The Sims 4 Walkthrough: Fitness Guide

Updated on October 15, 2014
A sim on a treadmill, working on her Fitness skill.
A sim on a treadmill, working on her Fitness skill. | Source

Hup hup hup hup! So, you want your sim to be a fitness buff, eh? Not a bad choice. Fitness-oriented sims are incredibly fit, have no trouble staying in shape, and are among the few skill-oriented choices that can technically reach level ten without a single purchase. Raising the Fitness skill is not easy, however, and your sim has to battle more issues than simple boredom to raise it high. This guide will provide some details on Fitness sims, and how the skill can be useful in other sections of The Sims 4.

Aspirations and Traits

Fitness sims have only one dedicated Aspiration, and that’s Athletic - Bodybuilder. Pretty simple stuff, as the point is always going to be staying in shape. Bodybuilder will give your sim the High Metabolism Trait, which allows your sim to remain fit and trim more easily. This Aspiration also (and, I’ll be honest, I’m not one hundred percent sure if this is the cause of it) allows your sim to Push the Limits and keep exercising even if they’ve already been engaged in a long workout. Quite handy for quick development.

Associated Traits are also pretty obvious, even at a casual glance:

  • Active. Active sims tend to become Energized more often. Energized sims are what you want when you’re working on Fitness.
  • Loves Outdoors. Your sim enjoys going outside. Unless you want to spend a lot of cash on exercise machines, your sim will probably work out by Jogging. Might as well make the most of the time by keeping your sim happy with their surroundings.
  • Though these Traits typically don’t work into early sim builds, the Rewards Trait Gym Rat will allow your sim to build their Fun while exercising. More important, they won’t lose Hygiene. This last point is extremely important. Gym Rat only costs 500 Satisfaction, which you can build up pretty quickly.
  • And while we’re here, do not choose Clumsy. True, your sim won’t care if they muck up while engaged in a physical activity, but you shouldn’t want them to muck up more often in the first place.

A sim on a weight machine, working on her Fitness skill. Note how sims become more toned as they work out.
A sim on a weight machine, working on her Fitness skill. Note how sims become more toned as they work out.

Getting Started

From the second a sim is created they can choose to Go Jogging. You can use this option to satisfy your Fitness skill’s requirements until doomsday. That said, your sim will often want exercise equipment, so it’s wise to make a few purchases. A punching bag is a nice, cheap staple of an exercise-oriented home, and treadmills / workout machines can come in when you earn enough money. Assuming you don’t want to spend any money, you can also send your sim to a gym to buff up on these other machines for free, also giving them plenty of chances to socialize with other sims.

As you build up your sim you’ll receive the following bonuses at each level:

  • Level 1 - Workout, Jogging
  • Level 2 - Discuss Workout Techniques with other sims
  • Level 3 - Endurance Run on a treadmill, Research Workout Tips on a computer
  • Level 4 - Box on a punching bag, Heavy Lifting on workout machines
  • Level 5 - Make Protein Shakes at bars, No Sweat Run on treadmills
  • Level 6 - Show Off Muscles to other sims
  • Level 7 - Hill Challenge on treadmill
  • Level 8 - Epic Workout on weight machines
  • Level 9 - Practice Fighting with other sims, Commando Training on punching bags
  • Level 10 - Mentor others in Fitness

Most of the options provide variable workouts to your sims, allowing you to vary the amount of exercise they get based on their mood. A sim that’s feeling quite fit and Energized, for example, will do well with an Epic Workout, while sims that are tired or perhaps in a bad mood should stick to a No Sweat Run instead. Hygiene also plays a role in all this, and you’ll probably have to get your Fitness sims in the shower on a regular basis. (Hence Gym Rat is very helpful.)

Perhaps the most useful of the things you’ll gain is the relatively-innocuous command Drink Energy Juice. Energy Juice adds points towards Energized, and unlike so many other options for changing emotions, it’s available anywhere, any time, for free, once the sim has already been working out. This will allow you to build up Fitness much more quickly than usual, and with a minimum of fussy interactions with other objects.

Mastery of Fitness is pretty bare-bones, as all you can do is Mentor other sims. This is handier than it sounds, as many sims are quite resistant to the idea of exercise, and will stop pretty soon after they’ve started. Mentor makes building their Fitness skills a fair bit easier. On the plus side, mastering the Athletic Aspiration will earn your sim the Long Lived Trait, which extends their natural (ie no accidents) lifespan. Fancy.

A sim on a treadmill at the local gym. Sims can work out for free at a gym in The Sims 4, which is wise if you're strapped for cash.
A sim on a treadmill at the local gym. Sims can work out for free at a gym in The Sims 4, which is wise if you're strapped for cash.

Making Money

Now for the big question: Is Fitness lucrative? Unlike a lot of other skills, no, it isn’t really lucrative at all. At current there are no money-making options for sims that are extremely fit, besides, perhaps, running around a lot and looking for things to collect. (Even then, your sim won’t actually gain any Fitness points unless they’re Jogging.) That said, several career paths require Fitness of a certain level for promotions, namely Secret Agent, Criminal, and Astronaut. Consequently, you should try to devote a few hours a day to exercising your sim after they come home from work to keep their Fitness skill rising so you don’t hit any abrupt speed bumps.


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