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Video Game Review: "Farthest Frontier"

"Farthest Frontier" logo.

"Farthest Frontier" logo.

Quick Info

Developer: Crate Entertainment
Distributor: Crate Entertainment
Released: August 9th, 2022
Availability: On Steam, in early access

What Is "Farthest Frontier"?

Farthest Frontier is a city-building game where you build a city in the middle of nowhere. You have to build buildings where your people can gather food, hunt, fish, chop down firewood, and construct various buildings to store your food and goods in.

As your city grows, your citizens will demand more things to make them happy, and you will have to provide that while protecting them from raiders.

You can also choose to turn off raiders and hostile animals if you just want to focus on building your city without worrying about your citizens’ safety.

The Graphics Are Nice!

Farthest Frontier might not have the most detailed graphics, but they do look very good for a medieval city-building game. The buildings are detailed and they look unique.

The graphics for the environment look great as well. The rocks, trees, grass, and water all look nice.

The animals, carts, and enemies look nice as well. What I like is that as your buildings upgrade, they change as well. The environments look amazing, and it’s impressive because the game file size is small.

The graphics are visually appealing, and they have a realistic appearance rather than a stylized look that other city-building games use.

The graphics are not the best you’ll ever see, but they look great for a city-building game. It might not be the most unique art design or graphics, but I love the way the game looks.

Farthest Frontier - Gameplay Trailer

The Sound Effects Are Nice

I like the sound effects used in this game. It gives the game a nice environment that I can listen to while I build my city.

There is only voice acting for the introduction movie, but the rest of the sound in the game is sound effects.

At this time there isn’t any voice acting for the NPC citizens, so all you have to listen to is environmental sound effects. They still sound very nice.

The Maps Are Very Large

The maps in Farthest Frontier are very large, and it’s impressive how big they are, especially for the file size. The maps are very large, which means you can build large cities if you want to. It also makes it interesting to have your settlers explore the map so you can find resources for your city.

The maps look great, and they’re very pretty to look at. The environments vary depending on your difficulty setting, so you won’t be staring at the same map twice.

There's a Lot of Customization

The game lets you customize your scenario before you start. You can choose what the environment will look like, what types of animals will be on the map, and the weather conditions. You can also customize how aggressive bandit raids will be in the game or even turn them off. There are also diseases and crop failures in the game.

The amount of customization in the game is nice, and there might be more in the future. It has a decent amount of customization, but it might not be an amazing amount of customization.

An upgraded city in "Farthest Frontier".

An upgraded city in "Farthest Frontier".

Farthest Frontier OST - 01 Main Theme

The Soundtrack Is Nice!

The soundtrack for Farthest Frontier is very nice to listen to.

Steve Pardo and SkewSound did an amazing job composing the soundtrack for this game.

The music fits the atmosphere very well, and it's a nice addition that makes it a fun game to play. You can just relax and enjoy the game while building your city.

There Are Some Bugs

Since Farthest Frontier is still in early access, not all the features have been implemented, and not all the bugs have been fixed.

I have encountered a bug where people are taken in for medical treatment but they go sliding across the map. It’s an amusing bug, but I’m sure it will eventually be patched.

There are also issues with the farming being bugged sometimes. I have heard that the game can be a performance hog, so that is also an issue.

There are also bugs that I haven’t encountered, so if you’re interested in this game but don’t want to worry about the game being buggy, you should wait for the full release before purchasing the game.

Some Gamers Might Not Like How Challenging It Is

Because of a unique farming and crop rotation mechanic, this game has an added layer of challenge, along with predatory wild animals, diseases, unhappy settlers, and crop failure.

The added layers of challenge make the game fun to play, but it might be too challenging for some people. You can turn off the challenging aspects of the game if you want to just focus on building your city since there is a “pacifist” mode where all the aggressive aspects of the game are turned off.

You can challenge yourself or just take it easy when it comes to how you want to play the game, but having challenging options is nice if you want to push yourself to the limit when it comes to managing aspects of the game.

A city during the winter in "Farthest Frontier".

A city during the winter in "Farthest Frontier".

Reader Poll

The Loading Screens Have Long Wait Tiimes

When you start a new game or load a previous save, the game takes a very long time to load. The game is not completely optimized, so the loading time might be improved in the future, but for now, it takes several minutes for my game to load.

This might be an annoyance that some gamers don’t want to deal with, and that’s understandable. It is annoying that the game takes so long to load, but once it’s done loading, you don’t have to deal with any more loading screens.

If you want to wait, then you should wait for the full release before purchasing this game.

It's a Good Game, but You Might Want to Wait

Farthest Frontier is a great game with many good things going for it. It looks great for an early access game, but if you don’t like early access games, you might want to stay away from this one.

It does have issues despite being playable. It’s not a perfect game, and it’s missing some features. It also has performance issues. It is a fun and entertaining game, but I can’t give it the highest recommendation even though I enjoy playing it.

It has a lot of positives, but because some of the negatives might annoy some gamers, I can’t say that you have to buy it right now even though I bought the game at launch. I have been excited about this game since I saw the trailer, so I knew I was going to purchase it even though it was in early access.

This might not be something you want to do, but if you want to wait, it’s fine.

Quick Summary

What Works:Loading screens take forever

Great graphics, sound effects and gameplay

Not all features have been implimented

Good customization

The game has bugs

Nice atmospheric sound effects

Nice soundtrack

My Grade: A-

Farthest Frontier is a lot of fun. It’s a nice twist on the city-building genre because of the unique challenges. I love the gameplay; I’ve had hours of fun, and I’m excited about future updates.

The most important question is, should you buy Farthest Frontier while it’s still in early access? My recommendation is maybe. This might not be a must-buy game at the time of this review, but it’s a must-buy when it has a full release.

Not all the bugs have been fixed, and the loading screen takes a long time to finish. But the game is still fun.

I recommend buying Farthest Frontier if you love city-building games. However, if you want to wait for the full release, you should only buy the game if you feel that you have to play it now.

This game is worth your time. The cost of the game is $29.99; that’s not as expensive as other games, but it is still quite a bit of money.

It is worth your money if you want to spend it. It might go on sale, but it’s not feature complete yet, so you don’t have to buy it now. You can wait until the game has a full release with all the features implemented.

I enjoy Farthest Frontier, and I recommend the game, but don’t feel that you have to buy it right now unless you want to play it right away. It is worth your time and money, but you will have to decide whether you want to spend it now or later.

My Rating

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