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The Sims 4 Walkthrough and Guide to Exploring Space

Updated on April 12, 2016

Open spaaaaaaace! The Sims 4 has some new horizons to explore, and one of them is the infinite majesty of the universe. (Granted, you do so via text boxes, but it’s better than nothing.) It is entirely possible to send your sims up into space on a regular basis, and doing so can yield up some decent rewards… but, at the very least, you’re gonna have to shell out some major dough for the honour.

Space exploration requires a rocket, which can be purchased and built for a mighty $6,000 total (assuming you’ve purchased the Steampunk Flyamajig - Astronauts who have specialized may purchase one of two other rockets instead). Each time the rocket crashes you’ll have to rebuild it for another $1,000, so, yeah. Pricey. Constructing a rocket also unlocks the Rocket Science skill, the levels of which allow your sim to upgrade various parts of the rocket… as well as fly it more capably, resulting in fewer crashes. The upgrade options on your rocket, once your sim reaches level ten of Rocket Science, include:

  • Expand Cargo Bay
  • Install landing Stabilizers
  • Install Landing Computer
  • Install Ion Cannon Defense System
  • Expand Fuel Storage Tank
  • Improve Maneuvering Thrusters

All of the above will make your rocket tougher, and most factor into the meat and potatoes of the rocket: a series of space scenarios, accessible via the Explore Space command.

Space Scenarios

Choose to Explore Space and your sim will step into the rocket and blast off for a few hours. Once it reaches space, the rocket will encounter one of a few dozen possible scenarios. Most scenarios are multiple choice mini-stories, and the outcomes are different based on your sim’s skill levels, current mood, and, more often than not, the upgrades to your rocket. The stronger your rocket, the more likely your escapades in the stars will end in reward.

Below is an in-progress compilation of the scenarios you may encounter while flitting about in space. There are a ridiculous number of variables at play here, so compiling a complete list may take a while. Each scenario contains three elements:

  • Title, in bold. This is the first named text box you’ll encounter, and, thus, is the name of the scenario for this article’s purposes.
  • Subtitles, in italics. As you progress through a scenario you may be presented with options that take you to yet more options, each with their own title. Follow the subtitles to discover what will happen if you commit to certain paths. (I’ve tried to make progression logical, but in some cases you’ll just have to skim down until you find the next subtitle in the sequence.)
  • Options. Each subtitle comes with two options. The outcome of those options is listed beside the text from the game. Any entries in italics lead to another subtitle, typically further down the list (though sometimes looped back, if multiple options lead to one outcome).

Some scenarios - for example, Space Madness??! - seem to stop appearing after your astronaut gains enough Rocket Science skill levels. If this happens, try out a different sim with few Rocket Science levels to get back to those scenarios.

A destroyed ship in The Sims 4. Choose poorly when exploring space and your rocket may wind up like this.
A destroyed ship in The Sims 4. Choose poorly when exploring space and your rocket may wind up like this.

A Distress Call

  • Tow the Whole Ship - End of scenario, may destroy ship if not upgraded; gain one Alien if upgraded
  • Rescue the Pilot - Gain Upgrade Parts, end of scenario

A Lush Planet

  • Land Near Ruins - Ruins of an Alien Civilization
  • Land Near Jungle - Little Blue Critters… With Teeth!

Ruins of an Alien Civilization

  • Leave Artifacts - Gain a Space Rock
  • Take Artifacts - Gain a Space Rock, ship may crash upon landing

Little Blue Critters… With Teeth!

  • Catch Alive - Gain one Alien, end of scenario
  • Inject and Preserve - Gain one Alien, end of scenario

A Mysterious Message

  • Talk Sense into Them - End of scenario
  • Confiscate “Weapons” - Gain one Alien, end of scenario

A Populous Toilet Seat

  • Stay and Rule - The Choice
  • Go Home - End of scenario

The Choice

  • Be Angry and Jealous - Not so Nice
  • Be Loving and Benevolent - Gift of Water

Gift of Water

  • Sprinkle Some Water -
  • Build Irrigation System - Infrastructure for the Future

Infrastructure for the Future

  • Lead Them to Land - End of scenario
  • Let Them Figure It Out -

Not so Nice

  • Ignore Their Pleas -
  • Send a Natural Disaster - Floods of Doom

Floods of Doom

  • Help Them Rebuild -
  • Don’t Help Them Rebuild - Muahahaha!


  • Turn Off the Lights - End of scenario
  • Just Leave - End of scenario

A Sighting

  • Try to Communicate - Gain several Space Rocks, end of scenario or Miscommunication
  • Watch Quietly - End of scenario


  • Fight - Gain Space Rock, end of scenario
  • Flee - End of scenario


  • Put Ball in Triangular Hole - End of scenario
  • Put Ball in Round Hole - Applause!


  • Inspect the Hat - End of scenario
  • Wear the Hat - Well Done!

Well Done!

  • Sit in Chair - End of scenario
  • Sit Next to Chair - Wise Choice

Wise Choice

  • Don’t Grab the Jewels - End of scenario
  • Grab the Jewels -

Accidental Bootlegger

  • Hide the Cargo - Gain an Unidentified Fruit Object, end of scenario
  • Turn it Over - Receive some cash, end of scenario

Asteroid Approaching!

  • Try to Blast It - Gain some Space Rocks, end of scenario
  • Block it With Ship - End of scenario, may crash upon landing

Comm Alert

  • Planet Government - Emperor’s Decree
  • Moon Colony - Moon of the Oppressed

Emperor’s Decree

  • Threaten Colonists - Gain an Alien, End of scenario, Sad
  • Try to Talk to Them - End of scenario, ship may crash upon landing

Moon of the Oppressed

  • Assist Colonist Plot - Gain Cowplant Berry, end of scenario
  • Warn Planet - Gain an Alien, end of scenario

Commerce in Deep Space

  • Take All the Cargo - End of scenario if Cargo Bay has not been expanded, may receive cash;
  • Take Only a Little - Cash, end of scenario

Don’t Litter (Please)

  • Try to Grab Ship - End of scenario
  • Radio for Help -

Derelict Vessel

  • Board Ship - Ooh, Science!
  • Gather Parts - End of scenario

Ooh, Science!

  • Biology Lab - In the Biology Lab…
  • Geology Lab - In the Geology Lab…

In the Biology Lab…

  • Keep Looking - Gain an Alien, end of scenario; chance the ship will crash when it lands
  • Leave Quickly - End of scenario

In the Geology Lab…

  • Keep Looking - Gain a Space Rock, end of scenario; chance the ship will crash when it lands
  • Leave Quickly - End of scenario

Escape Pod Adrift

  • Bring on Board - Alien on Board
  • Dismantle - Gain some Upgrade Parts, end of scenario

Alien on Board

  • Catch it - Gain one Alien, end of scenario
  • Throw it Out - End of scenario

Lost in a Nebula

As far as I can tell, which result you get is random, regardless of your choice.

  • Send Distress Call - Gain one Alien and one Space Rock or end of scenario or A Ship of Nebulous Intentions
  • Forge Forward - Gain one Alien and one Space Rock or end of scenario

A Ship of Nebulous Intentions

  • Follow - End of scenario, ship may crash upon landing
  • Go it Alone - End of scenario

An example of a mission result after exploring space in The Sims 4.
An example of a mission result after exploring space in The Sims 4.

Lost in Space!

  • Follow the Map - The Tunnel
  • Keep Cruising - The Tunnel

The Tunnel

  • Yes - ________’s Been Seen!
  • No - End of scenario, ship may be destroyed on landing

_______’s Been Seen!

  • Talk to Aliens - End of scenario
  • Run Like Crazy - End of scenario

Message for _______

  • Try to Clean - A Big Bunny
  • Shoot At It - Ready… Aim… Fire!

Ready… Aim… Fire!

  • Call It a Day - A Big Bunny
  • Shoot It Again - A Big Bunny; may end differently if Focused

A Big Bunny

  • Blast It - End of scenario if Ion Cannon Defense System has not been installed
  • Flee - End of scenario

Moving Day

  • Cram it - Gain Alien, end of scenario; ends differently if cargo bay is upgraded
  • Give Up - End of scenario

Pookapoo, Where Are You?

  • Disclose Mission - The Red Leash
  • Make an Excuse - The Red Leash

The Red Leash

  • Confront Her - End of scenario
  • Investigate Cages - To Inject or Not to Inject?

To Inject or Not to Inject?

  • Yes - Space Dog Should Stick Out…
  • No -

Space Dog Should Stick Out…

  • Search Cages - End of scenario if not upgraded
  • Find Exit -

Reach for the Moon

  • Land - May crash if ship is not upgraded
  • Orbit - End of scenario

Small Craft Spotted!


  • Accept - Not Going so Well!
  • Reject - Gain Upgrade Parts, end of scenario

Not Going so Well!

  • Fight - End of scenario
  • Give Up - End of scenario

Something’s Alive!

  • Call Out - No Reply
  • Take by Surprise - Captured!

No Reply

  • Brace Door - A Small Cry of Distress
  • Go in Swinging - The Stowaway

A Small Cry of Distress

  • Stick to Guns -
  • Take a Peek - Captured!


  • Comply - The Stowaway
  • Reason - Cash, end of scenario

The Stowaway

  • Take a Joyride - Joy Ride in Space!
  • Refuse / Report to Authorities - End of scenario, may crash upon landing

Joy Ride in Space!

  • Pull Over - Gain an Alien, end of scenario
  • Try to Outrun -

Space Madness??!

  • Turn Fan Higher - Feeling Good!
  • Swap CO2 Scrubber - Swap CO2 Scrubber

Feeling Good!

  • Eject Escape Pods - Still Too Heavy!
  • Dump Fuel - End of scenario

Still Too Heavy!

  • Jettison Cargo - Still Too Heavy! (2)
  • Rip Out Wires - End of scenario

Still Too Heavy! (2)

  • Throw Up - End of scenario
  • Take a Nap -

Space Pirates!

  • Talk to Them - End of scenario
  • Attack! - ______ is Fierce!

________ is Fierce!

  • Take the Offer - Gain one Alien, end of scenario
  • Blow ‘Em Up! - Gain items, end of scenario

Space Race

  • Enter Race - Zoom!
  • Decline - End of scenario


  • Keep Pace - End of scenario
  • Push It - End of scenario without Upgraded Thrusters, rocket may be destroyed; gain an item if Upgraded Thrusters

Stuck Behind Red Tooth

  • Blast Racer - End of scenario if weapons are not upgraded; rocket may be destroyed upon landing
  • Keep Racing - End of scenario

Strange Turn of Events

This is a very strange event, and mapping it out doesn’t work that well. As far as I can tell, you effectively need to repeat the same set of actions twice. For example, if you Navigated a Wreck, you need to Salvage Mission or Scan For Life twice. You also need to match Exited Hyperspace and Warped Subspace with the same option. Choose the other option on the second time through and your ship has a good chance of crashing once the scenario is over. You don’t appear to get anything out of it - you just want to not crash.

Technical Troubles

Technical Difficulties

  • Try to Fix It - End of scenario
  • Radio For Help - End of scenario

Fun With the Sun

  • Reason with Alien - End of scenario
  • Threaten with Cannons - Gain space rocks, end of scenario


  • Reboot Dynotherms - Reboot
  • Call Tech Support - Calling Tech Support


  • Yes - End of scenario, may crash the ship on landing
  • No - End of scenario

Calling Tech Support

  • Reboot Dynotherms - Reboot
  • Stay On the Line - On Hold

On Hold

  • Reboot Dynotherms - Reboot
  • Stay On the Line - Calling Tech Support (2)

Calling Tech Support (2)

  • “Ship Repairs” - End of scenario
  • “Space Madness” -

Turbulence Ahead!

  • Head West - The Market
  • Brave the Mountains - Spotted at the Summit, may end the scenario with a potential crash

The Market

  • Try to Communicate - End of scenario; may end differently with higher social skills (Charisma, perhaps?) - can receive an item if successful
  • Steal the Part - End of scenario

Spotted at the Summit

  • Fly the Ship - The Beast
  • Scavenge Parts -

The Beast

  • Strike Beast - Gain one Alien, end of scenario
  • Run! -


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    • profile image

      Jon 3 weeks ago

      Turbulence Ahead

      -Brave the Mountains

      Spotted at the Summit

      -Scavenge for Parts: End of Scenario, gained one Alien

      Hopefully that helps since this guide is never updated

    • Forever Warrior profile image

      Zaila 2 months ago from The Underworld

      Thanks, this helped a lot!

    • profile image

      Bri 4 months ago

      This is really good and helped me out a lot but needs to be updated

    • profile image

      maiqua 10 months ago

      I have gotten the scenario of Space madness when my sim had level 7. I used the swap CO2 scrubber and two options appeared: "Space Walk" and "Erase all data". I choose the "space walk" Then two other options appear: "Put on Spacesuit" or "Spacesuit Pffft". I figured the latter one could kill my sim, so I chose the "Put on spacesuit".

    • profile image

      Alux 12 months ago

      This guide is so outdated.

    • profile image

      Catamok 12 months ago

      Strange Turn of Events

      space battle

      plead for peace

      warped subspace

      warp subspace

      plead for peace

      receive an alien

    • profile image

      Kotich 14 months ago


      Grab The Jewels - Gain space rock, end of scenario

    • profile image

      Catamok 22 months ago

      Pookapoo, Where Are You?

      Find Exit - Mission not accomplished.

    • profile image

      Ben 2 years ago

      Space Pirates!

      ___ sees some unsavory characters approaching fast in his rearview mirror... Uh oh! Those are space pirates, and ___ is about to get shipjacked. They demand a suitcase full of simoleons to let ___ pass. OR ELSE!

      -Talk to them

      -Attack +--

      ___ is fierce!

      woah, that escalated quickly. But ___'s offensive strategy took the pirates by surprise, and they crumble into a teary blubbery puddle. They even offer ___ some spare wires and loose change to entice him to leave them alone.

      -Take Offer +--

      -Blow 'em up

      Nobody messes with ___

      Those pathetic pirates practically trip over each other in order to get out of ___'s way. But before they go, they wash ___'s windshield and give him a quick oilchange, just to stay on his good side.

      -Mission conclusion

      Uncommon Space Rock

      Common Space Rock

    • profile image

      KittySimmer 2 years ago

      Whenever it says im supposed to get an alien i don't get one? I got a slug.

    • profile image

      Bussi-Butt 2 years ago

      Under A Populous Toilet Seat,

      Sprinkle Some Water leads to Sprinkles of Love

      This leads to the choices of "Shine a Flashlight" or "Move to a Better Location"

      The latter leads to Getting Greedy. To which, "Start Smiting" or "Don't Smite".

      The former leads to Smiting is Scary, giving "Win them Back" or "Give Up". Winning them back ends the scenario with at least a positive moodlet.

    • MichalWrotter profile image

      Michal 2 years ago from Czech Republic

      I have had such a good time playing The Sims 4. Thank you so much for this article which just refreshed my mind about it.

    • profile image

      Corey 2 years ago

      Lost in space (after choosing yes)

      Found something:

      Pry Box Open) Got Treasure

      Take to ship) -

      Got Treasure:

      Talk to Child) Valuable Information

      Flee) -

      Valuable Information

      Return home

    • profile image

      Momma-Jess 2 years ago

      Very interesting! Thank you for taking the time to share the information with us! I am a proud Sims gamer... both Sims 3 and 4. My name is Vasalyss, feel free to send me a friend request if you'd like. I make lots of custom content for the game. More so for Sims 3, but I am just getting started by making custom content for Sims 4.

    • profile image

      Monica Ward 2 years ago

      Technical difficulties-- "Calling Tech Support (2)" : "Space Madness" gives you end of scenario. It might destroy ship upon landing, I don't know how to check for that, obviously didn't happen to me. :)

    • profile image

      Liz 2 years ago

      Lost in a Nebula ~ *Picked Forge ahead* ~ A Golden Planet ~ *Only option is to Attempt Landing* ~ One Sim's trash is *Sim's Name* Treasure (Sim collects treasure and returns home. I got 1 unnaturally large space rock, 1 UFO unidentified Fruit Object, and 1 dead blue slug)

    • profile image

      Sarah 2 years ago

      A Populous Toilet Seat scenario:

      -Stay and Rule - The Choice

      The Choice

      -Be Loving and Benevolent - Gift of Water

      Gift of Water

      -Sprinkle Some Water - Sprinkles of Love

      Sprinkles of Love

      -Move toilet to better location - Getting greedy

      Getting Greedy

      -Start smiting - Smiting is scary

      Smiting is Scary

      -Win them back - Too much work (End)

      -Give up - ?

    • profile image

      Grace 2 years ago

      Sprinkles of Love

      * Shine a Flashlight- ENLIGHTNED CIVILIZATION (end)

      * Move toilet to better location- Getting greedy


      *Start smiting-?

      *Don't Smite- (end)

    • doris and me profile image

      Mohammad Tanvir Ibne Amin 2 years ago from Dhaka

      Awesome guide for exploring space... Extremely helpful hub...keep it up

    • flint3099 profile image

      flint3099 2 years ago

      I didn't even know you could explore space in the sims 4. Great guide. I should give sims 4 a try again. I just hope they will eventually release a business expansion like they did for the sims 2.

    • profile image

      Liberty 2 years ago

      Gift of Water

      Sprinkle Some Water - SPRINKLES OF LOVE


      * Shine a flashlight - ENLIGHTENED CIVILIZATION (end)

      * Move toilet to a better location - ?

    • profile image

      Lina 2 years ago

      'Small Craft Spotted' "Ok" 'Space duel?' 2 options "Accept" or "Reject".

      I chose "Accept" and got 'Duel!'. Only option under that was "Attack!" for me. 'Name wins!' (fully upgraded rocketship) and I won a cowplant berry. Didn't see this one up there =)

    • profile image

      Chrystia 3 years ago


      Thank you!!!

      Extremely helpful :3