The Sims 3: Starting a Daycare

Updated on January 27, 2017


Note: This profession is only available when you have the “Ambitions” expansion.

Off all the professions that you can choose from within the game, starting a daycare is the most intensive profession. From the moment the children show up until the moment that they are picked up by their parents you will be fully occupied with taking care of them. The advantage is that the 4 days of hard work is followed by a 3-day weekend.

Daycare Profession

How to start a daycare?
There are two options to start a daycare: via the newspaper (free) or the computer (if you can afford one). The newspaper offers 3 choices per day and the computer offers 5 choices per day. It can very well be that the daycare profession does not appear until the 3rd or the 4th day. This will give you time to prepare yourself and your house before the children arrive.

What personality traits are needed?
When you know in advance that you will be choosing the daycare profession, it is a good idea to create your Sims personality traits and characteristics that will fit the daycare profession:

Familly-oriented: This trait makes your Sim want to have a big family himself and therefore loves kids.

Nurturing: Nurturing Sims like to take care of children (and animals). This makes them feel positive and happy about their profession.

Childish: The childish trait ensures that your Sim knows what children like and how they feel. The children in the daycare will therefore like your Sim more quickly.

Charisma: Being a charismatic Sim, aldults and children will be more impressed with what you say and will listen to you and cooperate more easily.

Preparing for the first day
Before you can start your first day of work, you need to prepare the house and make sure you have the proper “equipment” to keep the children (and later teenagers) busy.

  • Building blocks (most favorite toy)
  • Toy chest (second favorite toy)
  • Xylofone (kids love playing it, but don’t like to hear when others play it)
  • A daycare room placed near the front door: this because the parents will come in the front door and place the children on the floor and walk outside again. Also make sure that the daycare has plenty of room for 3-6 children to crawl around in.

In order to obtain a promotion you need to fulfill the following tasks :

  • Take care of the children: the better the results (the happier they are at the end of the day) the quicker a promotion follows.
  • Become friends with the children: Here it is the same, the happier the children are the faster they will become friends with you.
  • Solving emergencies: It will happen from time to time that parents will contact you by phone and ask you to take care of their child on a weekend day or you receive a message that one (or more) of the children will be picked up a bit later.

Because the daycare profession is quite intensive, it only has 5 promotion levels, whereas the other jobs and professions all have 10 levels. With every level you will be taking care of 1 more child and you will start with 2 children. The working hours are the same for every level: from 9am until 7pm.

Level 1

title: Amateur Babysitter

Income: 100 Simoleons p/week

Details: Get a new uniform

Level 2

Title: Cool Caretaker

Income: 200 Simoleons p/week

Details: Babysit 3 children / get a new uniform

Level 3

Title: Dynamic Daycare

Income: 300 Simoleons p/week

Details: Babysit 4 children / get a new uniform / interaction: “tell story”

Level 4

Title: Babysitter Extraordinaire

Income: 400 Simoleons p/week

Details: Babysit 4 children and 1 teenager / new uniform / interaction “go play” and “ do homework”

Level 5

Title: Daycare Specialist

Income: 500 Simoleons p/week

Details: Babysit 4 children and 2 teenagers / new uniform / get a daycare mini-van

  • When you get to promotion level 3, you will receive a unique interaction option of “tell story”. This interaction is very useful as using it (click on your Sim) brings all children to you and listen to your story. At the same time it will increase the childrens motives and make them happy.
  • With promotion to level 4, the interactions “go play” and “do homework” appear. You may need these interactions as you will also get teenager(s) that come to you around 3pm and you need to take care that they finish their homework before they go home.

Daycare income and bonuses
As you can already see in the promotion table, the weekly income is quite low. But luckily, this is not the only payment you will receive for all your hard work. The happier the children are at the end of the day, the higher the parents will tip you, which is somewhere between 60 and 120 Simoleons per child per day and this increases with each promotion levels. Also you will be paid extra when a child stays longer on certain days or when you babysit one of the children on a weekend day. Also parents will send you a gift in the mail occasionally, you can keep it but often you can sell it for a lot of Simoleons. In the end you could make an easy 300 – 600 Simoleons per day.


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