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Video Game Review: "Going Medieval"

"Going Medieval" key art.

"Going Medieval" key art.

Quick Info

  • Developer: Foxy Vowel
  • Publisher: The Irregular Corporation
  • Genre: Colony survival
  • Availability: Available for download on Steam, in Early Access

What Is Going Medieval?

Going Medieval is a colony survival game where you build your castle and fortress for you and any survivors with you. Your goal is to try to keep your colony alive through the years.

You also have to defend yourself from raiders and make sure they don’t kill your settlers.

Your objective is to create a thriving colony as the years go by. You can choose normal, peaceful, or survival mode. You can also choose the starting difficulty along with what terrain you’re going to build on.

The Graphics Look Nice!

I like the art style of this game, it’s very nice to look at. I’ve seen games use similar styles to this, but I like how Going Medieval looks because, while it is similar to other games I’ve seen, I like the art style. After all, it looks cartoony and sort of like how they used to draw medieval figures in stained-glass windows.

The art for the animals also looks cool. I also like the environmental landscapes, although they are procedurally generated. Overall, I love the art style of this game, and that’s why I was drawn to the game in the first place when I was searching for medieval-themed games to play.

You can see inside your buildings after you construct them.

You can see inside your buildings after you construct them.

Going Medieval | Launch Trailer

This Game Is Very Fun

I’ve played games similar to this like Banished and This War Of Mine, but I do know that Going Medieval is similar to the colony survival game Rimworld but in 3D rather than 2D.

I like the gameplay. It’s very enjoyable to build up your city from nothing. It’s also very fun to make multiple story buildings and see them grow taller. Players have made all sorts of interesting buildings during their games.

The game also lets you research new technology that you can only unlock after you research it, bringing in another aspect to the game that is fun to watch.

They have recently added trading with NPCs so you can get rid of excess items or barter for items you need with what you have. It's a very nice addition that keeps the game from just being a building and surviving simulator.

The Music Is Nice

I liked the music in this game, and I enjoy hearing the songs. The songs are kind of repetitive, but it is very nice music to listen to.

The music is very well done and fun to listen to.

Taking Care of Your Settlers Is Challenging

I love this game because taking care of your settlers is so challenging. I try my best to keep them alive, especially when winter hits but it is very challenging early on. Once the game implements more features, it will have even more challenges you’ll have to overcome but right now it’s decently challenging as it is.

I like managing the characters and helping them survive. It’s one of the things that makes the game a lot of fun.

"Going Medieval" early access roadmap.

"Going Medieval" early access roadmap.

Reader Poll

The Game Is in Early Access

Going Medieval is in early access, so not all the features are in the game yet. But the developers have shown a roadmap for the game in the menu, and it’s a very nice roadmap. Because the game is in early access, you’re not buying a “full” game yet, you’re buying an incomplete game.

They've recently added pets and livestock into the game, and that makes it even more interesting to play, but the roadmap isn't done yet.

Some people don’t want to buy an early access game, and while this game is great for an early access game, it’s not a complete game. Some people want a game with all the features that are advertised on the store page.

They have been adding features from the roadmap into the game.

They have added more features in the research tree and crop blight into the game, and it keeps the game interesting.

I Had so Much Fun, but You Might Want to Wait for Full Release

I was able to play the beta before I bought the game so I knew that I would enjoy it a lot. I played it for an entire weekend before I bought the game at launch so I was able to experience the game a lot before I decided to purchase it.

Now if you’re thinking about buying the game you’ll probably enjoy it, but because it’s in early access, you might want to hold off to see all the features implemented into the game before making your purchase.

I love this game, and I didn’t mind paying for it at launch, but some people don’t want to buy games in early access because some games have never come out of early access after launching in early access years ago.

The blacksmith production building.

The blacksmith production building.

Quick Summary

What Works:What Doesn't Work:

Great gameplay and graphics, interesting story concept

Not all features implemented because it's in early access

Challenging and interesting gameplay

Challenging gameplay isn't for everyone

You can build anything you want

Nice soundtrack

My Grade: A-

I love Going Medieval. It’s fun, challenging, and I’ve played it for many hours. It has a lot of features in the game already, and there will be more coming in the future with updates.

The game is worth your time if you like other games in the colony survival genre. It’s a very well-done game. I do recommend it if you don’t mind early access games but if you want to wait for the game to be fully released you can. It’s a functional game and it’s playable.

I loved this game I played it for an entire weekend when the beta was available. I think it was worth my money, but it might not be worth your money.

Going Medieval is an excellent game that I loved to play for hours trying to build up my kingdom and helping my settlers happy and healthy. The game is challenging and fun at the same time.

The lack of certain features does make gamers want to wait, which is understandable because most gamers would happily buy a fully released game over an early access game.

Going Medieval is worth your time, and it might be worth your money in the future. While I bought it at launch you don’t necessarily have to because it will continue to improve over time and hopefully the roadmap will be completed within a decent amount of time and you won’t be waiting too long for the full version of the game.

The $24.99 price tag isn’t bad but some people just don’t like early access games so buy it on sale if you see it at a discount. If you played the beta and you enjoyed it you should buy it.

It’s at a decent price for an early access game and I didn’t have a problem running it on my PC, some other people have experienced bugs but I haven’t had any major bugs in my experience playing the game.

I’ve had a ton of fun playing Going Medieval and as long as you don’t mind the art style, you’ll enjoy the game.

If you want all the features shown in the roadmap in the announcement updates you should wait for the full release.

Going Medieval is a solid early access game with some great features that will be implemented, but because it’s early access you might want to wait on a purchase, but if you want to play it right away, it’s still a great game for the price and I love it.

I highly recommend Going Medieval because it’s already a solid game and there will be more improvements as the early access continues. It’s a game that I have a lot of fun playing and I like the custom scenarios that I can make in the game.

Going Medieval has a lot of potential, and if you like survival colony games you’ll love playing them. It’s definitely worth your time and money. It’s not too expensive, so it’s easy to recommend getting it at full price since it’s not too expensive.

Whether you buy the game right away or not is up to you, but I enjoyed the game a lot and people that love this genre will enjoy it too.

My Rating

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