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"The Sims 4" Walkthrough: Rewards Store Guide

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The Sims 4 is copyrighted by Electronic Arts Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.

The Sims 4 is copyrighted by Electronic Arts Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.

As your sims go about their day, they’ll experience a variety of emotional changes, and as their moods swing from one end of the spectrum to the other, they’ll wind up wanting things, represented as thought bubbles that appear above your active sim’s head. These things, known more specifically as Whims, can range from speaking to a specific sim to engaging in a particular activity to yearning for better results at work. Fulfill whims, and your sim will typically receive a mood boost of some kind, often related to the activity.

Fulfilling your sim’s desires doesn’t just result in a mood boost, however. Have a look at one of the Whim bubbles above your sim’s head. Beneath the title of the need, you’ll see a number. This number represented the Satisfaction your sim gleans from completing the Whim. Whenever you fulfill a Whim, you’ll accumulate Satisfaction points for that sim. You can see how much Satisfaction a sim has accrued by opening the Aspiration tab (bottom-right corner) and looking above the name of the Aspiration.

What is Satisfaction good for? In a word, rewards. On the right side of the Aspiration window, you’ll see a pair of icons. Click the present icon to open the Rewards Store. Here, you can use the Satisfaction your sim has built up to purchase items and bonus Traits to further improve your sim. These rewards can be immensely beneficial, both in the short term and in the long, and the more Satisfaction you spend, the better the reward. Check them out below.

The Rewards Store in The Sims 4.

The Rewards Store in The Sims 4.


Instant Fun: 100 Satisfaction. Your sim’s Fun Need is instantly filled. Good if your sim has been in the dumps, or otherwise deprived of interesting activities. One-time item.

Instant Hygiene: 100 Satisfaction. Your sim’s Hygiene Need is instantly filled. Handy if the shower or bath is broken, or if you desperately need your sim to be shiny clean right now. One-time item.

Confident Potion: 200 Satisfaction. Your sim instantly becomes Confident, regardless of their previous emotional state. Good for sims that are off to work and looking for a promotion. One-time item.

Energized Potion: 200 Satisfaction. Your sim instantly becomes Energized, regardless of their previous emotional state. Handy if you want your sim to start working out and want a boost to their scores. One-time item.

Flirty Potion: 200 Satisfaction. Your sim instantly becomes Flirty, regardless of their previous emotional state. Very useful for building up romances with other sims, especially if you’re off on a date and don’t have time to lose. One-time item.

Focused Potion: 200 Satisfaction. Your sim instantly becomes Focused, regardless of their previous emotional state. Useful if you want a sim that’s ready to work hard. One-time item.

Happy Potion: 200 Satisfaction. Your sim instantly becomes Happy, regardless of their previous emotional state. Great if you’re looking to strike up a lot of friendships in a short period of time. One-time item.

Inspired Potion: 200 Satisfaction. Your sim instantly becomes Inspired, regardless of their previous emotional state. Looking to create a novel or a work of art in a short period of time? This is a good item for you. One-time item.

Sleep Replacement: 400 Satisfaction.Your sim’s Energy Need is instantly filled. Sims who have to pull an all-nighter will find these handy, though they’re a tad pricey for what they provide. One-time item.

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Always Welcome: 500 Satisfaction. Your sim will always be welcome when entering other homes, regardless of the owner’s friendship level with your sim. Good if you need a lot of friends, I suppose, though hanging out at social areas such as a park or gym is better for developing friendships anyway. Provides a permanent Trait.

Gym Rat: 500 Satisfaction. Your sim will accumulate Fun while working out, and their Hygiene will not suffer. Very handy if you have an Athletic sim. Provides a permanent Trait.

Moodlet Solver: 500 Satisfaction. Instantly removes all negative Moodlets - for example, being sore from working out - from your sim. If your sim is down in the dumps and under the effects of three or four negative Moodlets, this is a good (though expensive) way to quickly get them back on their feet. One-time item.

Speed Cleaner: 500 Satisfaction. Your sim cleans much more quickly. Combine this with a Tidy sim and your house will almost never be dirty. Very good for maintaining a high Environment score. Provides a permanent Trait.

Insta-Large: 750 Satisfaction. A sim who drinks this potion will immediately become chunky. Useful if you want to gain weight without wasting a lot of money on food and laziness. One-time item.

Insta-Lean: 750 Satisfaction. A sim who drinks this potion will immediately lose weight. Losing weight is more difficult than gaining weight in The Sims 4, so this is probably the more useful of these two potions. One-time item.

Mentor: 1,000 Satisfaction. Sims with this Trait can Mentor other sims while they’re trying to learn skills, allowing them to build up skill levels much more quickly. Quite handy - though your sim has to be at level 10 of a particular skill before they can start mentoring. Good if you’re working on children. Provides a permanent Trait.

Morning Sim: 1,000 Satisfaction. This sim will develop skills more quickly if they work on them in the morning. This skill is best preserved for sims that either work in the evening or don’t work at all, as you need your sim to be around during the early hours to get anything out of Morning Sim. Provides a permanent Trait.

Night Owl: 1,000 Satisfaction. The same as Morning Sim, though it applies to nighttime skill building. Probably the more useful of the two. Provides a permanent Trait.

Speed Reader: 1,000 Satisfaction. The sim gets through books much more quickly than the average sim. If you like to build skills through reading, Speed Reader is an invaluable choice. Provides a permanent Trait.

Free Services: 1,500 Satisfaction. The sim receives all single-use service requests - repairs, catering for social events, pizza delivery, maid services - for free. Quite good if your sims are Lazy, and don’t want to do anything on their own. Provides a permanent Trait.

Marketable: 1,500 Satisfaction. Items this sim crafts sell for more on average. This is an invaluable skill if your sim paints or sculpts for a living; sims that go to a normal job each day will find it a waste. Provides a permanent Trait.

A sim sitting down for dinner in The Sims 4.

A sim sitting down for dinner in The Sims 4.


Potion of Youth: 1,500 Satisfaction. Your sim is set back one age upon drinking this potion. Elders become Adults; Adults become Young Adults; Young Adults become Teens; Teens become Children. Handy if you fear the reaper. One-time item.

Creative Visionary: 2,000 Satisfaction. Your sim is especially creative and excels at crafting masterworks of writing and art. A sim that paints or writes books regularly should invest in this to maximize potential profits. Provides a permanent Trait.

Entrepreneurial: 2,000 Satisfaction. Your sim is great at their job, whatever it is, and are more likely to be promoted. I find this handy primarily if you like to change your sim’s job often, and have to keep climbing the ranks over and over. Also good for Ambitious sims that detest doing badly at their work.

Frugal: 2,000 Satisfaction. Lowers any bills that arrive at your household. Good near the beginning of the game, when bills can chew through your savings, but by the time you can afford Frugal your income will likely far outweigh the threat of bills. Meh. Provides a permanent Trait.

Independent: 2,000 Satisfaction. Your sim’s Social Need decays much more slowly. If your sim doesn’t have many social interactions but really thrives on conversation, this can help them get through the workweek with fewer bumps. It’s okay. Provides a permanent Trait.

Observant: 2,000 Satisfaction. Your sim can instantly identify the Traits of other sims simply by meeting them. This can save a lot of time normally spent having to get to know strange sims, and is quite handy when you want to develop a large network of friends but don’t want to waste any effort on incompatible sims. Provides a permanent Trait.

Shameless: 2,000 Satisfaction. Your sim will never become Embarrassed by their actions or the actions of others. Handy if your sim has a tendency to walk in on others when they’re trying to use the bathroom. Provides a permanent Trait.

Steel Bladder: 2,000 Satisfaction. Your sim can hold it in. If you have a house with a bunch of people and only one or two toilets, this isn’t a bad idea. Provides a permanent Trait.

Beguiling: 2,500 Satisfaction. Your sim is especially Flirty, and can quickly put other sims - even relative strangers - into the same mood. A great choice if you want a sim that can quickly build romantic relationships with a lot of people. (Tisk.) Provides a permanent Trait.

Antiseptic: 3,000 Satisfaction. Your sim is very clean, and their Hygiene bar will go down slower than normal. A good choice in general, as Hygiene decays no matter what your sim is doing. Provides a permanent Trait.

Carefree: 3,000 Satisfaction. Your sim always sees the bright side of life, and will never become Tense. This is quite handy for sims that have high-stress jobs or otherwise tend to get grumpy. Provides a permanent Trait.

Connections: 3,000 Satisfaction. Your sim knows people and will begin Careers at a higher-than-normal level. This is a fantastic choice for sims who switch between Aspirations. Provides a permanent Trait.

Fertile: 3,000 Satisfaction. Your sim is a baby-maker. The chances of conceiving while Woo Hooing rises, as does the chances of having twins or triplets. You fox. Provides a permanent Trait.

Great Kisser: 3,000 Satisfaction. Your sim will blow other sims away with their kissing, quickly raising their romantic relationship. Kissing will also improve the sim’s Charisma score. Great if your sim dabbles in relationships on a regular basis. Provides a permanent Trait.

Hardly Hungry: 4,000 Satisfaction. Your sim has to eat less often than normal. Useful for darn near any sim you’ll ever create, and it has the side benefit of less overall cleaning, as there will be fewer plates. Provides a permanent Trait.

Never Weary: 4,000 Satisfaction. Your sim no longer needs to sleep. Twenty-four hour productivity, here we come. Provides a permanent Trait.

Professional Slacker: 4,000 Satisfaction. Your sim will never be demoted at, or fired from, their job. Good if… your sim… is terrible... at their job…? Given the high price of admission, this reward really isn’t as good as it sounds. Your sims should strive to be good at what they do. Provides a permanent Trait.

Savant: 4,000 Satisfaction. Your sim builds skills more quickly than average, regardless of the skill. An awesome choice, regardless of your sim, and great for creating a jack-of-all-trades. Provides a permanent Trait.

Super Green Thumb: 4,000 Satisfaction. Your sim is an excellent gardener, and the plants they grow will last longer and bear more rewards overall. Only useful if you have garden, really. Provides a permanent Trait.


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