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“Zynga Poker” Versus “Monopoly Poker”

Poker is my favorite hobby, only matched by my love for video games. I have ten+ years of poker experience to share in my poker game guides!

Zynga Poker and Monopoly Poker are two free online poker games. Zynga makes Zynga Poker and Youda Games makes Monopoly Poker.

I play both games somewhat often. In this article, I will decide which game I like more.

Game Controls

Both games have good controls. But I like the controls in Monopoly Poker a little better. In Monopoly Poker, you can select your actions before your turn. Being able to do this is nice while playing multiple tables.


How the Games Look

Zynga Poker frequently changes and updates the tables for events and new game modes. The poker tables on Monopoly Poker are almost always the same.

Zynga Poker looks more interesting and has more variety. The game has table items you can use on other players for fun. There are also emotes you can use.

Monopoly Poker has stickers and emotes you can use. The game also has nice table animations. The animations in Zynga Poker are more static and not as fun.

Zynga Poker looks like a traditional poker game while Monopoly Poker looks and sounds like a video game. Zynga Poker looks better, but the stickers in Monopoly Poker are very fun, and I think the animations are nicer.

Monopoly Poker looks better overall, but I also think Zynga Poker has better poker tables.


How the Games Sound

Both games have annoying sounds, but the sounds in Monopoly Poker are fun and a little nicer.

Poker Options

Zynga Poker has Texas hold ‘em and tournaments. The game sometimes has different poker game modes like Short Deck poker and Omaha hold 'em.

Monopoly Poker only has Texas hold ‘em and tournaments.

The tournaments offered in both games are very similar, but Zynga Poker wins here for having more and better poker options.


Game Events Compared

Zynga Poker has events with new watches and missions you can complete for extra chips.

Monopoly Poker has events, but these events often only have new tournaments to play and new stickers to collect.

I'd say Zynga Poker has better events.

Leagues and Competition

Zynga Poker has leagues. You can compete against other players every week.

The world champion league is for the top league players in the game. The world champion league is a leaderboard for the best players in the game.

Monopoly Poker also has leagues, but you don’t compete against other players directly. Instead, you play poker to earn league points. You can earn enough points to stay in your current league or move up.

The leagues in Monopoly Poker feel less competitive. I suppose I like this a little bit, but I prefer the more competitive leagues in Zynga Poker. My goal one day is to get on the World League Leaderboard.


Things to Collect

Zynga Poker has a collection of watches. You earn chips in a collection, and then you get the watch. You can show the watches to other players. Collecting watches also gives you extra chips. The game also has rings. You win rings by playing tournaments.

Monopoly Poker also has tournament rings. While not something you can collect, the game shows your Monopoly board progress to other players.

Zynga Poker has more things to get, and they are more fun. I'd rather play ring game poker than tournaments. So being able to collect things this way is more fun.

My Thoughts on Both Games

Zynga Poker was one of the first poker games I have ever played. I still play it years later because Zynga keeps the game fun and interesting.

Monopoly Poker is a new game to me. I like the theme, and the game does things better than Zynga Poker. I like that Monopoly Poker allows you to play four poker tables at once.

Overall, I like Zynga Poker more. I like playing Monopoly Poker, but I prefer playing good old Zynga Poker.