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Tips and Tricks for Making a Successful MMORPG in ”MMORPG Tycoon 2”

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"MMORPG Tycoon 2" official logo.

"MMORPG Tycoon 2" official logo.

What Is “MMORPG Tycoon”?

MMORPG Tycoon 2 is a business simulator developed by VectorStorm Pty Ltd where you create your own MMORPG and try to run a successful game. You can choose to charge a monthly subscription fee or have a free-to-play model and earn money from microtransactions in the game. The game is currently in early access and doesn't have all the features implemented into the game yet.

In this article, I’m going to give some tips that don’t show up in the other excellent guides for how to get started in this game.

So you’ve just bought the game MMORPG Tycoon 2. Maybe you saw a popular YouTuber make a funny video exploiting their subscribers. Maybe you saw the Steam page and it looked fun, so you’ve bought the game. Here are some tips and tricks to make a successful MMORPG in the game. This is not the best advice you’ll ever read, but these are things I’ve done to have a very stable MMORPG in my game.

Play Through the Tutorial

When I started playing the game, I played the tutorial. It was pretty easy to understand the instructions. While the game doesn’t explain everything, it’s very easy to understand most of the basics of how to get your game running, so make sure to play through the tutorial when you start the game.

Getting the Basics Set Up

This is always in a beginner's guide because it doesn’t cost a lot of in-game money to put down two NPC enemy spawn zones for your players to go fight. You can always add more later once you get more money.

Here are the buildings you want to put in first.

  • A potion shop for players to buy potions. The place I see recommended is right near the respawn point.
  • A blacksmith shop for players to buy weapons.
  • A tavern for them to socialize in.
  • A pair of inns away from roads so players can walk into them to log out.

As your subscriber count grows, you’ll need to add more inns, so don’t add too many enemy spawn points unless you don’t mind buying another region for another level 1 starting point.

You can make as many region levels as you want, but you have to pay for all the server costs to keep them running, so don’t go too crazy until you’re rolling in a lot of money.

Place landmarks in every level. Players are drawn towards the landmarks in the distance.

I have Flight Ravens that can carry players to the next level if they don’t want to walk everywhere. It can either cost them real money or in-game gold.

MMORPG Tycoon 2 Greenlight Trailer

My customized NPC Artoria Pendragon for my MMORPG "Arthurian Online" and my love of the "Fate" franchise is showing.

My customized NPC Artoria Pendragon for my MMORPG "Arthurian Online" and my love of the "Fate" franchise is showing.

Tips for Setting Up Your Network

When you set up your Network, use two uplinks to start your first level. Then you can add servers, capacitors, and wide-area networks later. Keep an eye on your server capacity. As your game becomes more popular, you’ll have to buy more servers so more people can log on.

Uplinks provide bandwidth to your server, so you want at least two per level. You can use them to connect to servers and connect cables to provide bandwidth to areas of your level.

Capacitors take unused bandwidth and provide to other places that have a shortage. I still haven’t figured out how to use these.

Wide Area Networks provide bandwidth over a wide area, but they need a constant stream of bandwidth to keep them running.

Servers provide more login capacity. You’ll want to add servers as your game becomes more popular.

Fiber provides bandwidth to other areas quickly, but they don't provide bandwidth to the areas around it. It’s good for linking servers to uplinks or being used with capacitors.

Cable provides bandwidth at a steady pace to the areas around it; it’s good for creating enemy spawn areas or bandwidth for your player hub area.

Add servers depending on how many players are in each level so your servers don’t become overloaded as people log into the game.

You might have to add uplinks depending on how much is going on in your level and the amount of login traffic the level you’re working on is receiving. The first two levels will always have a higher amount of traffic, but you can add what you need as you go.

Tips to Make the Game Easier for You to Manage

I’ve played this game for almost 100 hours and I’ve restarted my games three times. I’ve discovered some interesting things that I’ve used to make my MMORPG game easier for me to get subscribers and get more sales.

Here are some things I’ve done to make my game easier.

  • Set service to crowded from the start on all the enemy spawn zones that you make (setting it to crowded from the start means you never have to change it once players start leveling up and you have hundreds of thousands of subscribers).
  • Place an NPC down in the enemy zones to help players that keep dying.
  • Wait until there are 100 leveled players before opening up a new level. Not that you can’t design your level while waiting, just don’t put down a path or a Raven Flight path until you’re done with your level.
  • Save the decorations until you have a lot of money. While it’s super tempting to make your levels pretty right away, you can easily spend way too much decorating. Most YouTubers making exploits that involve spamming decorations or buildings to get to higher release levels are usually in Sandbox mode. In the normal mode, you can’t just spam decorations and buildings. When you are not in Sandbox mode, you have to keep track of your budget.

Keep Track of Your In-Game Budget

Keep track of your money. Unless you’re in Sandbox mode, you’ll run out of money if you try to expand too fast. Fortunately, as you get more money, you can add extra quests in your levels. You can make that perfect level you wanted but couldn’t due to not having enough money. There are other things you can do once you get a lot of subscribers and their subscription fees.

Here’s my best advice for using in-game advertising:

The advertisement campaigns are the following:

  • Website advertisement campaign: $7,000
  • Magazine advertisement campaign: $3,000
  • Free game vouchers: $3,500
  • Game exposition campaign: $21,000

Just do the Web Advertisement campaign for $7,000 for 11 months straight. Then if you have at least $33,500 you don’t mind spending, do the website campaign, the magazine campaign, the game exposition, and the free voucher campaign for your big one-year anniversary. Do not use the Game Exposition advertising campaign often because it costs $21,000 per campaign. I did this and got a big influx of subscribers for my one-year anniversary.

vikrant.doma's Gondor Attempt in the game.

vikrant.doma's Gondor Attempt in the game.

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Keep Track of Players’ Levels

You can keep track of your players and how many have reached certain levels in the report tab. The reason is that they will all need inns to go to in order to log out of the game. I had to spend $50,000 of in-game money because I didn’t realize this after I’d been playing the game for 72 hours. Don’t be like me and keep track of your characters and how many of them are leveled.

You also want to keep track of how many people are logging in on every level so you can have enough servers. You don't want your servers overloaded by too many people trying to log in to your game.

Use Flight Ravens to Take Players to Your Inns

Since your inns should be placed far away from your cities, you can have them take Raven flight paths if you choose to start focusing on “story” when you choose how you want to focus your MMO. You should place a Raven flight path inside your starting hub and have it fly your players to your spot with your many inns. It helps prevent crowding in your main city.

Charge Players Real Money to Buy In-Game Items and Travel

On top of your base game charge and your subscriber fee, you can have microtransactions on basically everything in the game, from the tavern to the blacksmith. If it’s a building in the game, you can charge real money for it.

My strategy for getting my profits up in my most successful game, Arthurian Online, is charging people to buy potions. I used the profits to earn some money to help keep my game going.

I did turn it back to players paying with in-game gold after I got above $200,000, which means I can basically spend whatever I want on level design, quests, and making my MMORPG look cool. But you can charge for everything and be ridiculous if you want. Players may dislike it, but your subscriber count never really drops no matter how ridiculous you get (see a ton of ridiculous YouTube exploit videos for more detail). This might be patched out of MMORPG Tycoon 2 eventually.

MMORPG Tycoon 2's world map.

MMORPG Tycoon 2's world map.

Buff and Nerf Player Characters and Enemy NPCs

You can buff and nerf player characters according to what players want. You can also buff or nerf enemy NPCs to make the game more challenging. You can add all sorts of extra effects to an enemy NPC to make it more challenging for the players in your game. You can also nerf enemies if players ask for nerfs or buffs for enemy monsters.

I have not figured out how to balance player characters for the in-game PVP content, but the characters do have a tier list that will be adjusted if you buff or nerf a player character.

Customize the Stuff You Want

You can customize a lot in this game. NPC enemies and players, attack names, effects and damage, and how the character casts spells. You can customize them any time you want, but you can focus on it before or after you get a big subscriber base.

You are also free to leave everything at the default setting if you don’t want to customize everything.

Now Go Have Fun and Make an Amazing MMORPG in “MMORPG Tycoon 2”

While I haven’t given you the most in-depth tips, the game is still a lot of fun to play. I have been playing it for a few days straight, so I decided to write this article to help new players.

The game is still in early access, and some of the features have not been implemented yet, such as PVP arenas and dungeons for players to go on quests in. I will update the article once these features are implemented into the game so that you’ll be able to understand how those work too.

If you’re interested in this game, I would suggest watching some YouTube videos to see if you would like it or not. While this isn’t a review of the game, this is an article I wanted to write because I’ve enjoyed playing the game and I want to help new players enjoy it too. If you’ve bought the game already, this should help you. If you’re thinking about buying it, you should wait for the full release.

Have fun creating your own MMORPG!

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