. Your sim will now produce extra potions each time they craft a recipe.

Potent Potables: Virtuoso Rank. Your sims potion effects will be increased or last longer, and your Sim can now hex their potions to always fail.

Spellcasting Tree

Discharge: Neophyte Rank. Your sim can now use an ability called Discharge, reducing their Spellcaster charge.

Power Shunt: Acolyte Rank. Casting spells now increases your spellcaster charge less than before.

Spectral Reach: Adept Rank. Your sim can now anonymously cast spells long distance. This also reduces negative effects on the Sim's relationships.

Master Caster: Master Rank. Backfires are now reduced in charged and overcharged states, and your sim will be much less likely to fail spells while in their normal range.

Master Duelist: Virtuoso Rank. Your sim is now far more likely to win duels, and to receive better rewards for doing so.

The following perks only require certain ranks, but do not require you enter into one of the trees.

Neophyte Rank

Experimenter: Your sim will gain magical experience more quickly while experimenting and be much more successful.

Incredible Forager: Your sim will start gaining additional magical ingredients while harvesting.

Acolyte Rank

Spellcaster Socialite: Unlocks new magical interactions that will also increase magical experience.

Insightful Eye: Tome reading, experiment, and research speeds are all increased.

Adept Rank

Tame the Untameable: Untamed spells and potion failures are reduced while in charged and overcharged states. Success is much more likely in normal states.

Practiced Practicality: Practical spells and potion failures are reduced while in charged and overcharged states. Success is much more likely in normal states.

Mischief Master: Mischief spells and potion failures are reduced while in charged and overcharged states. Success is much more likely in normal states.

Master Rank

Magical Discounts: 50% discount on all purchases in the Magic Realm.

Natural Mentor: When training or experimenting with other sims, your sim will gain increased relationships and skills.


Mischief Magic

+10 Sad Moodlet to the target for 120 minutes. Charged duration 4 hours. Can backfire and affect your Sim instead.
Dazes a sim for 2 hours. Charged duration 4 hours. Can backfire and affect your Sim instead.
Lasts 30 minutes. Causes two Sims to fight, and lowers their relationship.
Lasts 30 minutes. Causes two Sims to gain a +10 flirty mood, and causes them to make out. Increases their relationship.
Satisfies a Kleptomaniac Sims urge to steal. If charged you will receive simoleons as well as the object.
Transforms a Sim into an object. Regular duration 2 hours, charged duration 4 hours. The sims needs will be frozen for the duration of this spell.
A curse that makes other Sims vomit when coming in contact with the target. Duration 3 hours, charged duration 5 hours.

Untamed Magic Spells

Sets an object, or a Sim on fire. Duration 1 hour. If charged may set two fires.
Can be cast on a Sim, giving them a Dazed Moodlet for 90 minutes along with a shock as if they failed to repair an electrical object. Can also be cast on electrical objects to break them.
Can be cast on a grave to summon a ghost Sim.
Freezes a Sim. Needs will also be frozen for the duration of this Spell.
Duration 4 hours, charged duration 8 hours. Controls a target Sim, allowing you to order them to complete tasks.
By first casting Necrocall, your Sim can use this ability to return Ghost Sims to life.
Allows you to pick and choose a curse to remove. 24 hour cooldown regularly, only 8 hours when charged.
Clones your Sim, with their current needs frozen.

Practical Magic Spells

Repairs a broken object, or makes it higher quality. Works on craftable items, including potions.
Cleans objects as well as Sims. Does not work on Sims with the uncleansable stench curse.
Magically produces a meal. Can also return spoiled food to a fresh state, along with increasing quality of already crafted meals.
Tends to all needs for targetted plant.
Causes your Sim to teleport to anything that is a certain length of distance away.
Clones objects, charged state creates multiples.
Causes new, fully mature plants to appear.
Returns you to Magic Realm.
Rite of Ascension
Allows you to turn another Sim into a spellcaster. 1 Day cooldown.

Potions List

Plentiful Needs
Fills your Sims Needs bars.
Good Fortune
Turqoise, Valerian Root
Helps your Sim find items while doing regular activities.
Mandrake, Dirt Frog
Makes another Sim ill.
Nimble Mind
Parsley, Spotted Dirt Frog
Increases Skill Gain.
Magical Aura
Emerald, Goldfish
Causes your Sim to have a Magical Glow.
Alluring Aura
Spotted Heart Frog, Cherry, Valerian Root
Makes other Sims more likely to participate in Romantic conversation.
Emotional Stability
Obtanium, Potato
Removes negative Moodlets
Perk Purging
Mandrake, Valerian Root
Allows the Sim to choose different perks.
Forced Frindship
Baconite, Potato, Salmon
Makes it easier to have friendly conversation with all Sims.
Masterful Insults
Fire Opal, Dragon Fruit, Furium
Makes it easier to have negative conversations with all Sims.
Valerian Root, Alabaster, Lemon
Sim remains at current life stage.
Curse Cleansing
Apple, Citrine, Angelfish, Mandrake
Removes all curses from the user.
Mandrake, Sage, Morcubus
Prevents death from aging.
Transcendent Charmer
Ruby, Kissing Gourami, Rose
Makes it easier to have romantic conversations with all Sims.
Prompt Resurrection
Death Metal, Death Flower, Zombie Carl
User will revive immediately upon death.

Curses And Cures

There are quite a few ways to become cursed.

  • Potion drinking failing
  • Curse Removal Potion failing, which can give your Sim any curse.
  • Overcharge Failures
  • Potion making failing
  • Reaching Max Charge
  • Spellcasting failures

You can remove them with the Curse Cleansing Potion, or the spell Decursify. For your reference here's a list of all the curses and what they do.

Curse of Awkward Embraces: Causes your Sim to awkwardly hug and touch others impulsively.

Curse of Infections Laughter: Causes your Sim to laugh uncontrollably, even while innappropriate.

Curse of Repulsiveness: Causes other Sims to be disgusted by your Sim. Makes socializing extremely difficult.

Curse of Scrambled Spells: Casting spells will have random, unintended results.

Curse of the Night Wraith: Your Sim will now be haunted by a Spectral Stalker.

Curse of Uncleansable Stench: Your Sim will stink. Constantly. Showering will have no effect.

Curse of Uncontrollable Charge: Your Sim will draw too much Magical Energy.

Curse of Unwarranted Hostility: Everyone will start being mean and starting fights with your Sim.

Hex of the Duelist: Your Sim will be challenged to duels more often, it will be much harder for them to win, and when they do it will not be as rewarding.

Bunnerfly | Source


Familiars can be purchased at a magic stall in Magical Realm or you can mark one of your pets (cats or dogs) as a familiar. They can protect you from death once and then will be needing to recharge. You can collect as many as you'd like, but can only have one active at a time. They can also be sent out to collect magical ingredients.

Here's a list of familiars and their rarity:

  • Fairy: Common
  • Raven: Common
  • Sixam Owl: Common
  • Bunnerfly: Common
  • Dragon: Uncommon
  • Glowfrog: Uncommon
  • Snub-nosed Leaf Bat: Uncommon
  • Hex Doll: Uncommon
  • Phoenix: Rare
  • Skull: Rare
  • Velid: Rare

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