Where Sims Can Woohoo and Try for Baby in Sims 3: A List

Updated on February 3, 2017

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Sims woohooing in the time machine
Sims woohooing in the time machine
Sims woohooing in a sarcaphagus
Sims woohooing in a sarcaphagus

Adult Sims can "Woohoo" or "Try for Baby" in a wide variety of places. Often Sims who "woohoo" off of their home lot will perform a special little walk that looks like their strutting, they may also have a little positive moodlet appear in their mood box from woohooing at a public venue. Certain places or items used for woohooing require that certain expansion packs be installed as well as the base Sims 3 game; when this is the case I will note the expansion pack needed to perform the action.

Double Bed- The old standby, this option is available with the base game and is the easiest to accomplish.

Hot Tub- To purchase a hot tub you will need to have purchased and installed the Late Night Expansion Pack. It is available to purchase in the plumbing section in the home editor. *Note if you cannot get your Sims to woohoo, it may be that they are not sitting close enough to each other in the hot tub. You will need to move your Sims so they are sitting next to each other in order to woohoo.

Time Machine- To build the time machine you will need a Sim with a high inventing/tinkering skill. The time machine can be built using the inventing workbench; your Sim will most likely need to "invent" several inventions before creating a time machine. When your Sim builds the time machine it will appear in your family inventory. You will need to have purchased and installed the Ambitions Expansion Pack for this option. *If you "Try for Baby" in the time machine you will have the option of trying in the past or the future. If the "Try for Baby" is successful you will have a child appear after a few days ranging in age from teenager to elder.

Elevator- Available with the purchase and installation of the Late Night Expansion Pack. Elevators are easiest to find in the town of Bridgeport.

City Hall, The Military Base, The Science Facility, & The Movie Theatre- Your Sims can "Woohoo" or "Try for Baby" by first forming a group; then select the location you would like to visit and tour it. While your Sim is touring the location you can click on the building and the options to "Woohoo", "Try for Baby" or "Make Out" should appear along with a box that will allow you to select the Sim you want your Sim to be involved with. These options become available with the installation of the Late Night Expansion Pack.

Tents- If you have installed the World Adventures Expansion Pack you can visit a general store on vacation and purchase a tent for you Sims to sleep and get busy in.

Sarcophagus- The sarcophagus can be found in pieces throughout Egypt (you will need to have the World Adventures Expansion pack installed). Once you collect all the pieces (you'll find them in your Sim's personal inventory) you will be able to click on them and reconstruct the sarcophagus.

Professional Actor Trailer-To receive a professional actor trailer your Sim will need to reach level 10 of the acting branch of the film career.

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      • profile image

        magic potato 21 months ago

        omg im trying to do the master romacer thing and i cant find places btw how do u buy a time machine and were can you find it

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        Bubblegum 4 years ago


      • profile image

        fatima 5 years ago

        I do very woohoo???It is nice???I love it?Goodbye BABY!!!

      • profile image

        Person 5 years ago

        And in the winter... an IGLOO!

      • Geek_luv profile image

        Geek_luv 5 years ago from Muncie

        In the Sims 3 Pets you can woohoo in a full haystack.

        In Sims 3 Supernatural you can also woohoo in the wardrobe, and if your a fairy in the fairy house.

      • profile image

        al 5 years ago

        I Have sims3 Pets limited addition and theres only woohoo in the hotub, public bulidings and the bed

      • profile image

        Lala 5 years ago

        I Like Woohoo. ;D

      • profile image

        amanda 5 years ago

        horse hay. on the beach? where?

      • profile image

        rania 5 years ago

        ohh...it's so stupid.woohoo in the shower??disgusting

      • profile image

        leah x 6 years ago

        A childs treehouse ??

      • profile image

        ruth 6 years ago

        and on the beach

      • profile image

        shaysim 6 years ago

        I thought I heard about woohoo in the pet house for Sims... I don't know..lol. if you have generations, adult Sims can woohoo in a child's treehouse.

      • profile image

        SimerGirl 6 years ago

        also in the shower

      • profile image

        Meghan 6 years ago

        I love it!! I woohooo in so many places.

      • profile image

        jrc 6 years ago

        Showers should also be included.

      • profile image

        Lisaette 6 years ago

        I woohoo with ppl lots, hahahahahah I like this

      • profile image

        Rich2000lion 7 years ago