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"The Sims 4" Walkthrough: Mischief Guide

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Some sims aren't very nice. Here is a guide to these unpleasant characters in "The Sims 4."

Some sims aren't very nice. Here is a guide to these unpleasant characters in "The Sims 4."

Aspirations and Traits in The Sims 4

Most sim-on-sim interactions are fairly friendly, but this isn’t always the case. Some sims don’t like to be nice. They prefer to be nasty. Some sims are so cruel and depraved that they delight in the misery of others. This doesn’t necessarily mean Mischief sims fall into the evil category, of course, but they certainly can tread a rather fine line between good fun and cruel humour. Be careful playing with the Mischief skill, as it can get your sims burned.

Mischief and Deviance

Mischief sims tend to wander on the wild side of things, and so they’re most likely to delve into the Deviance Aspiration. Deviance swings into two categories, Public Enemy or Chief of Mischief, and sims more dedicated to outright pranking will probably want to go with Chief of Mischief. It’s a more suitable choice for wreaking interpersonal havoc. Either way, your sim will wind up with the Dastardly Trait, which allows the sim to perform mean interactions with greater success.

Most sims that delve into Deviance will want to meander into Trait choices that could otherwise be considered less-than-optimal:

  • Goofball. Many Mischief-based conversation options are Playful, even though they don’t seem to ever give skill bonuses to Mischief characters. (I don’t think anything does, to be honest. Let me know if I’m wrong.) Goofball makes the most of this.
  • Evil. Your sim is probably going to get into a lot of fights, depending on the severity of their Mischief. Evil helps them withstand the effects of their taunting on others.
  • Hates Children. This works best if your sim winds up going to the park a lot, as they get special options for taunting children.
  • Outgoing. Most pranks and Mischief items require chatting with other sims; thus, your sim needs to be comfortable with conversation.
  • Mean. You’ll get a few more conversation options that will make other sims detest your sim, and many cruel-hearted interactions will now content your sim.
A sim is honing her trolling skills, and thus, her Mischief skill, on a computer in "The Sims 4."

A sim is honing her trolling skills, and thus, her Mischief skill, on a computer in "The Sims 4."

Skill Building

Mischief is one of those skills that many sims will develop on their own if left to converse with their peers, so you don’t need to work that hard. Almost any choice under the Mischief conversation wheel can help your sim build up skill points. That said, players determined to make their sim fly up the Mischief ranks quickly should use the Troll the Forums option, unlocked at level two (or right away if your sim chooses Chief of Mischief as an Aspiration). It’s one of the only consistent skill-building techniques that does not require another person in the room.

Regardless of how you build Mischief, you can expect the following results at each new level:

  • Level 1: Use Mischief conversation choices (Trick with Hand Buzzer, Start Preposterous Rumor, Lie about Career, Invite to Fake Party, Give Fake Bad News)
  • Level 2: Troll the Forums on computers and tablets, additional conversation options (Instill with False Confidence, Claim to Be Criminal Mastermind)
  • Level 3: Kick Over Trashcans, Prank Phone Calls, Stomp puddles, Purchase Voodoo Dolls, Voodoo Doll commands (Cuddle, Tickle, Poke, Frolic), Additional conversation options (Ask Due Date for sims who aren’t pregnant, Dare to Streak, Scare, Pretend to be Slapped)
  • Level 4: Send Chain Letters on computer, Spy on Neighbours from telescope, become Partners in Crime with other sims, additional conversation option (Share Conspiracy Theory)
  • Level 5: Clog Drain on sinks and bathtubs, additional conversation option (Noxious Cloud)
  • Level 6: Play Hooky using the phone
  • Level 7: Additional conversation option (Describe Apocalypse)
  • Level 8: Send Spam Money Request on computer, Stuff Fruit in Exhaust Port of rockets
  • Level 9: Additional conversation option (Slap ‘Em Silly)
  • Level 10: Additional conversation option (Air Horn)

Note that, as far as Aspiration requirements go, conversation wheels options typically count as ‘pranks’ along with kicking over trashcans and stomping puddles.

Mischief is sort of a 50/50 skill where relationships are concerned. Depending on the target and their mood, your interactions may elicit merriment—or they may make other sims Angry. Consequently, Mischief sims get into a lot of fights.

This is a sim who's way too happy to be using a Voodoo Doll against her enemies in "The Sims 4."

This is a sim who's way too happy to be using a Voodoo Doll against her enemies in "The Sims 4."

Voodoo Dolls

One of the more unique options available to Mischief-oriented sims is the use of Voodoo Dolls. Either purchased over the computer or found (very rarely) in rock piles, Voodoo Dolls can be used by Mischief Sims to gain emotional control over another sim. Each Voodoo Doll can Bind with another sim, allowing your sim to use up to five interactions on the Doll to change the target’s mood. They are as follows:

  • Cuddle (Happy)
  • Frolic (Playful or Flirty)
  • Poke (Angry)
  • Soak (Dazed or Uncomfortable—makes the sim have to use the bathroom, basically)
  • Tickle (Uncomfortable)

If the target sim is not present, you can also use a Voodoo Doll to Summon them to your sim’s current location, an impulse they apparently can’t resist. It is possible for the Voodoo Doll’s powers to backfire on the sim, making the user Sad for a few hours, so don’t use these things too lightly.

This is a fight between two irate sims in "The Sims 4." Ouch.

This is a fight between two irate sims in "The Sims 4." Ouch.

Making Money

Mischief sims don’t have terribly fantastic ways to make money using Mischief alone, as it’s largely a social (or, to a degree, antisocial) skill. Enrolling in the Criminal career path is the closest your sim will get to using Mischief for money-making until your sim hits level eight, at which point they can Send Spam Money Requests to sims they know in an attempt to scam some money ($100 per scam). Spam Money Requests are another 50/50 interaction, and if your sim is caught, their relationship with their target will suffer. You best use this on sims that already hate your sim.


Becoming a master Mischief sim really only opens up more avenues for jerking around other sims. Lovely, but not that useful—unless, of course, mischief is its own reward. That said, sims who complete the Master of Mischief Aspiration will gain the Tormentor Bonus Trait, allowing them to sabotage other sims … as well as their stuff. (Basically, you can send your sim into another sim’s house and wreck up the place quite easily.) Huzzah!