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Video Game Review: "Crossroads Inn"

Official art for "Crossroads Inn."

Official art for "Crossroads Inn."

Quick Info

Developer: Kraken Unleashed

Publisher: Klabater

Released: October 23rd, 2019

Availability: Available on and Steam

What Is Crossroads Inn?

Crossroads Inn is a tavern simulator set in an original fantasy world. You are the nephew of an innkeeper, and you try to successfully run a taven while being dragged into the political intrigue of the country of Yorevale.

The Gameplay Is Fun

The gameplay of building and setting up your inn is a lot of fun. Unlike another game I own, Tavern Tycoon, you have to start your own inn from the ground up, removing debris and building your inn.

It’s very customizable, and you can make your inn as big or as small as you want. You can build multiple floors and have different room types on each floor.

Cooking and Customers

You have recipes, and you buy ingredients and build a kitchen to cook and serve food. You also hire workers to clean and run your inn. The varied recipes that cater to certain types of customers are a lot of fun.

Decorating your inn to cater to certain types of customers is a lot of fun as well.

You can discover news items by influencing other cities and opening trade routes. When you gain influence, you can have your workers go get new items and pay for new recipes for food and drinks to add to your menu.

Overall, the gameplay is fun and the game can be challenging, especially if you don’t take out loans from banks.

The Graphics Look Nice!

The graphics for this game look amazing, and I really enjoy the art style for the characters and customers that work at your inn or visit there.

The characters have interesting costumes for the destitute, the travelers, rogues, and nobles. There are also adventurers and vendettas that have unique costumes as well.

The Music Is Nice

The music for the game’s soundtrack is nice to listen to, and I enjoy hearing it. It’s nice and relaxing music that suits the game and is very nice, and it’s a good soundtrack.

"Crossroads Inn" Anniversary Edition Trailer

The Game Crashes Randomly

Crossroads Inn does have random game crashes. Sometimes it crashes in the campaign, and sometimes it crashes in sandbox mode. I have had it crash while playing Carefree mode when I’m trying to look at one of the tabs.

I had it crash during the campaign after the prologue of the game. The crashes are very annoying.

The development team Kraken Unleashed does a really great job of patching the game, and they do listen to a lot of feedback, but sometimes their patches break the game so it’s still not in optimal shape when it comes to bugs and glitches.

I do appreciate the development team’s quick response to issues, but the game is still buggy.

The Anniversary update includes bug fixes for the path-finding, which should solve some issues.

An inn build in the game.

An inn build in the game.

The Game Has Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

Because the developers at Kraken Unleashed are not native English speakers, the grammar isn’t always perfect, but they do have a thread for people to post grammar errors found in the game so they can patch fixes for the script.

It is weird having to help someone with their grammar mistakes, but that’s because English isn’t their first language. The mistakes aren’t major, but they are noticeable if you read English and understand good grammar.

Sometimes the Game Doesn’t Start Up Quickly

I found that sometimes the game doesn’t start up and it gets stuck and I have to sign out of Windows to get the game to exit. It is an annoying thing about the game when I’m trying to get the game to start.

Customers Are Upset About Paid DLC Becoming Free

It was revealed in an announcement from the developers that the paid DLC would become free with the release of the Anniversary Edition, but here's the thing, no one makes you pay for DLC, and a lot of gamers wanted to play it right away.

I bought the Pests an Puppies DLC because I love pets and wanted them in my inn. I did not feel compelled to buy The Pit DLC, the Bath and Beauty DLC or the Hooves and Wagons DLC. I will be getting three DLCs for free when my game updates to the Anniversary Edition.

Kabater and Krakken Unleashed did not have to make the DLC free, they could have just had a discount sale, but my patience regarding DLC has paid off and I don't have to buy the rest of it.

I do feel sorry for people that feel they got ripped off, especially if you just bought all the DLCs recently, but you were not forced to buy them.

Customers being served in your inn.

Customers being served in your inn.

Parental Warning

There is nudity and sexual content in this game as you can have basically escorts that rent rooms in your inn where they can seduce guests. This is completely optional in sandbox mode, although it is part of the campaign plot.

There is also an option to censor the nudity if you don’t want to see it; it’s located in the game options menu.

There is also some profanity and bar fights happen in-game if you don’t have guards or thugs in your inn.

The Game Is Fun, but You Should Wait for a Sale

Crossroads Inn is a fun and enjoyable tavern simulation game, but it’s not perfect. The random times it crashes are annoying; sometimes it happens during the campaign and sometimes in sandbox mode.

The game doesn’t always start up instantly and it’s something that does make it hard for me to recommend buying the game at full price because of the random bugs and crashes.

It is a game that I have a lot of fun playing but I managed to get it at a discount from Greenman Gaming so I didn’t pay full price for it. I do recommend getting the game when it is on sale.

The developer is really good about fixing bugs with patches but the patches don’t always fix every problem. They patched the game and it made the game crash so they had to make another patch to fix the previous patch. It’s not a perfectly functional game when it comes to crashes and the problem of not starting up every time you start the game is annoying.

If you want the game, get it at a discount because it’s not quite functional yet. BYher have been patches but the game is still buggy. They are also adding more DLC.

Quick Summary

What Works:What Doesn't Work:

Fun and interesting story

Game doesn't always start up

Good story

The game randomly crashes

Fun gameplay

Pathing doesn't always work

There's a lot of customizable aspects of the game

Solme items are only implemented with purchased DLC

Nice soundtrack

Some of the text has typos

Developers quickly patch bugs


My Grade: B-

Crossroads Inn is a lot of fun, and it’s an enjoyable tavern simulator game. It’s not perfect, and the bugs and grammar typos do hold me back from giving it a must-buy recommendation.

Because of the bugs in the game, this title has received mixed reviews from gamers. It is a blast to play, but it does have some bugs that can be very distracting. The pathing for the game’s NPCs doesn’t always work well.

I do enjoy playing Crossroads Inn, but not everyone wants to deal with the bugs the game currently has, so I recommend only buying the game if it’s on sale or you can get a discount coupon code for sites like Greenman Gaming. If you’re unsure when it comes to buying the game for yourself, there are a lot of YouTubers that have played the game, you can watch a few videos to see if you’ll like the game, even though the videos are older and show the old bugs that have been patched out, it will still give you a good idea whether or not you’ll enjoy the game.

Crossroads Inn isn’t a game that everyone will enjoy but it is a ton of fun to play unless you encounter some of the bugs that make it less fun to play. I recommend waiting for a sale and checking the update log to see if they’ve patched out some more of the bugs. It might be too annoying to deal with bugs and seeing constant patch updates, so it is indeed a mixed bag. It’s not worth the full price, but it might be too buggy for some gamers, which is completely understandable.

Wait for a sale and wait for some more patches before picking up this game, I love it and I have a lot of fun, but I got it at a discount so I recommend waiting before buying the game, it will run much better once they do some more patches to iron out some of the weird bugs in the game.

They have released more DLC, but I haven't bought it yet because I'm waiting for a sale to purchase the DLC. I will update the review when I've used the DLC.

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