The Sims 4 Walkthrough: Mixology Guide

Updated on October 15, 2014
A sim tending bar in The Sims 4. Bars can be found in night clubs or built in private residences.
A sim tending bar in The Sims 4. Bars can be found in night clubs or built in private residences.

All sims in The Sims 4 like to drink (so far, anyway - when will the Teetotalism Trait hit the game?), and so it makes sense that at least a few of them would want to be drink dispensers. Enter the Mixology skill, an aptitude that blends into the background of most party situations… but which is absolutely essential for throwing a kick-butt bash. This article will explore the Mixology skill, and how one of your sims can make it work to their advantage.

Aspirations and Traits

Sims involved with food have the super-obvious Food Aspiration to fall back on, and Mixologists will want the Master Mixology branch. Choosing this will give your Mixologist the Essence of Flavor Trait, increasing the overall quality of the drinks they mix for themselves and for other sims. Given the things that can go wrong when a drink is poorly mixed, Essence of Flavor is quite handy. You should also consider the following Traits for your Mixologist:

  • Creative. Mixologists learn their craft best when they’re Inspired, and given the nature of upgrading Mixology, you’ll really want to make the most of your sim’s mood. More on this below.
  • Foodie. Mixologists sims often take up jobs in food, as well, and it’s good to have a sim that can branch off in either direction. Foodie will give your sim lots of Moodlets related to the kitchen.
  • Gluttonous. On the flip side, your sim can clean up after a party by eating and drinking all of the leftovers, without ill-effect. I recommend Foodie over Gluttonous, but, hey. Mix it up if you want.
  • Neat. Sims who go to your mixologist will leave their glasses lying around. They’ll also muck up the bar. You want a sim who will, when the day is over, quickly and fastidiously clean their tabletops without prompting or complain. Seriously, bars are full of slobs in The Sims 4.
  • Outgoing. Not everyone who comes up to a bar will immediately want a drink, and once they have one they’ll often stand around and chat with your mixologist. Outgoing will keep your sim from going into a stressful state from too much chatting.

A sim serving drinks at a bar in The Sims 4. Drinks ordered by NPC sims are made for free.
A sim serving drinks at a bar in The Sims 4. Drinks ordered by NPC sims are made for free.

Skill Building

Most of Mixology’s levels are relegated to creating new, more expensive drinks, as well as performing tricks while mixing said drinks. Consequently, the best way for your sim to learn new drinks is to make the things. This can be problematic for two reasons:

  • Any drinks you order your sim to make must be paid for by you. This gets really expensive.
  • Unless you have a lot of sims at home, the drinks your sim makes will often go untested. Very annoying, this.

If you want to go the traditional route for building up your sim’s Mixology skill, send them to a nightclub on a regular basis and have them Tend Bar. They will automatically mix drinks for other sims when asked. Do this at a busy time of night and your sim can build levels relatively quickly, assuming they’re Inspired when they start mixing.

You also have two other options for building up Mixology. The first is to buy some books on the subject, which, while not perfect, will help your sim plow through a few levels. The second is the Practice Bar Tricks command, which your sim can perform for as long as they like behind a bar. Practice Bar Tricks unlocks at level six, but it’s probably the fastest, most predictable, and cheapest way to raise Mixology to its maximum level.

A bartender using her Mixology skill to perform tricks in The Sims 4. The higher the Mixology, the more skills the sim will know.
A bartender using her Mixology skill to perform tricks in The Sims 4. The higher the Mixology, the more skills the sim will know.

Regardless of how you reach ‘em, here are the effects of Mixology’s levels:

  • Level 1 - Tend Bar, Make Juice on the Rocks, Sweet and Spicy, Flaming Zesty Salt
  • Level 2 - Make Tang and Zing, Wrench, Buffalo Wing Tea, Behind the Back trick, Talk about Drink Making to other sims
  • Level 3 - Make Ridgeport, Zebra Fizz
  • Level 4 - Make Dim & Gusty, Sea of Fire, Juggle trick, drinks provide strong Moodlets to drinkers
  • Level 5 - Make Salty Llama, receives Talented Tender Moodlet after making a drink
  • Level 6 - Make Sea Splash, Practice Bar Tricks
  • Level 7 - Make Sour Punch, Bottle Stack trick, drinks provide stronger Moodlets to other sims
  • Level 8 - Make Silent Film, Hot and Smoky, Share Mixology Secrets with other sims
  • Level 9 - Make Simsmapolitan, Bottle Fireball trick
  • Level 10 - Make Sunset Valley, Granny Smash, Shadow Realm, can Freshen Drink to reset spoiler timer, receives Mix Master Moodlet after making a drink

A sim performing another Mixology trick in The Sims 4, breathing fire for no one in particular. Disappointing.
A sim performing another Mixology trick in The Sims 4, breathing fire for no one in particular. Disappointing.

Making Money

Mixing drinks, oddly enough, does not make your sim any money. At best they won’t spend any money while mixing. Your best, and generally only bet for raking in cash is to enlist your mixologist in the Culinary career path, eventually as a Mixologist. They’ll rise through the ranks fairly quickly if you send your sim off to a bar to tend on a regular basis. Making quality food items will also help. You can also send your mixologist to parties as the official mixologist, and while they won’t earn any money they’ll quickly pile on skill points.


Pushing a Mixologist to the top of their field will open up a ton of drink options, all of which can satisfy danged near any sim in the game. These sims also become very satisfied in themselves after making a successful drink, and they receive the option to Freshen Drinks. Quite handy if you don’t want untended drinks to spoil. Complete the Master Mixologist Aspiration and your mixologist will gain the Potion Master Trait, allowing them to mix Potions (normally found in the Rewards Store) for free. In essence, your mixologist can manipulate the emotions of anyone. Pretty awesome.


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    5 years ago

    Something I did while building up my Mixology skill and also while employed. I made my drinks at the local bar and made friends at the same time. That way it wasn't a total waist of money. My npc friends love the free drinks! We all get into a group discussion and your friendship goes up really fast. Just walk into the bar and tend bar. Even if a bartender is already there they love sitting down and having you making all the drinks, waiting on them and talking. I also never drink the drinks because it makes my bladder go down :C Drinking the drinks steel bladder or not it's a nightmare.


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