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"The Sims 4" Wish List: Career Options I'd Love to See

Kenzie needed a quick escape from real-life pressures, and found "The Sims 4." She now enjoys playing, writing, and YouTubing the game.

A Wishlist of Careers and Jobs I'd Like to See in Sims

If your Sims have any bad habits—like having a roof over their heads, a bed to sleep in, or eating once in a while—then they will probably need to get a job.

There are already a lot of options for Sims, but for me, careers and earning simoleons one of the most interesting and challenging aspects of the game. In role-playing a Sim, his or her career is an important part of life and character development. So I'm always in favor of more.

And, for the record, I am very much in favor of more careers being active so that you can control your Sim in doing his job.

Here are some types of jobs and/or career paths I would love to see The Sims 4 offer in the future.

Sims creators add new employment opportunities on occasion, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Sims creators add new employment opportunities on occasion, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Care Giver

Sims can hire a nanny, why can't our Sims become a nanny? Wouldn't it be great if there were an agency that would dispatch your Sim to different houses to work as care givers? Not just child care—elderly care as well.

Since all the interactions between Sims of different ages are already part of the game, and all the menial household tasks, like meal preparation or cleaning, are already possible, this career would be quite easy to add.

Occult Specialist

The Sims 4 already has vampires, ghosts, aliens and, with the most recent expansion pack, mermaids. Why shouldn't there be careers involved in hunting or helping these supernatural beings?

I'd love playing a Vampire hunter, or perhaps someone who helps good vampires by hiding them or curing them. Wouldn't it be cool to be a ghost whisperer, or scientists searching for UFOs and mermaids?


One of my Sims married a paparazzi NPC (non-player character), and as soon as he moved in with her, he lost his job! I set him in a career as a photojournalist, but I just don't understand why taking photos of celebrities and selling them was not a career option anymore.

Photography for me is one of the most enjoyable skills in the game, it's too bad that photographer isn't a career on its own. It should be.Sims could choose between different career paths such as portrait specialists, fine art photographers or maybe even become a paparazzi who sells celebrity photos to publications and websites.

Some New Jobs Should Be Easy to Add: The skills and equipment are already part of the game.

Some New Jobs Should Be Easy to Add: The skills and equipment are already part of the game.


Decorating homes, inside and out, can really get your creative juices flowing. Currently, you can go into manage worlds and use the build mode to change or decorate just about any house or business in The Sims 4 universe to suit your personal game. Wouldn't it be great, though, if your Sim could get paid for doing it?

Your Sim might choose a career path as an interior decorator and get sent by an agency to other homes to redo a room. Alternatively, your Sim might choose a career path as a landscape artist. An agency might send him someplace to redo a yard or garden, or perhaps to beautify a city park.


Teaching is one of the most important jobs anyone could choose, and unfortunately Sims don't have the option. Career paths could include grade school teachers, who teach a general, well-rounded education, and high school teachers, who specialize in subjects like math, science, history or even gym.

Teaching would make a terrific active career option, allowing the player to follow their Sim to work and help them do their daily tasks.

Being able to follow teachers, or kids, to school would be awesome.

Being able to follow teachers, or kids, to school would be awesome.

Event Planner

My Sims are always throwing parties because I love the challenge. Weddings are especially fun for me; I love to plan out elaborate weddings for my Sims. It would be great if a Sim could do this for a living.

Perhaps career paths might be divided into party planner and wedding planner. Couples could hire you and your Sim might be responsible for planning a menu, hiring the caterer, mixologist and entertainer, ordering decorations or flowers, choosing and decorating the venue and other activities like that.

More Retail Options

With the Get to Work expansion pack, Sims were able to run their own retail shops where they can put anything on sale—baked goods, fruit, toys, electronics, or even their own personal artwork. Unfortunately, running a shop that provides services is not a very well fleshed out option.

With the Dining Out expansion pack, you can own a restaurant, and with the Cats & Dogs expansion pack, you can own and operate a veterinary clinic. That's where the end of the option, though.

I'd really love to be able to run a salon, a spa, or even a bed and breakfast. I'm sure there are people who would love it if their Sims could run a repair shop or an animal grooming parlor. Maybe some Sims could offer dance or yoga lessons. Considering the Laundry Day Stuff and Movie Hangout Stuff packs, why not let Sims run a laundromat or movie theater? The sky is the limit.


Sims got a taste of archaeology with the Jungle Adventure game pack, but I think archaeology has the potential to be more than just a hobby. Dig sites could become an option in the various neighborhoods, allowing the full-time archaeologist to dig up artifacts and research different cultures. Occasionally they might stumble upon a cave with hidden treasures, such as ancient works of art or ruins of extinct civilizations. How cool would that be?

Some skills would make great jobs. Sims could have even more really exciting employment options.

Some skills would make great jobs. Sims could have even more really exciting employment options.

Bowling Professionals

The Bowling Night stuff pack gave your Sims everything they needed to build a bowling alley. Unfortunately, they can't run one. I say it's about time for that to happen.

Alternatively, Sims should be able to go pro and make a living from tournaments.

Town Folk Jobs

Your Sims town has a library, a museum, and postal workers show up every day delivering bills and packages. Why shouldn't your Sim be able to join these 'average Joe' types of careers? NPCs do these jobs every day, after all. Would it be so hard for the programmers to send your player Sims off to do this kind of work? I think not.

What Do You Say?

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You Tell Me: What Career Would You Love to See in "The Sims 4"?

Saga on November 18, 2019:

Professions such as student counsellor, speech & language pathologist, nurse (as an own branch), food engineering, biomedical science, psychologist, social worker, architect, criminologist, perfusionist, chemicist, economist, fire fighter, teacher, care giver, city planner, physicist, matematician, biologist, administrator, journalist, photographer, artist, musician, computer engineer, mechanical engineer, chemical engineer, chef and construction worker. My idea of it is that the professions would become more informing of what is to come. Young players might want to know their career opportunities in a playful way! Some professions may be based on having a degree while others only need a work introduction :)