10 Reasons Why You Should Buy The Universim

Updated on December 9, 2017
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A Planet in the Game.

A planet in The Universim.
A planet in The Universim. | Source

Ever Wondered What You Could Do in a Planetary God Game?

Have you ever wondered what you can do as God? Well, I'll answer that for you. You can create mountains, terraform planets, create valleys and cliffs, and shape the very foundation of the planet. That's what Creation is. It's a natural balance of skill and gameplay.

What is the Universim?

The Universim is a game under development by Crytivo games. It is the latest game to ever be tested by developers, so it is a real delight. In a world where you have no control over the weather and you have to choose the Nugget's DNA enhancements and build essential buildings for those Nuggets to sustain a civilization, there's major challenges to overcome, such as injury, weather, dust storms, infection starvation, dehydration, and death.

The Universim Release Date: No Release Date Right Now

Check out the Universim through The Universim Website

My Experience Playing This Game.

When I first tried out the Universim, I was awestruck at how immersive the experience was. Of course, I bought the $100 package, which means that I get the soundtrack, plus I have the honor of immortalizing myself in the credits. You could hear the sounds of nature. You could smell the Nugget's awesome might, and you could truly shape the landscape around you. When I tried the Universim out, they were in 0.0.19, so unfortunately, the game was pretty buggy at the time. Still, it offered the best possible experience.

It was like playing a planetary God game, where you were playing God. I was awestruck by this game from the very start. What brought me to this game was another recommended game on Steam. I loved playing wit my nuggets, but every time my nugget civilization fails, I quit the game because that's how I am when I'm about to lose the game.

Update: As of now, my civilization has crumbled. After building to a population of 31 on normal mode, my civilization crumbled. I tried playing in Creator mode, but after reaching a population of 24, my civilization collapsed.

Update 2: There's new buildings, the Stone Mine and the Lumber Mine. Also, the water pump got some extra oomph on the packaging, as least, that's what I had when I played the game for the first time since Mid-November

Three Crosses next to each other.
Three Crosses next to each other. | Source

Ten Reasons Why You Should Buy The Universim

1. The Universim is Like no Other God Game in History

Forget Civilization VI and Spore, this game will captivate you from the very beginning. This game blends city management with God-like tools to create a very big, dynamic, and fun gameplay experience. It is sure to make your game experience more interesting like building materials and upgrading buildings and even playing match-maker with those Nuggets. The two very basic necessities in life, water and food, come into play in this game. It is some of the most unnatural natural experiences you might encounter. This game is a global God game, meaning it's a God game on a planetary scale.

Jesus in a Cross
Jesus in a Cross | Source

2. The Starter Price is Somewhat Cheap if you Want to Test the Game out

The Universim's website offers a starter price. For $40.00, you can get three things, the Alpha, the Beta, and the Full Version. There are four different varieties of the same game. Some have more features than the others. The $100 package, the one which I purchased, includes soundtrack, a guide, and famous buildings.

The $250 package includes all that, plus the honor of naming a planet and a certificate, plus you get to name a citizen. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough money to make that $250 purchase, so I made the $100 purchase instead. Right now, they are in the alpha stage. If you're looking to test this game out, then I suggest you purchase the alpha. If you want to wait until they release the beta, then I suggest waiting at least until mid 2018.

3. You'll get the Honor to try the Planetary God Game Before It's Released.

Like I stated before, this game is still in Alpha. If you want to participate in the forums, then go to the Universim Forums and register. You could be part of the creative team, reporting bugs, problems, and providing feedback within the game.

You could also participate in the forums by chatting with fellow members and discussing the game.

4. There are Biomes in the Game

In the game, you get to choose which area to plant your civilization in. You have desert, forest, grassland, mountain, tundra, and even arctic biomes if you are unlucky enough to ever encounter one. I have played in only two biomes, and they've got their own share of challenges for the user to play in.

If you have a Farm, and you place it in a certain Biome, then you must plant according to the biome. Planting in an unsupported biome will cost you twice as much water.

A Farm on a field. Notice the split field?
A Farm on a field. Notice the split field? | Source

5. You've got Marriage, Children and Careers in the Game

Basically, your Nuggets can find themselves in a marriage situation and have babies. If you choose the Divine Punishment trait for your Nuggets, about half of the time, they'll have twins. This is very similar to how the sims get twins in The Sims 1-4. Double the trouble means double the population. I got to a population of 18 twice before my Nuggets began to die a slow death.

When you build a career-specific building, such as an Engineering Hut, you assign one or two of you nuggets to a job, depending on what kind of career-specific building you build.

6. The Developers are Always Working on the Game.

There is a myriad of programmers, simulation experts, climate model experts and everyone else, including autistics, that is always keeping up with the game. As I mentioned, the game might be in alpha, but as of the latest update (last I checked, it was version 0.0.22), this game has potential. The potential is there for the game to be a success or a failure. It's entirely up to the developers and the people in the forums.

If you decide to become a member of the over 37,000 backers available throughout the game and the millions of users playing the game, you are essentially part of the development team. You get to decide which aspects of the game you want. Basically, you are in the driver's seat.

7. You Get to Mess Around With Your god Abilities...for a Price

Just like any God game, this game has many aspects of a God game, like creating a tornado, creating a massive earthquake, destroying your Nuggets' houses with your awesome God abilities, and even enlisting fear or peace with your nuggets. However, these powers come at a price. You now have creator points. They behave the same way as currency, only you gain points by showing your awesome might at the right time.

Be careful, though, because when you show your awesome Godly powers, some of those points go down. Luckily, they replenish themselves as soon as you're finished. As of the recent update, you get to use 4 main powers; wrath, influence, protection, and creation. Currently, there are no creation powers yet. I believe as soon as either v0.0.22 or 0.0.23 comes up, the developers will find a power of creation.

8. Buildings, buildings, and more buildings.

First, you have the stone hut. That's the Nugget's home. The, you have the water pump. Place it in a lake or an ocean, and it gives them access to water. Here's the part that gets tricky. An eatery is alright if you want your Nuggets to eat, but beware, as they only have a limited supply of food and require water to function.

Next is the well. Place the well near the water pump for easy access to clean water. Otherwise, they're going to have to drink out of the ocean, and that's not good for their stomachs. Next is the water tower. Any excess water should be stored there It's a good Idea to put water towers near neutral climates, such as grassland or forest. I recommend 5 full towers, just for good measure.

Then, there's schools, engineering huts, entertainment places, the warehouse, and the Stone and Lumber refineries. Farms help with food production. There are many more buildings which serve a purpose, but we'll just focus on those buildings. Most of these buildings require water to function. No water means that the buildings can't function.

The two most important buildings you need are the Bunker and the Forecast Tower. They can predict what weather is coming and when. They even give you a reading in either Celsius or Fahrenheit, and can even determine what season and length of the season they are in. If bad weather is on the way, sound the alarm, and the Nuggets will go back to their homes or bunker. Sometimes, though, a stray Nugget will not get out of the weather and will die. It's the same with snowstorms and rainstorms.

Stone, another building block of the game. In the Stone Age, the Nuggets build using only their tools.
Stone, another building block of the game. In the Stone Age, the Nuggets build using only their tools.

9. Building Materials Galore.

There are two kinds of building materials you always need; wood and stone. Those building materials are important in creating your buildings. Stone comes from marble. If they have more strength, then they can lift heavier things, therefore building faster. Some buildings require a lot of material, so they search for the building materials and, with collaboration from other Nuggets, build the buildings. You need two refineries to start upgrading buildings; the Stone and the Wood refineries. That's when the fun really commences.

I heard news that as of the next update, there's going to be Medieval buildings, so, if you are testing the game, then this is for you.

This is wood, the basic building necessity of the game.
This is wood, the basic building necessity of the game.

10. Mouse Interaction, Managing the Dead, and Research

The moment you've all been waiting for is here. You can now interact with the world around you. You can drop stone from a faraway place and drop it near a Nugget to surround your area with more stone and more building Materials to build. All you have to do is click telekinesis under the influence option, and control-double click on an object.

You can torture one or more Nuggets by dragging the male/female subject(s) and dropping them anywhere you'd like. This is also useful for dead, infected nuggets. Just grab the infected Nugget and throw him/her in the water. If you have a graveyard, you don't have to do that. Just assign a Nugget to the graveyard, and he/she will pick up the bodies. You can also move them from a dangerous area and get them to a safer area. Just left-click if you have a 3-button mouse on an item. There are buildings that specialize in managing the dead, such as the Cemetery.

Then there's research. As previously stated, you can decide what traits your Nuggets can have. The yellow ones are the most common traits for Nuggets They offer mutation and building perks. The Green ones are an enhanced version of the traits and are typically rarer than the yellow ones. They offer extra protection. The Purple ones are the rarest of the rare. They offer the best enhancements, like nugget hunger needs reduced by 20%. Be careful, though. You have to wait a very long time for the purple traits to take effect, but you gain something far greater, a supercharged mutation trait or building enhancement There's also the blue icons. Those are buildings that can be unlocked.

Nuggets around a hut.
Nuggets around a hut. | Source

Final Points on the Game

I think this game is

  1. An addictive God-game that'll enlighten you from the beginning and will force you to invest hours in the game.
  2. Going to challenge you to create a decent Nugget civilization
  3. Going to test your management skills. Water and food are needed for Nuggets to survive.
  4. Going to Test your building skills. Basic building materials like stone and wood are needed.
  5. Going to test your weather predicting skills. Get a Forecast Tower and some bunkers as soon as possible. You might never know whether a windstorm is going to ruin your civilization.

Another Person on Youtube Playing The Universim.

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      Erick Hernandez 4 weeks ago from Maintaining The Ivan Brand in Total Nonstop Ivan

      There are 4 packages, the $40, $60, $100, and the $250 ones. Those will be converted to either British pounds or euros depending on where you live.

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      Bev 4 weeks ago from Wales

      I bet my daughter would love this game. I'm going to ask her about it.