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"Disney Dreamlight Valley" Is Therapy for the Soul

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is a new stunning adventure game.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a new stunning adventure game.

The Coziness of the Disney World

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a new game created by the French development studio Gameloft. The game was released as an early access title on August 23, 2022, and it has surprised us all. Set in a valley surrounded by a curse that causes the Disney characters to forget who and where they are, the player must restore order in the village. They have to make the valley a great place to live in for all those beloved characters.

I am completely amazed by how well Disney Dreamlight Valley captures the overall coziness and atmosphere of our beloved Disney worlds. The different biomes in the valley are very well-stylized, and so are the so-called realms you'll visit during gameplay. This is something that was not easy to do.

I genuinely like what the developers did here. They focused on the core of Disney itself. This game doesn't try to be something it isn't. This is something that, unfortunately, cannot be said about many games out there. Developers often focus too much on every trendy thing possible instead of being unique and faithful to their concept.

It's always a good time for some chilling with Donald Duck.

It's always a good time for some chilling with Donald Duck.

There Are a Lot of Fun Activities to Do

The various activities available are fun to do. They are very simplistic, but they work wonders. There are some main activities that you will do to earn Dreamlight (allowing you to unlock new realms and biomes) and so-called Star Coins that buy you new things, upgrades, buildings, etc.


Mining is one of the main activities in the game. Mining does not only provide you with stone, but it also gives you minerals that you can sell for Star Coins. Mining minerals is one of the best ways to get rich quickly.


You can plant seeds or harvest resources such as fruit bushes filled with raspberries and blueberries, trees filled with apples, and so on.


Digging can be a smart way to find new resources. It's also required to be able to plant new seeds.


Fishing is one of the most peaceful activities. You'll need to do some fishing to be able to advance through quests and develop further. Fish can either be sold or used as ingredients in cooking.


In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can learn to cook some great meals. You can either enjoy them by yourself or give them to your friends. You will also use them during quests to advance further in the story mode.

Not by Yourself

There is a point in doing these activities beyond the reasons mentioned above. You can do these with your Disney friends. You will unlock them along the way while progressing through the story mode. Having friends with you is not just a nice touch. It's a game mechanism since the characters will level up while you spend precious time with them. You can also get extra resources by doing the tasks with your friends. Therefore, it makes sense to spend time with your neighbors in the valley.

What you see ahead are the different realms you can access from the iconic Disney castle.

What you see ahead are the different realms you can access from the iconic Disney castle.

Graphic Stylization Deserves Thumbs Up

Disney Dreamlight Valley doesn't bring the graphics seen in some of the biggest AAA titles. Yet it succeeds in creating some of the most beloved scenes I have seen in a video game.

The game is faithful to Gameloft's well-known manuscript. This game is easily recognized as a Gameloft title. It has a colorful, almost cartoon-like touch that will bring a smile to your face. While I may have had some things to say about Gameloft's other titles, they have brought their A-game here. That's the only thing that matters.

The stylization somehow fits perfectly. Whatever place you visit, at whatever time (there is both day and night scenery to be experienced), you get to experience those magical vibes of a saga-spiced world wanting to get explored. Keep in mind that you'll also get to listen to some beautiful Disney songs along the way on your magical promenade. Trust me when I say that you will become hooked for many hours.

I did visit Moana's colorful island.

I did visit Moana's colorful island.

The Story and Quests

Let's talk about the main story and the quests you can do in Disney Dreamlight Valley. That is not so easy to do without spoiling the story itself, but let's cover it in a way that will at least give you an idea.

As presented at the beginning of this article, your main task is to rebuild the valley that got cursed. You are quite limited at the start of the game regarding which quests you can do since you only have access to one location. However, once you progress further through the story itself, you will get the opportunity to unlock more biomes. You will see that the valley is a widespread place that needs to be explored.

The locations offer a lot of variety. Every place has a specific theme inspired by real Disney characters. There are also realms to be explored. Realms aren't part of the open world. Therefore, you will have to access them from the iconic Disney castle. In areas, you'll meet some new characters. You can help them and invite them to live with you in your valley.

Well Designed Characters

This may not sound like a lot of fun, but trust me, it is. There's a reason for this. Gameloft has made sure to portray every unique character as authentically as possible. Therefore, the characters reflect their real personalities as known from the franchise movies. That seems to be why players rate this game so high, including me.

Never have I seen such good character design in a Disney game before. Of course, Gameloft had the opportunity to do some training in their building game called Disney Magic Kingdoms. However, it wouldn't be fair to say it's the only reason why they succeeded here. This game differs from Gameloft's previous Disney game.


I must conclude that no game has left such a positive impression on me. I was a massive Disney Infinity fan, and I cried my eyes out when the game got canceled back in 2016. I am more than happy that Disney Dreamlight Valley gave me the game I so wanted and craved.

The concept was nailed from the very start. It's very impressive that this game is only in early access. I don't know if it's just a coincidental success or if Gameloft really did find the magic formula and went all in.

No matter what, the French studio brought itself into the spotlight. I will say that they may have created a long-lasting masterpiece that will be with us for many years.

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