The Sims 4 Walkthrough: Collecting Guide

Updated on October 15, 2014
The Sims 4 is copyrighted by Electronic Arts Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.
The Sims 4 is copyrighted by Electronic Arts Inc. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Ahh, the life of the restless collector. Collecting returns as a viable alternative to a career in The Sims 4, and, as ever, your sim will have to search high and low to become an expert on the subject. This guide will help you get started in the fabulous world of collecting, as well as provide lists of the things you can find while you’re wandering about.

(Eventually, these lists will be complete. I’m still compiling them at the moment.)

Getting Started

Unlike virtually every other pastime in The Sims 4, collecting is not a skill in and of itself. You won’t build up to greater levels of mastery by digging up rocks constantly. This is kind of a good thing, as it means you’ll start finding primo stuff right from the start. That said, to make the most of collecting you’ll want The Curator Sub-Aspiration, which is part of Nature Aspiration. Curators have the Collector Trait, allowing them to find rare and valuable items more often while searching. Considering how long collecting can take, this is invaluable.

Additional Traits your sim may want to consider include:

  • Geek. Geek will allow your sim to find Collectibles more easily. More on Collectibles below.
  • Loves Outdoors. Your sim will spend every moment of their collecting career outside. Might as well make them happy about it.
  • Loner. Collecting requires you to poke around in areas most other sims won’t touch. At the very least the sim won’t be at home a whole lot. They shouldn’t suffer as a result of their collecting habits.

A sim inspecting a hunk of rock in The Sims 4. Rocks can be excavated to find items.
A sim inspecting a hunk of rock in The Sims 4. Rocks can be excavated to find items.

Basic Collecting

Collecting is pretty simple. Poke around your neighbourhood a bit and you’ll likely find several things that you can click and interact with. Each of these natural objects can, when harvested, offer up a Collectible to your sim’s inventory. Collectibles are the meat and potatoes of a collector’s profession, and can range from valuable gems to action figures. It all depends on your luck… and what you decide to check.


Rocks comprise the majority of objects you’re likely to check while wandering in The Sims 4. (Plants and fish also fall under the Collectibles category, but we’ll save them for their own articles.) Appearing as small, orangey lumps, rocks come in three different varieties, with each rock offering a different type of Collectible. Rocks may also offer up one of three additional items, each leading to more Collectible swag:

  • Treasure Maps. Treasure Maps can be used on other rocks. Doing so pretty much guarantees that the Collectible you find will be rare.
  • Mysterious Time Capsules. Time Capsules contain MySims Trophies, which can be sold or put on display.
  • Fossil Rocks. Fossil Rocks contain - surprise! - Fossils. Fossils are among the most valuable Collectibles, but they’re also some of the rarest.

Note that Treasure Maps work the same for Mysterious Time Capsules and Fossil Rocks as they do for plain 'ol rocks - if you received one of those two items using a Treasure Map, the item they yield up will be a rare.

Rocks appear on virtually every lot in The Sims 4, though they’re much more likely to appear in areas with rocky bluffs. Desert Bloom Park is probably the best place to search for rocks, and they seem to appear more often in Oasis Springs in general. Check the edges of maps and you’re most likely to come across rock formations. Rocks disappear after they’re searched, though given enough time they usually respawn in the same area. If an area is devoid of rocks, leave and come back after a few hours elsewhere.

Below are lists of what you may find when digging up a rock, as well as their sell price and rarity. These lists are yet incomplete, as it takes a while to find all this stuff.

Rocks in The Sims 4. Rocks come in a variety of different forms, each containing different items.
Rocks in The Sims 4. Rocks come in a variety of different forms, each containing different items.


Metal rocks appear as rocks containing fragments of gold, silver, and bronze. They are the most common form of rocks.

  • Alcron - Common - $30
  • Baconite - Common - $30
  • Obtanium - Common - $30
  • Pyrite - Common - $30
  • Utranium - Common - $65
  • Crytunium - Uncommon - $65
  • Flamingonium - Uncommon - $30
  • Ironyum - Uncommon - $65
  • Simanite - Uncommon - $25
  • Simtanium - Uncommon - $65
  • Furium - Rare - $65
  • Literalite - Rare - $30
  • Romantium - Rare - $65


Crystal rocks appear as rocks containing shards of white crystal. They are somewhat uncommon.

  • Citrine - Common - $50
  • Heavy Metal - Common - $65
  • Peach - Common - $25
  • Quartz - Common - $50
  • Rose - Common - $50
  • Sapphire - Common - $25
  • Turquoise - Common - $50
  • Amethyst - Uncommon - $25
  • Diamond - Uncommon - $25
  • Fire Opal - Uncommon - $50
  • Hematite - Uncommon - $25
  • Socialite - Uncommon - $30
  • Jet - Rare - $50
  • Plumbite - Rare - $50

MySims Trophies in The Sims 4. These collectibles can be found by excavating rocks and finding Mysterious Time Capsules.
MySims Trophies in The Sims 4. These collectibles can be found by excavating rocks and finding Mysterious Time Capsules.


Fossil rocks appear as rocks surrounded by small bones. They are the rarest rocks. Note that you must check the Fossil Rock found by checking one of these rock formations to receive the actual fossil. Every now and then you'll get a Broken Fossil, which is as useless as it sounds.

  • Enormous Trilobite - Common - $40
  • Fossilized Egg - Common - $75
  • Fossilized Plant Imprint - Common - $70
  • Fossilized Sea Monster - Common - $50
  • Fossilized Sim Hand - Common - $45
  • Fossilized Udder - Uncommon - $85
  • Raptor Claw - Common - $70
  • Prehistoric Bird - Uncommon - $75
  • Fossilized Alien Skull - Rare - $250
  • Fossilized Whatzit - Rare - $175

MySims Trophies

Mysterious Time Capsules contain MySims Trophies. These Trophies can be displayed in your house as decorations, and will improve your sims’ surroundings a little.

  • Buddy - Common - $35
  • Chaz McFreely - Common -$35
  • Chef Gino - Common - $35
  • DJ Candy - Common - $35
  • Elmira Clamp - Common - $35
  • Gonk - Common - $35
  • Ol’ Gabby - Common - $35
  • Dr. F - Uncommon - $35
  • Hopper - Common - $35
  • Poppy - Common - $35
  • Yuki - Common - $35
  • Jenny - Uncommon - $35
  • Leaf - Uncommon - $35
  • Lyndsay - Uncommon - $35
  • Morcubus - Uncommon - $35
  • Trevor Verily - Uncommon - $35
  • Goth Boy - Rare - $75
  • TOBOR - Rare - $75
  • Violet - Rare - $75
  • Zombie Carl - Rare - $75


Once you have collected either a metal or a crystal you can send it away to the local Geo Council. A day later the Geo Council will send back an element to your mailbox, another form of Collectible. You can only do this at home - though you can call the Geo Council at any time and ask what elements a crystal or metal potentially contains. Sending a Collectible to the Geo Council costs $20.

Metals and crystals typically consist of two or more elements. The chances of getting one over the other depends entirely on the Collectible sent to the Geo Council. I'll add a listing of which metals / crystals create which elements in the near future.

  • Alcineat - Common - $45
  • Oxypin - Common - $80
  • Ozinate - Common - $45
  • Melacoo - Common - $80
  • Phozone - Common - $80
  • Sydrolin - Common - $45
  • Volenton - Common - $80
  • Peryllium - Uncommon - $45
  • Plathium - Uncommon - $80
  • Wolfium - Uncommon - $45
  • Crytacoo - Rare - $80

More rocks in The Sims 4.
More rocks in The Sims 4.


In addition to hunting through rocks, collecting includes the hunt for frogs. Frogs appear in logs (Willow Creek) and old wells (Oasis Springs). You can set up frogs in aquariums as decorations, use them as bait in fishing, or breed frogs with one another. Breeding frogs can yield up new, odd forms of frogs, though breeding has a cool down time of several hours. (Anybody know the exact time? I think it's around five hours.) More on breeding frogs once I have time to experiment fully.

(Yes, all frogs listed here are worth $35. I imagine every frog in the game is worth $35. I'll omit the amounts when I know for sure.)

  • Dirt Frog - Common - $35
  • Eggplant Frog - Common - $35
  • Heart Frog - Common - $35
  • Spotted Dirt Frog - Common - $35
  • Striped Dirt Frog - Common - $35
  • Leopard Frog - Uncommon - $35
  • Dirtsurfer Frog - Uncommon - $35
  • Spotted Eggplant Frog - Uncommon - $35
  • Spotted Heart Frog - Uncommon - $35
  • Striped Eggplant Frog - Uncommon - $35
  • Striped Heart Frog - Uncommon - $35
  • Sunflower Frog - Uncommon - $35
  • Tiger - Uncommon - $35
  • Eggplant Whirl Frog - Rare - $35
  • Heartsurfer Frog - Rare - $35
  • Sunsurfer Frog - Rare - $35
  • Whirlyflower Frog - Rare - $35


Though you do not gain levels in collecting, no matter how many Collectibles you unearth, you can complete your Aspiration with enough dogged determination (and more than a little breeding of frogs). Completing your Aspiration will earn you the Appraiser Trait, which allows you to sell Collectibles to the Simsonian Museum for a bit more cash. Not bad, if collecting is your main source of income.


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