Things to Build in Minecraft PC Edition

Updated on January 15, 2015

Awesome things to build in minecraft

Looking for cool things to build in Minecraft? Do you have the PC version installed? Then use these examples to help you get crafting. Sometimes we all need ideas and help to get us started on great projects! Taking inspiration from everyday objects as well as all forms of media, the following awesome Minecraft building ideas are grouped into categories for ease of reference.

You’ll probably want to start off ideas from this minecraft building guide on a creative server, however for the ultimate challenge try this on a survival server. You may find though that griefing from other players will hinder you too much. Alternatively a private server would allow you and a team of friends to work together to complete these fun things to build in Minecraft.

Real World Things to Build in Minecraft

A quick word on Minecraft cakes as a building idea. If you’ve ever had a Minecraft themed party and you had a cake made for you, try to recreate it in Minecraft so you can keep a memory of this special treat.

  • Craft a Lifelike Build of Your Car or Favorite Transport
  • Fabricate a true representation of Your House
  • Minecraft Cakes – LARGE!
  • Craft Your Girlfriend or Boyfriends Face
  • Favorite Food or Food Type i.e. Massive Lobster made from Redstone!
  • Assemble you real-life favorite drink type
  • Space Shuttle USS Challenger
  • Skyscraper
  • An international Space Station in Full Orbit
  • A Suspension Bridge
  • Hot Air Balloon
  • Try and build your favorite tattoo
  • Your favorite art work
  • A giant pencil
  • A huge tree
  • A musical note version of your favorite song
  • Your greatest currency note of your home country
  • Your favorite holiday location
  • The Perfect Postcard - Pixelart is probably the best solution for this

Remember not too include any data that can be used to create identity theft. If you're going to show off your finished minecraft project on the Internet (and who wouldn't want to do this) then ensure you protect your privacy. Exclude names and addresses as well as bank details and telephone numbers for example.

The Cool King Kong and Godzilla Fight

A truly amazing and awesome minecraft build!
A truly amazing and awesome minecraft build!

Media Inspired Fun Things to Build In Minecraft

Using other media forms as inspiration for cool things to build in Minecraft will provide you with endless ideas. Every minecraft payer has a favorite film or character with which they have an association. Below you’ll find a list of inspirational ideas of cool things to build when you are playing the game of Minecraft.

  • The Perfect Beach Resort
  • Create your Favorite Artist Album Cover
  • A Film Actor or Character such as Iron Man, Superman, or Ant Man for example
  • Build a Capital City from your preferred TV Show or Film or even real life
  • Favorite Space Vehicle from any form of media – TV, Radio, Internet, Magazine, Film etc
  • Create a virtual representation of your much beloved bedroom!
  • A Galleon
  • A Galleon from a Feature Film – Like Jack Sparrow’s Black Pearl
  • Lord of the Rings film or book inspirations - Minis Tirith
  • The Hobbit film or book inspirations
  • Your favorite film or TV poster
  • A dedication to a star YouTube performer or presenter
  • Create a full cover of a famous book that is popular in the mainstream

As these objects, images, people, and places are in the public realm will will be able to find endless media format ideas to help get your project off the ground!

Professional Tip

Make sure you have enough blocks to build your Minecraft Idea. It’s worth writing down what you think you’ll need before you start. You can always install the TooManyItems Mod as this will give you an endless supply if items and blocks.

Could you Build the Ender Dragon in Minecraft?

This is an interesting object to build as it is a newish Mob in Minecraft
This is an interesting object to build as it is a newish Mob in Minecraft

Minecraft Inspired Building Ideas

Within the endless sandbox gaming environment that is Minecraft you can also look within the game for motivational building ideas.

  • An Underwater Base with a Submarine
  • A Contraption that Shoots Dynamite
  • A Unique Mob or XP Grinder
  • A Dungeon Style Arena
  • A fully working showcase Minecraft mine – complete with fully automated redstone rail system and ticket office
  • Erect a Favorite gigantic Minecraft Mob – passive, neutral or hostile
  • Build your chosen minecraft food source
  • A giant fully automated farm that works itself
  • A working theme park complete with rides and attractions – this would work on an economy server as you could make money from all your hard work.
  • Sky jump tower – as high as possible!
  • An elevator to the edge of space
  • How about trying to build an Iron Golem Farm
  • A complete isolated floating biosphere (complete with mini version of bio-domes) and complete with animals!
  • How about building your favorite minecraft skin!
  • A house made from diamonds, emeralds, gold or iron
  • Cobblestone generator
  • Cobblestone castle
  • A giant goldfish bowl complete with squids
  • A giant soccer ball
  • A giant flag of your home nations made from sheep wool
  • A functioning Zoo with cages and every Animal from Minecraft!

As you can see from the above Minecraft building ideas the things that can be built in the PC version of this game is practically endless. Discovering things to build in Minecraft is only limited by your imagination. By installing a mod such as TooManyItems you can build away without having to spend time searching for blocks or materials to build with.

10 Things to Build in Minecraft When Bored

How to Build and Use Your Time Effectively

Some players such as RPG’ers probably consider this cheating, however to acquire materials through mining, farming, or harvesting would take many hours before any great ideas could be built. Indeed so much time would be spent in acquiring resources there wouldn’t be enough hours in the day to start your building project.

You need to ensure though that the minecraft server you’re planning to build on is OK with you running the TooManyItems mod. One way to circumvent this of course is to start the game in single payer and then build from there. You can then use in-game screenshots and create video using FPS to show off your finished project.

Once you have you media from your finished project you can upload to YouTube, tumblr, your personal blog, or other Minecraft forums.

If you have any additional ideas or want to share your project please use the comments section below.

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