"Welcome to Bloxburg": A Guide to Jobs

Updated on October 2, 2019
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Melissa has been a gamer ever since her grandpa introduced her to Yoshi's Island on the SNES when she was 3 years old.

Jobs Are Important in "Welcome to Bloxburg"

Welcome to Bloxburg is a fun role-playing game in Roblox that was inspired by The Sims. In Welcome to Bloxburg, you can build your own house, get a job and make money, and learn skills like painting and cooking. Money is pretty important in this game because you need it to buy furniture and build your house, and buy things like food to fulfill your needs. There are many different jobs in this game that different people will like, based on what they're good at. Here are the jobs that are currently in Welcome to Bloxburg.

Time to get to work.
Time to get to work.

Cashier at Bloxburg Fresh Food

As a cashier at Bloxburg Fresh Food, your job is to scan and bag each customer's groceries. There are four different registers to work at, so you can work alongside a friend or three if you want. When a customer moves from the line to your register, first grab a bag and place it on the side, and then scan their items.

You can place up to 8 bags at once, but customers will typically only need 2-4 for their groceries. When you use up 50 bags, you will run out. If this happens, go towards the back of the store, outside of the stockroom, and click the crate labeled "BAGS" to get more. When you come back to the register, you can put more bags on the rack.

After you bag all of the customer's groceries, click the done button to finish and they will pay you (make sure everything is bagged and scanned or you won't get paid). Earnings for this job start at $15 per customer without the Excellent Employee gamepass, and $40 with it at level 1, so if you like this job that gamepass will be very helpful.

I've got this job in the bag! (Along with some bananas)
I've got this job in the bag! (Along with some bananas)

Cashier at Bloxy Burgers

At Bloxy Burgers, you can work as a cashier and take customers' fast food orders. The customers wait in line, and one by one they come up to the register and give you their order, which shows images of what they want. You have a menu in front of you, and you can click each item in their order to make it.

Make sure you have everything they ordered, because if you don't they will yell "That's not what I ordered!" and walk out of the restaurant. If you take too long to put their order in, they will also walk out of the restaurant.

Earnings for this job start at $8 per order for those without the Excellent Employee gamepass, and $16 for those who do.

"Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?"
"Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?"

Delivery Person

Delivering for Pizza Planet is a fun job to do. You get a shiny red moped to ride around the map on, and you go back and forth from the shop to customers on the side of the road dropping off pizzas. Pick up pizzas from the conveyor belt in the back of the shop, and then hop on your moped and follow the yellow arrow to the waiting customer.

Pizza delivery is one of the more lucrative jobs in Welcome to Bloxburg, paying quite a bit at higher levels and giving double the amount of promotional points per delivery completed compared to the other jobs, meaning you make more money per task.

However, the downside is that the distance you need to travel is randomized, so you could end up having to drive all the way across town to drop off one pizza. The earnings for the first three pizzas you deliver in a shift are reduced to prevent players from resetting the shift to get a closer delivery location.

At level 1, earnings are $25 per delivery for normal employees and $44 for Excellent Employees.

Delivering food in style on a nice red moped.
Delivering food in style on a nice red moped.


Fishing in Welcome to Bloxburg is a nice, relaxing job with the ocean, the Ferris wheel, and the ice cream parlor nearby for scenery. You start in a shed, holding a fishing pole with a randomly chosen color. To fish, head to the ocean and cast your line into the water. Your bobber (the white ball on the end of the line) will be floating on the surface. When the bobber goes underwater, push the space bar to reel in your line and catch a fish. If you reel in your line too late or before anything bites, you won't get a fish or any money, so wait patiently for the fish to come.

When fishing, you can keep your mood up by riding the nearby Ferris wheel to restore your energy and fun and eating ice cream at the ice cream parlor. Hygiene is the only mood you can't restore while in the area. This job is a relaxing change of pace from helping customers. Earnings for fishing start at $13 without Excellent Employee, and $44 with it at level 1.

Waiting for a bite.
Waiting for a bite.


When you work as a hairdresser at Stylez Hair Studio, you must give customers the hairstyle and color that they want. Stand next to one of the chairs, and a customer will walk from the line, sit down, and tell you what they like.

In the mirror, you can change their style with the top arrows, and the bottom arrows allow you to change their hair color. Click done to finalize their look. Their requests are randomized so you can end up with some funny combinations, but if you do not give the customer the cut and color they wanted, they will scream and run away from the salon. If you wait too long, the customer will walk out.

Earnings for this job start at $10 per haircut for employees without the Excellent Employee gamepass, and $20 per haircut for employees with the gamepass at level 1.

Making Bloxburg beautiful, one customer at a time.
Making Bloxburg beautiful, one customer at a time.


Bloxburg has a litter problem, and as a janitor at Green Clean, you can help! Your job is to clean up spilled sodas and piles of trash on the ground, as well as wiping graffiti off the walls of buildings near Green Clean. Trash can appear in front of Green Clean, around the Stylez Hair Salon, and around Bloxy Burgers. Inside of Green Clean, you can talk to your grumpy boss, Glen, who is very pessimistic about the job. Joy! Your earnings start at $11 as a normal employee at level 1 and $22 with the Excellent Employee gamepass.

Removing graffiti and dying inside.
Removing graffiti and dying inside.


When working as a mechanic at Mike's Motors, customers will bring in their vehicles and ask for a paint job, oil change, or tire change. To change the paint on the vehicle, there are four paint sprayers on the left table in the back, in red, black, green, and purple. To change their oil, grab an oil can from the right table in the back of the shop.

This job appears to have a bug when customers ask for a tire change. Sometimes they ask for a different type of tire than they currently have, and if you put the tire on that they ask for, they will reject your work. Give them the type of tire that they already have and they will accept it and pay you. Remember to change both tires before clicking done.

Earnings for this job start at $13 per vehicle without the Excellent Employee gamepass, and $28 with it.

Please ignore the fact that I sat in the motor oil before starting my shift.
Please ignore the fact that I sat in the motor oil before starting my shift.


Working as a miner in Bloxburg Cave is similar to another Roblox game called Mining Simulator. In this job, you click on blocks in the mine and your character swings the pickaxe until the block is broken; you will earn more or less money and EXP depending on the type of block you mined.

The border walls and the bedrock cannot be mined, but TNT blocks can. When you mine a TNT block, it will hiss, giving you a couple of seconds to run away before exploding and destroying all blocks in a 2 block radius. If you are near the TNT when it explodes, you can actually die, so take cover! TNT can be useful when you want to dig deeper and carve out large areas at a time. Any blocks blown up with TNT will still earn you money and EXP, making it economically efficient as well.

Earnings from mining seem somewhat low at $7 per block without the gamepass at level 1 and $15 with it, but certain types of blocks add on extra money to your earnings when you mine them. Here is a table with the 6 different types of block:

Earnings By Mined Block

Block Type
Time to Mine, in seconds
EXP Gained
Level + 3
Level + 15
Level * 2 + 18
Level * 2 + 30
Level * 2 + 42
Aw man, so we back in the mine.
Aw man, so we back in the mine.

Pizza Baker

Like the Delivery Person job, the Pizza Baker job takes inspiration from another Roblox game called Work at a Pizza Place. As the baker, you must create pizzas with the ingredients shown on the order. First comes the dough, then the sauce, then the cheese, and finally you are given a list of toppings you can add. After you finish the pizza, click done and the pizza will roll down the conveyor belt into the oven.

If you've cooked a lot of pizzas, you can run out of ingredients. When this happens, grab an ingredient crate from the left or right side of the shop and bring it back to your station to refill it.

Earnings for this job are $9 per pizza for players without the Excellent Employee gamepass, and $13 with it at level 1.

More cheese, please!
More cheese, please!

Ice Cream Seller

When you work at Ben's Ice Cream, customers will walk up to the window and give you their orders. They have three flavors of ice cream to choose from: chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla, as well as three different types of toppings: sprinkles, caramel sauce, or peanuts. Customers typically ask for two scoops of ice cream with varying flavors, and they may or may not want toppings with that.

Giving the right order to the customer makes them pay and leave, but giving the wrong order results in them complaining "This isn't what I ordered!" and walking away. If you take too long to make someone's order, they will also walk away.

Earnings from this job are $12 for starting pay without the Excellent Employee gamepass, and $22 with it.

She screams for ice cream! While I take selfies!
She screams for ice cream! While I take selfies!


As a stocker at Bloxburg Fresh Food, you must take crates from the stockroom and restock shelves that are running empty on supplies. Any crate can work on any shelf, just restock the shelf and it will instantly refill.

The job is simple and pays pretty well, and you do not need to interact with customers, unlike most jobs in the game. At high levels, this is the most efficient job to earn money with because of the high rates and not needing to drive across town. Earnings start at $15 per shelf without the Excellent Employee gamepass at level 1, and are $21 with it.

Roblox? More like mo' box.
Roblox? More like mo' box.


The woodcutter job seems to be inspired by another Roblox game, Lumber Tycoon 2. You receive an ax and a lumberjack uniform from your boss, Jack Lumber, whose entire family is also named Jack.

With your ax, you can walk around the area surrounding the lumber mill and chop down trees for money. It takes about 10 swings per tree to chop one down.

Earnings from being a woodcutter start out at $13 per tree for someone without the Excellent Employee gamepass, and $20 with it.

Smiling while holding an axe makes me look a little creepy.
Smiling while holding an axe makes me look a little creepy.

How to Get the Most Out of Jobs in "Welcome to Bloxburg"

  • To make more money in your job, start work with full-needs. This is also true with work and school in real life. If you go in happy and comfortable, you will be more productive.
  • Pick one job you really like and stick to it. The higher your job level is, the more you will get promoted and you will make more money.
  • To earn more money per task, you can buy the Excellent Employee gamepass with Robux.
  • Don't forget to have fun! Let your character take a break from work every now and then and get their needs back up. Let them play video games to raise their fun level, or make them a nice meal after a long day at work. They deserve it.

Which "Welcome to Bloxburg" job is your favorite?

  • 6% Cashier at Bloxburg Fresh Food
  • 9% Cashier at Bloxy Burgers
  • 52% Pizza Delivery Person
  • 3% Fisherman
  • 3% Hairdresser
  • 4% Janitor
  • 4% Mechanic
  • 5% Miner
  • 2% Pizza Baker
  • 2% Ice Cream Seller
  • 6% Stocker
  • 3% Woodcutter
645 people have voted in this poll.

© 2019 Melissa Clason


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      3 months ago

      When I do the fisherman job I have excellent employee, is it normal I make $60 per fish at level 11? Because If you’re meant to make $44 at level 1 then why am I only making 60 at level 11? And I’m only getting 2xp instead of 4? Is that normal thanks!


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