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"The Sims": Was Mortimer Goth a Murderer?


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Anyone who's played the Sims franchise knows the Goths.

In the original game The Sims, they were your neighbors. They came to your house, crashed your parties, broke your toilet, and they were so weird.

Based in part on The Addams Family characters, they only got weirder as time went on. The Sims 2 featured the Goths at their finest because it is the game that first shrouded them in mystery rather than weirdness. Since then, the Goths have been surrounded by odd deaths, ghosts, aliens, and a lot of weird fan theories.

This has been my theory for years: Mortimer Goth is a murderer.

Let's examine the evidence, shall we?

His Parents Died Mysteriously


The Sims 3 takes place at the beginning of the franchise's timeline, when Mortimer is a child living with his parents. When the player first loads the Goth house, Gunther and Cornelia Goth are in the middle of a bitterly unhappy marriage. They are both very cold to each other, and anyone who plays the house long enough will soon deduce why:

Gunther's first wife keeps rising from her grave at night and flirting with Gunther in front of Cornelia.

It has long been a fan theory that Lolita Goth, a young girl who died on the property, was actually Gunther Goth's first wife. She doesn't appear on his family tree and her ghost flirts with him constantly. There are also flowers on her grave (supposedly left by Gunther), which makes it unique among the Goth graveyard.

Lolita is the type of ghost to have died of electricity. Meanwhile, there are no electric items in the house, as if it were no longer allowed after her death. She also has the "Childish" trait, so one could just imagine her happily sticking a fork in a toaster.

Gunther appears to still be in love with his dead wife, a fact which has soured his current wife's affections. Now he and Cornelia live a frosty sort of existence, only staying together because they both love Mortimer.

As a side note, you can see why her name would be Lolita. She is eternally young and childish, while Gunther is now a grown man and still in love with her, this girl who is too young for him. She flirts with him, and while it makes him (and everyone else) dismally uncomfortable, he still likes it.

Imagine growing up in a house like that. In The Sims 3, Child-Mortimer had the "Gloomy" trait like his mother, meaning he was depressed.

Gunther and Cornelia are so cold, it makes sense that Mortimer would look for fun and passion in red-wearing Bella Goth, a little girl who lives down the street from his mansion on the hill.

Fast forward along the timeline to The Sims 2, and Mortimer's parents are both dead, having died in separate fires. Their deaths meant that Mortimer inherited their wealth a lot quicker, eventually becoming the richest sim in Pleasantview.

This is suspicious enough that real-life police would investigate.

His Wife Famously Disappeared


In The Sims 2, Mortimer Goth is now an evil mad scientist raising his two children, Cassandra and Alex, alone. His wife, Bella, has been abducted by aliens and his memory of it is a happy one.

I believe Bella's abduction was orchestrated by Dina and Nina Caliente, and Don Lothario, who all wanted the Goth fortune for themselves. Mortimer was most certainly a part of it, but his motivations were different.

In each game, Bella Goth is a Family Sim, meaning that she wants lots of children and a big family. I believe Mortimer got a taste of fatherhood and didn't like it. After his second child, Alexander, was born, Bella was probably planning on six more kids. Mortimer realized he'd be getting a smaller part of the pie he killed his parents for, and so he got rid of Bella.

The Plot Thickens

Don Lothario, meanwhile, is a Don Juan living in the same neighborhood, who is struggling to make ends meet. A slice of the Goth fortune would save his life. The only thing standing in his way is Bella, who would never let him marry her daughter, Cassandra.

Don then lures Bella to his house, intent on wooing her instead. When that fails, he summons his alien pals, and they abduct Bella from his patio.

Why does Don have alien pals? Because he is the lover of Dina and Nina Caliente, who are of alien descent and probably have alien contacts who are willing to help them split up the Goth family. Keep in mind that aliens in The Sims 2 only abduct people who are highly intelligent (high logic score) and also have money.

When looking at Nina and Dina in this light, it makes sense that they would go after Mortimer: he is both wealthy and intelligent, given that he is a mad scientist. Like their alien friends back home, they are probably intent on pollinating with him to preserve their race. Ironic, considering Mortimer was likely trying to avoid having more children.

Mortimer has the hots for Nina Caliente in particular, though it is Dina who is trying to marry him. This makes him a rival for Nina's heart, as Don Lothario is shown to prefer Nina over Dina.

The Ultimate Fate of Bella Goth


The third game provided some in-game clues as well, such as the book Murder in Pleasantview, written by Alexander Goth, who hasn't even been born yet on the timeline. It kind of makes sense, in a way. This is a world in which time travel exists. Your sim can build a time machine, and Don Lothario only appears in The Sims 3 because he was tricked into stepping on a time device.

In fact, it's my belief that Alexander Goth actually did time travel to the past and leave his tell-all book in a desperate attempt to save his mother from murder. This is the reason why the player is then allowed to play Bella and Mortimer out normally, without Bella being abducted by aliens and disappearing.

It's also interesting to note that Bella's brother, Micheal Bachelor, died of old age while married to Dina Caliente. I suppose once she burned through his fortune, she moved on to his sister's family.

As for what happened to Bella, it's my belief that she was abducted by aliens who wanted to use her as their new queen. The aliens are shown to have a beehive type of society in The Sims 2, and their reason for abducting people is to preserve their race.

The aliens might have decided to use Bella Goth to pollinate because they found her so appealing. There are hints of this in The Sims 3: Ambitions. If you build a time machine and go forward in time, you will discover an alien planet where "Bella Goth" is being worshiped as a queen.

It's my belief that Bella Goth was cloned and her clones were sent to pollinate different worlds. One such clone appeared in The Sims 2, in Strangetown (one of my personal favorite neighborhoods) where a sim named "Bella Goth" can be seen walking around. This "Bella" is completely different from the Bella that was abducted and exists hidden in the game files, proving it's not really her. There is also a crashed alien ship in the neighborhood, implying that the fake Bella might have been a survivor.

Yet another Bella can be found in The Sims 3, in Lunar Lakes, though she is dead.

It is possible the Bella in Lunar Lakes was also a clone that was sent to the planet to be the "queen" and populate it. Years into the future, the aliens who lived there with the Bella clone are all gone, and some sims crash there and build a colony that becomes Lunar Lakes.

This means that, for all we know, the real Bella Goth lived it up as a queen on Sixam, the alien homeworld, and died happy and rich, with all the damn kids she could ever want.

Take that, Mortimer!

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