The Sims 4 Walkthrough: Logic Guide

Updated on October 15, 2014
The Sims 4 is copyrighted by Electronic Arts Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.
The Sims 4 is copyrighted by Electronic Arts Inc. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

The art of the mind, Logic is a fairly understated skill in The Sims 4. It comes up a fair amount when your sims are having fun in a more cerebral capacity, but aside from fulfilling the requirements of some careers Logic doesn’t appear to have a dominant function. Nevertheless, Logic can be quite a powerful weapon in the right hands - your sim just needs to know how to use it.

Aspirations and Traits

Logic is slightly broader than some other skills when it comes to application, and though it has an obvious Aspiration category - Knowledge - choosing a specific sub-branch is a bit trickier. Nerd Brain is the more obvious choice of the two, as it requires levelling Logic to ten to complete. Nerd Brains will probably wind up as Astronauts. That said, Logic is also useful for Renaissance Sims, though not to the same capacity. A Renaissance Sim will jump all over the place in terms of career. Either way you’ll wind up with the Quick Learner Trait, allowing your sim to accumulate skill points more quickly. Always handy.

As far as Traits go, Logic sims may find the following useful:

  • Genius. Knowledge-based skills will always find Genius handy, as it increases the chances that your sim will become Focused. Focused is very handy for Logic-building, as well as a few associated activities.
  • Bookworm. If you wind up skill-building with your Logic sim, you’ll want Bookworm. Other sims who sit with their noses in books all day will get burnt out too quickly.
  • Geek. Handy if your sim winds up going down the path of a gamer.
  • Loner. Great for skill-building; not so good if you want your sim to have an actual social life.

Two sims playing cards in The Sims 4. Playing games can build a sim's Logic skill.
Two sims playing cards in The Sims 4. Playing games can build a sim's Logic skill.


Sims accumulate points for Logic in several different ways, more so than most skills. The cheapest methods are through Playing Chess or Playing Cards, though in the latter case your sim will need a second person to play. This is handy in case you want two Logic-based sims in the same household; otherwise it can be a little annoying. Books are an obvious outlet for Logic accumulation, and, once you have enough money, using a microscope or a telescope will earn your sim Logic points. The telescope in particular can prove very handy in a not-so-obvious way; more on than below.

Regardless of how your sim progresses, they can expect the following boosts at each level of Logic:

  • Level 1 - Play Chess, Play Card Games, Ponder Moves
  • Level 2 - Collect Plant Samples for use under a microscope, Discuss Logic with other sims
  • Level 3 - Gains more Logic from Chess and Card Games
  • Level 4 - Can Read Intermediate Logic Books
  • Level 5 - Collect Fossil Samples, Analyze Fossil Samples under a microscope
  • Level 6 - Gain Logic from interactions with objects
  • Level 7 - Read Advanced Logic Books
  • Level 8 - Collect Crystal Samples, Analyze Crystal Samples under a microscope, Provide Logical Solutions to Stressed sims
  • Level 9 - Better Moodlet from Chess and Card Game victories
  • Level 10 - Rant Logically to reduce Angry emotion

A sim using a microscope in The Sims 4. Microscopes build Logic and can offer up other goodies as well.
A sim using a microscope in The Sims 4. Microscopes build Logic and can offer up other goodies as well.

Making Money

Knowledge sims are shoo-ins for jobs in the sciences, notably Astronaut. You can rack up quite a bit of dough by sticking your sim in a rocket. Tech Guru is also a good job category for Logic sims, though they’ll have to be a little more social. All that said, Logic sims can, surprisingly enough, make money from home. They’re also pretty good at it.

The first method a Logic sim can make money is by creating Microscope Prints via a microscope, as well as a combination of the Gardening and Logic skills along with collecting. Simply Using the microscope will eventually generate these Prints, but you'll get rare Prints more quickly by collecting Slides (plant, fossil, or crystal) and using them on the Microscope. The Prints can be sold for a decent amount of cash.

You can find the following Microscope Prints in The Sims 4. I haven't found them all yet, so this list will be updated periodically. Note that in order to make Crystal or Fossil Slides your sim must first place the object they've found in the world, then interact with it. Collecting Plant Slides is much easier, as you can do it straight from plants found throughout the world.

Microscope Prints

  • The Drifter - $105 - Common
  • Psychedelic Rock - $110 - Common (Fossils)
  • Blemish Blossom - $220 - Uncommon (Plants)

A telescope being used by a sim in The Sims 4. Like microscopes, telescopes offer up extra goodies - and can earn you a decent living with enough work.
A telescope being used by a sim in The Sims 4. Like microscopes, telescopes offer up extra goodies - and can earn you a decent living with enough work.

The other method is to create Space Prints. Space Prints are generated by looking through a telescope (the pricey Backyard Observatory) once a sim has a few levels in Logic. (I started getting them at level three; let me know if anyone got them earlier as well.) If your sim gets lucky they’ll receive Space Prints, which, aside from being collectibles, can be sold for a decent amount of money - almost $500 for rarer prints. Nice.

At night your Logic sim can also, once they reach seventh level (again, correct me if I’m wrong), use the Search for the Truth option instead. This will allow the sim to collect ‘mysterious’ Space Prints instead, which are typically rarer versions of what you’ve already been collecting. You’ll need to use a combination of both to grab them all.

Below is a list of Space Prints in The Sims 4. If you're having trouble collecting them all, try sending a different sim into your telescope for a peek. It seems to work.

Space Prints

  • Animal’s Planet - $115 - Common
  • Big Star - $140 - Common
  • End of Time - $135 - Common
  • Out of This World - $105 - Common
  • Rosie the Riveting - Common
  • Seeing Red - $110 - Common
  • Standard Space - $130 - Common
  • Cloudy Vision - $265 - Uncommon
  • I Dream of Plesiosaur - $215 - Uncommon
  • Saturn Return - $290 - Uncommon
  • Star Crossed Lovers - $210 - Uncommon
  • Twinkle - $285 - Uncommon
  • Battle Stars - $495 - Rare
  • Surfacing - $475 - Rare
  • T-Rex Nebula - $465 - Rare


Logic is quite handy to any sim, mastered or otherwise, though the level ten boon is… not terribly helpful. Still, your sim will stand a better chance of collecting rare Space Prints at a higher level of Logic, and they’re generally quite happy when left to their nerdy devices. Completing the Renaissance Sim Aspiration will net your sim the Professorial Trait, allowing them to write Skill Manuals in their perfected fields, while completing the Nerd Brain Aspiration will earn your sim the Handy Trait, allowing them to instantly fix or upgrade an object. Handy is great if your telescope breaks down, and Professorial will allow you to save some money (or make some money) on Skill Manuals.


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