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"The Sims 4" Walkthrough: Comedy Guide

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Aspirations and Traits

Badum-chssh. Want to make a sim with a knack for the tickling of funny bones? Comedy is the way to go. Not only can Comedy be used to make money in several different ways, but it’s also a fantastic skill to have simply because other sims will enjoy the antics of the comedian, thereby quickly building social networks. Besides, who wouldn’t want a household of wise-cracking wits under their fingertips?

Joke Star and Gregarious

Comedy sims should typically begin life with the Popularity - Joke Star Aspiration. Joke Star gives your sim the Gregarious Trait, which allows them to build friendly relationships much more quickly than normal. If your sim pursues a career in show business via the Entertainment career, Gregarious will come in handy for fulfilling some of the promotion requirements. You’ll also want to plan out some appropriate Traits, such as:

  • Goofball. Comedy sims will want to be playful to build their skill level quickly, as well as to perform comedy sketches with greater success. Goofball will make that happen.
  • Outgoing. Comedy sims are under public scrutiny all the time, and in order to develop their careers, they need to meet and befriend a lot of people. Outgoing will supplement the bonuses awarded by Gregarious.
  • In addition, the Reward Trait Always Welcome is quite useful if you send your sim to a party and want them to ease into the crowd all the more quickly. Parties are great for garnering tips if your sim is brought in as an entertainer.
A sim is writing on a computer in "The Sims 4." Computers can be used to practice writing jokes.

A sim is writing on a computer in "The Sims 4." Computers can be used to practice writing jokes.

Skill Building

The obvious way to start a sim on the Comedy path is to sit them down in front of a microphone and Practice Jokes until they get sick of it and wander away. Keep this up, and their Comedy skill will quickly improve. You can also Write Jokes on a computer if you don’t want to buy a microphone for your sim’s house.

Once your sim has built up enough levels to create Routines, write up several to continue progression and polish them regularly to receive better results the next time your sim performs one. Sending your sim to a nightclub with a Routine ready will typically earn you a small bit of money, and if the crowd particularly likes your sim, you may earn more than that. Either way, Comedy will improve.

As your sim gains more Comedy levels, you can expect them to receive the following benefits:

  • Level 1 - Tell Jokes at a microphone, Write Jokes on a computer
  • Level 2 - Tell Knock Knock Jokes to other sims
  • Level 3 - Compose Short Routine at computer, Perform Short Routine
  • Level 4 - Joke about Fashion
  • Level 5 - Practice Comedy Routine at microphone or mirror, Refine Comedy Routines at a computer
  • Level 6 - Compose Medium Routines at computer, Perform Medium Routine, lower chance of being emotionally affected by hecklers
  • Level 7 - Write Comedy Books at a computer
  • Level 8 - Compose Long Routines at computer, Perform Long Routine
  • Level 9 - Tell Crowd Pleasing Joke to other sims
  • Level 10 - Improvise Routines at a microphone

It’s worth noting that Comedy sims seem to get more unique social interactions than sims focusing on other skills. Consequently, if you want a sim that’s good at developing strong friendships—say, for the Popularity Aspiration—you may want to send them into Comedy, at least as a fun hobby. The spirits of the household, in general, will be higher.

A sim is performing standup in "The Sims 4" using the Comedy skill. Sims who are successful at playing the audience can earn tips.

A sim is performing standup in "The Sims 4" using the Comedy skill. Sims who are successful at playing the audience can earn tips.

Making Money

Comedy sims have two ways to rack up cash. The first is to get 'em a career, in which case the obvious path is Entertainer, specifically the Comedian path. You need to develop a fair number of friendships to make it in this career, so sending your sim off to a nightclub to polish their act and chat people up will help your prospects greatly.

The other way is to perform Routines, either Short, Medium, or Long. Depending on the length and quality of your Routine, as well as the size and satisfaction of the crowd, your sim will earn some money, typically maxing out in the $300-ish range for long, good Routines. This doesn't sound like much, but even long Routines only take an hour or two to complete, and you can often perform quite a few before the audience starts to peter off. Not a bad supplement to a career as a Comedian, really, though you'll always have to be out in public to earn money. Nightclubs are a must. Make sure you have lots of Routines, as repeating one won't go over well.

It's also worth noting that any sim possessing a measure of aptitude in Comedy can fill the niche of Entertainer at a party. That said, you probably shouldn't send a comedian in to fill this role unless you have a microphone ready and waiting. They won't have much to do otherwise. Putting one of your characters in this role will also effectively remove them from interactions in the party unless they really neglect their job, so don't ignore the option to bring in an unknown.


Once your sim hits the peak of their comedic career, they can cast off the need for Routines and Improv in front of a mic, which is very helpful for quickly building up cash without having to create a whole new Routine. Completing the Joke Star Aspiration will also earn your sim the Hilarious Trait, allowing your sim to access some new jokes. Sims they speak to will also never be offended by Joke-based conversation options, another boon for quickly developing a lot of relationships doing what your sim does best.