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"The Sims 4" Video Gaming Guide

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The Sims 4 is copyrighted by Electronic Arts Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.

The Sims 4 is copyrighted by Electronic Arts Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.

How to Play Video Games in Sims 4

Perhaps the most meta skill in The Sims 4, Video Gaming is just what it sounds like: the measure of your sim’s ability to play video games. It seems like a somewhat useless skill at first glance, but with some development, your sim can put it to very good use. It’s also one of the few skills that they’ll develop without your direct input, which is always a lovely little bonus.

Aspirations and Traits

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, sims seek out video games of their own accord. Put a computer in a house, and someone will run over and use it to play video games. Consequently, most of your sims will probably develop the Video Gaming skill to some point, especially if they don’t have jobs and need something else to do. That said, you can specialize a sim in Video Gaming, in which case the Knowledge— Computer Whiz Aspiration is probably your best bet. It will give your sim the Quick Learner Trait, which is useful for developing any skill and is heavily weighted towards the use of computers. Most gamer sims will use a computer for their gaming.

As usual, the Traits you’ll want to associate with Video Gaming are even less obvious:

  • Genius: Gamers will want to be Focused the majority of the time they’re playing a game, as it will develop the skill more quickly. Genius allows the Focused emotion to come up more often. Sims often become Focused while playing video games, a relative rarity among skills, so this is doubly handy.
  • Geek: The sim will be happier in general playing video games. I’m not positive, but Geek may also provide the Force Self option when your sim gets sick of playing video games, allowing for continued practice. (If not, please let me know in the comments.)
  • Bookworm: This isn’t directly applicable to Video Gaming, but sims who game seriously tend to fall on the technical side of things, particularly with the Computer Whiz Aspiration. Bookworm will allow your sim to make the most of their time spent reading.
  • Loner: Stereotypical, perhaps, but the less your sim wants to socialize, the better. When it comes to serious gaming in The Sims 4, distractions are just that. (Of course, you may run into some troubles with your career if your sim is a Loner. Just saying.)
A sim playing a video game on "The Sims 4." Just like real life, you actually CAN make money doing this ... though you really need to commit yourself.

A sim playing a video game on "The Sims 4." Just like real life, you actually CAN make money doing this ... though you really need to commit yourself.

Developing a Gamer

An obvious way to develop Video Gaming is to play video games. Sims can do this on a computer or, if you want to drop a lot of cash, on gaming mats. You can also order your sim to Watch a Gaming Livestream, but you’ll need a computer for that anyway, so, meh. Might as well just game. Your sim will receive the following options when developing their Video Gaming skill, most of which are new games for your sim to play:

  • Level 1: Play Blicblock, Sims Forever
  • Level 2: Discuss Game Strategy with other sims, Play Incredible Sports, MySims Go!
  • Level 3: Enter Novice Game Tournaments
  • Level 4: Nothing
  • Level 5: Research Advanced Game Strategy, Impress Other Sims with Video Game Prowess
  • Level 6: Enter Professional Game Tournaments
  • Level 7: Watch a Gaming Livestream on computers, Gossip with other sims about Video Game Pros, Play The R.E.F.U.G.E
  • Level 8: Make Fun of Noobs
  • Level 9: Play Road Rival Alpha, Maniac Matchums
  • Level 10: Play Hillock 2

Because sims tend to use gaming as a means of getting away from troubles—it’s Fun! —you don’t need to work that hard on the Video Gaming skill. Perform other, more intensive and unpleasant skills, then let the sim seek out entertainment after the fact. You only need to set your sim to gaming obsessively if you want them to hit the peak of their game as quickly as possible.

The Tech Guru career in "The Sims 4"

The Tech Guru career in "The Sims 4"

Making Money

There is, in fact, an obvious career path for gamers in The Sims 4, though it requires greater technical skills than you might originally pinpoint. If you look at the Tech Guru career, you’ll see that, with enough progression, your sim can become an eSport Gamer. You’ll need some exceptionally strong Knowledge-based skills to get through this, however (Programming and Logic are strong here), so expect your sim to spend a lot of time on their computer. (Which is, if they’re a gamer, already a given.)

The alternative is to enroll your gamer sim in Game Tournaments, both Novice and Professional. For a small entry fee ($50 for Novice, $100 for Professional), your sim can compete against other sims online for a cash prize. At its greatest, this prize can earn your sim well over $1,000 for a single tournament lasting several hours. Because the chances of winning a tournament are annoyingly slim, however—and because you can only participate in tournaments perhaps twice a day—they constitute supplementary income at best. Your sim shouldn’t quit their day job, in short.


‘Mastering’ Video Gaming is really not that big a thing, to be honest, as you only receive the capacity to play a bunch of different video games. More visually interesting, perhaps, but not that helpful. Mastering the Computer Whiz Aspiration is probably more helpful in the long run, as it will grant your sim the Webmaster Trait, allowing the sim to utilize their computers in new and interesting ways not available to lesser sims. Not the most useful skill, perhaps, but there you have it.

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Matt Bird (author) from Canada on September 14, 2014:

It means the sim can't reach the computer, for some reason. Another object must be blocking their path. If that isn't the case, go into Build Mode and move the computer / desk / chair around. Might be a minor glitch.