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Top 5 Halloween-Themed "Minecraft" Maps

Jessica has been playing Minecraft since 2012. She enjoys building, farming, and breeding animals. She especially enjoys magic modpacks!

These spooky maps will provide hours of frightening entertainment and adventure!

These spooky maps will provide hours of frightening entertainment and adventure!

Top 5 Halloween Maps

Are you tired of watching Halloween movies in anticipation of the Halloween season? Maybe you’ve overplayed your scary video games and are looking for something new. Prepare to celebrate Halloween in Minecraft with this handful of scary Halloween adventures! I’ve scoured the web looking for the most popular scary Minecraft maps and played the top contenders myself. Listed from least to most fun, these maps are sure to help you pass the time as you wait for Halloween!

5. Vampire Survival PVP (by Hypixel)

Vampire Survival is a fun PVP map to play with friends on a private server.

Vampire Survival is a fun PVP map to play with friends on a private server.

Vampire Survival is a custom Minecraft PVP (player versus player) map where all of your nightmares about vampires come true! At the start of the game, one player is assigned as vampire—either randomly or by choice—and the rest are assigned as town guards. When vampires kill a guard, that guard respawns as a vampire, adding to the undead army. If the vampires don’t kill the guards within fifteen minutes, the guards win! Vampire Survival features the following:

  • one assigned vampire
  • one assigned moderator
  • fast, invisible vampires
  • strong town guards
  • spawning villagers
  • massive town to explore
  • fifteen-minute matches
  • maximum of 32 players

Since this is a PVP map, you’ll need at least three or more players to really enjoy yourselves. When choosing sides, remember: while vampires are invisible and fast, they are also weak and easy to kill; their best weapon is the element of surprise. Guards who get killed lose their inventory before they respawn as vampires, making it impossible to carry over items. When villagers spawn, a light beam appears to mark their position. Vampires get valuable items from killing villagers, making it necessary for guards to defend them.

Download Vampire Survival!

Note: Hypixel suggests that you don’t use a public server when playing Vampire Survival; if a guard leaves the game and doesn’t return, it can bug the current match and the guards will win by default.

4. Halloween Theme Park (by TheGeekBarbie)

This Halloween-themed park is a fun getaway for players who want to relax.

This Halloween-themed park is a fun getaway for players who want to relax.

This Halloween Theme Park lets out your inner child as you explore haunted houses, ride boats and minecarts, and hunt for emeralds for prizes! This map is truly Halloween-themed, featuring a haunted mansion, a witch’s house, a haunted boat ride, and a fast-paced minecart ride. Players have free reign to wander the park, hunt for chests of emeralds, and purchase masks and yummy food from Halloween shop vendors. You can even ride a pig around the park and tame your own cat! The theme park features the following:

  • custom Halloween shops
  • decorated minecart ride
  • dangerous boat ride
  • gorgeous witch house
  • mob-infested haunted mansion
  • 30 collectible emeralds
  • spooky Halloween scenery
  • starter gear and food

This map is set in Adventure mode, which prevents players from breaking all types of blocks and makes it impossible to destroy the rides—purposely or accidentally. Any number of people can play the map—there is no storyline, and no player limit. There are 30 emeralds scattered around in chests, which can be used to purchase food from one vendor, or creepy mob masks from another. The map needs to be played in Easy, Normal or Hard difficulty to function properly. Try not to die, or you will lose your inventory … and your precious emeralds!

Download Halloween Theme Park!

  • Halloween Theme Park
    The Minecraft Halloween Theme Park, including Ghost Train and Boat Ride Project was contributed by TheGeekBarbie.

This is truly a Halloween map, and an enjoyable break compared to adventure maps and hack-and-slash. I loved the versatility of the theme park; if you like killing mobs, you can visit the haunted mansion and spawn zombies to fight. If you like rides, you can take a ride on the minecarts and boats. It was difficult to keep the boat from breaking on the ride, but the sign did warn me to “try not to die”! This is a great little map to explore, even if only for ten or fifteen minutes. It’s nice to just relax and have fun in Minecraft sometimes!

3. Curse of the Pumpkin Prince (by Sench73)

Curse of the Pumpkin Prince is full of puzzles as well as creepy mobs!

Curse of the Pumpkin Prince is full of puzzles as well as creepy mobs!

Curse of the Pumpkin Prince is an Adventure map with plenty of quests and a storyline to keep you occupied! Designed for one to three players, this map sends you back to your hometown of Greenstown to see your old friend Senros, a mage who hasn’t been acting like himself lately. Brave the puzzles and mobs to find the Pumpkin Temple and free the Pumpkin Prince! There are plenty of skeletons, zombies, creepers and other obstacles to stop players along the way. Curse of the Pumpkin Prince features:

  • written storyline notes
  • multiple save points
  • no mob griefing
  • player point system
  • jumping puzzles
  • explosions and traps
  • enchanted items
  • puzzle solving hints

In this map, players are only allowed to break ice, clay and snow blocks, and can only place blocks if stuck in a hole. Curse of the Pumpkin Prince can be played solo, or by a maximum of three players. Players need to set their game difficulty to Easy, Normal or Hard in order to play properly. Don’t make it too hard though—your inventory is lost when you die (except during the final battle). I lost a lot of gear and other goodies while playing this spooky map!

Download Curse of the Pumpkin Prince!

  • Curse of the Pumpkin Prince
    Your old friend Senros, who you have grown up with, has been acting up lately. He has been corrupted by power and become more distant.

It took my boyfriend and I about two hours to complete this map from start to finish. He was intent on finding all of the gold nuggets and ghast tears, which represent the point system: 1 point for a gold nugget and 10 for a ghast tear. Points were less relevant to me after I lost my gold nuggets to a sea of lava. Maybe you’ll be able to hold onto yours for a bit longer! I loved the storyline, but thought the map was a bit too long and tedious to complete. On the other hand, I enjoyed the puzzles—they really make you think!

2. Mystery of the Pumpkin Castle (by The_Forgotten)

Players will have fun solving the mystery of Pumpkin Castle ... if they survive!

Players will have fun solving the mystery of Pumpkin Castle ... if they survive!

Mystery of the Pumpkin Castle is an Adventure map full of dialogue, detail and deadly mobs. Players are sent to Crepuscle Town, a place shrouded in eternal night but full of kind, happy villagers … until they start disappearing. After questioning the villagers about the mysterious Pumpkin Castle, players are challenged with infiltrating the castle and freeing the villagers amidst a never-ending pumpkin-headed army! The map features the following:

  • command block storyline
  • command block checkpoints
  • no mob griefing
  • player point system
  • custom resource pack
  • narration files
  • plenty of hidden chests
  • end game content

Players are not allowed to break blocks or place block, but they are allowed to craft and enchant items at their leisure. For a proper playthrough, using the custom resource pack is required, as well as playing on Easy, Normal or Hard difficulty. While designed for one player, Curse of the Pumpkin Castle can be played by two or three; playing alone took me at least two hours—bigger groups would be able to blaze through in no time! Playing with more people will result in a lot less dying, which happened a lot during this playthrough.

Download Mystery of the Pumpkin Castle!

  • Mystery of the Pumpkin Castle
    This little trip into the depths of Crepuscule Town will allow you to discover a world of eternal night where everyone is always happy - except when they die.

I loved the storyline and the voice narration, though it does cut off halfway through the map. A lot of thought and detail was put into the construction of Crepuscle Town, and there was always a secret chest of equipment to find while exploring. After I got into Pumpkin Castle, the map turned into a hack-and-slash adventure full of twisting hallways and endless mob-infested rooms; I’ll admit that it grew tiresome after a while. However, the final battle was fun and easy to understand. The ability to go back to town and the end and see the villagers helped the map end on a pleasant note.

1. Zombie Apocalypse (by Hypixel)

Zombie Apocalypse is exactly what it sounds like, plus fun player missions!

Zombie Apocalypse is exactly what it sounds like, plus fun player missions!

Zombie Apocalypse is an Adventure map that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. This story pits two or more players in the center of a zombie apocalypse world where the generators have gone out and there is no one else to fix them … except you! Brave the zombie-infested streets with your friends as you reactivate the four generators and head into the power plant, where an important decision awaits. Be careful—players will be attacked by zombies and other mobs along the way! This zombie map features the following:

  • three different endings
  • explosions and traps
  • customized monsters
  • custom shops
  • unique weapons and items
  • custom events
  • optional quests
  • command block storyline

As a rule, players are not allowed to break blocks (unless asked), break glass or craft in any items. The minimum required amount of players is two, though three or more is highly suggested; even on Normal difficulty, my boyfriend and I had trouble keeping up with all of the zombies! During events and ambushes, it was hard for either of us to stay alive for more than a minute at a time. In spite of the armor, weapons and potions we were accumulating, the zombies continued to overpower us.

Download Zombie Apocalypse!

The map took around two hours for us to complete, which included exploring secluded areas for hidden armor and items. We had to skip the “Hack a station” side quest simply because we couldn’t figure it out. We suspect we needed more people to complete the quest. We also found the last battle difficult to understand; we believe the sticky pistons operated by the two buttons were not functioning properly, and had to break our way in (sorry!) to move on. Aside from that, we had an awesome time fighting zombies and solving puzzles!

Remember that this list isn’t set in stone—there are tons of Minecraft maps on the web, and many of them are extraordinary. If you have a map that you feel should have made the list, mention it in the comments below! I hope you enjoy these five spooky suggestions!

© 2013 Jessica Peri


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Jessica Peri (author) from United States on October 18, 2015:

@BananaCream As far as I know, you can play these maps and post it on YouTube! I didn't make any of them, but their makers might appreciate you leaving links in the description to the map pages.

BananaCream on October 17, 2015:

Would it be alright if we play and record for YouTube???

Jessica Peri (author) from United States on October 27, 2014:

Most of these maps had their own custom resource packs. If you need to convert any old texture packs into resource packs (if they aren't being updated anymore), Google "Minecraft Texture Ender" - it converts textures to resource packs easily.

nemetbagoly123 on October 27, 2014:

How to download the texture pack? :)

Jessica Peri (author) from United States on September 17, 2013:

Thanks! I thought they were pretty fun to play.

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