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The Ultimate “Farm Together” Guide: Tips, Tricks and How to Earn Money!

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The Ultimate "Farm Together" gameplay guide: tips, tricks, and how to earn Medals, Diamonds and Tickets!

The Ultimate "Farm Together" gameplay guide: tips, tricks, and how to earn Medals, Diamonds and Tickets!

Farm Together is the ultimate relaxing farming game. There's no real pressure to make money, your crops never die, you don't have any real gameplay goals, and you can pick up and play at your leisure.

Still, you may need some tips or help with certain elements of the game, like how to design your farm, how to earn in-game currency, which crops to plant, or how to use farmhands.

This guide goes over everything you need to know to play Farm Together!

Points of Interest allow you to fast travel around your farm - even if you run out of gas!

Points of Interest allow you to fast travel around your farm - even if you run out of gas!

General Tips

Here are some basic tips for the game.

Use Your Tractor

You unlock the use of a tractor after finishing the tutorial, so make sure you use it straight away for more efficient farming, watering, and harvesting. Press "V" on PC or "ZL" on Switch to summon your tractor. It will allow you to plant crops, trees, and buy animals in a grid of 3x3, rather than one at a time.

Buy a Gas Pump

You'll need to refuel your tractor, so make sure you buy a gas pump. You can buy and place many gas pumps on your farm - so while you're waiting for one to refill, visit another. Once you unlock them, upgrade from the standard gas pump to the Filling Station, which refills your tractor with more fuel.

Help Out on Other Farms to Get a Boost

I’ll go more into this in the “Multiplayer Tips” section below, but you can help other players on their farm to get a boost. While active, the boost meter will allow you to harvest double the resources and double the experience points for your farm!

Time Passes While You're Not Playing

Each in-game season is 17 real minutes long, but even when you're not playing, seasons change and time passes. That means you can check back in later in the day and harvest crops when they're ready.

Always be Questing

You can open up your active quests in the menu. Work on the goals in the quests to earn Medals and Experience Points.

Place Down Paths to Move Quicker

If you place paths down, you’ll be able to run or drive your tractor over them and move faster in the game!

The Number Next to the Quest Tells You How Much You've Planted

When you're working on a quest or viewing one in the menu, you'll see a number next to the item - this means you have that many of the quest item on your farm. It's handy to switch to each quest while you're planting crops or placing animals to make sure you'll be on track to reach the quest goals.

You Can Get More Quests Through the Marketing Agency

The Marketing Agency is a building you can place at Farm Level 24 and up. It is a bit of an investment, as it takes 20 Medals to buy, and it costs 1 Medal per quest, but it allows you to accept and work on more quests (up to 7 active quests at a time), which will, in turn, reward you with more Medals.

You can have multiple quests active at the same time and work on them to earn Medals!

You can have multiple quests active at the same time and work on them to earn Medals!

Hold Off on Animals

While it will be very tempting to run a massive sheep farm (or at least it was for me), animals aren’t worth buying in the beginning of the game. The cost of animals is pretty expensive, but more so than that, the cost to keep them fed adds up very quickly. If they run out of food, it takes longer to harvest them (their progress to harvest will halt completely if they aren’t fed), and topping up animal fed becomes very expensive. In the beginning of the game, buy a few basic animals for the resources: some cows for milk, and some chickens for eggs. In the early game, only buy animals required for quests. You can recycle them once you’re done.

Once you’ve made a few million on your farm, only then do I suggest getting more animals.

You Can Group Animals and Fishponds Together

Animals of the same kind can be placed together (up to 1000) and they will share the one source point for feeding. Basically, this makes it easier for you to feed them without having to run around to each plot of animals and feed them separately. You can use the tractor and place down 9 animals at a time.

The same goes for fish - you can combine up to 1000 fish of the same type (most fishponds will combine, but Piranhas and Anglerfish group separately, as well as big fish like Hammerhead Sharks and Narwhal), which will allow you to fish from one point in the pond, rather than having to go to each individual pond. Again, you can use the tractor and place down 9 type of fish at a time.

Tips for Farmhands

Farmhands can take care of a 13x13 area of land (when you place them down, you’ll see a yellow square outlining where they work). You can only have 15 on your farm, and they cost Medals (the cost increases the more Farmhands you have), so use them wisely.

I recommend using them on your trees (as trees are a bit harder to harvest using the tractor), on animals (as they can keep up with feeding them easier than using the Animal Feeder), or placing one at the edge of your pond (if they can reach one tile of a combined pond, they’ll fish the entire pond for you).

You have to pay Farmhands with Tickets, and you can unlock and buy the Farmhand Union to pay all your Farmhands at once.

Farmhands are great for animals, trees, and fishponds!

Farmhands are great for animals, trees, and fishponds!

You Can Recycle Anything You Don’t Want

You can recycle crops, trees, flowers, animals, fish, buildings – you name it! Recycling items rewards you with half of what you originally invested (e.g. placing down a Jam Stall costs 10 Medals- if you recycle it, you’ll get back 5 Medals).

You Can Recycle Your Entire Farm!

If you want to start your farm fresh, you can recycle the whole farm! In the game menu, navigate to Farm Settings and choose Recycle Whole Farm. Doing so removes almost everything from your farm (your homes, Guestbook and signatures, land expansions, and Marketing Agency and quests, will stay) and refunds you the FULL price for the items recycled in Coins, Diamonds, and Medals.

You Can Own Multiple Farms

While you can only expand so much on your farm, you can start a new farm with a new land type and play a different way! Your same character and any DLC or special event unlocked items will carry over, but you’ll start fresh with the farm level. You’ll also have to unlock and level up crops, trees, flowers, buildings, and décor all over again.

You Can Own Multiple Homes

There are several homes in the game (and each DLC comes with a new house to buy). The benefit of having multiple homes is obviously more places to decorate, but you can also place 1 each of the stove, piano/synthesizer, and easel and do jobs on them. More jobs mean more Tickets and Diamonds!

Use Points of Interest to Fast Travel

Place Points of Interest buildings around your farm and use them to fast travel around your map. They’ll save you time versus travelling by foot or tractor, particularly when you’re trying to harvest quickly before your Boost Meter runs out.

Increase Your Storage

You’ll notice early on that you can only “store” so much of each type of crop. When you reach the cap displayed at the bottom of the screen, any further crop you harvest of that type will essentially be discarded. To increase your storage, buy multiple barns (increases storage of each resource by 10; at later levels, you can buy a Red Barn, which increases each resource’s capacity by 100) and shops (e.g. the Vegetable Stand will increase your vegetable storage by 40).

Planting and Harvesting Tips

Here is what you should know about planting and harvesting.

Plant and Harvest With Your Tractor

While it may look more aesthetically pleasing to plant small areas of crops with fences – if you want to plant and harvest easily, forgo that and just lay down crops in 3x3 sections with your tractor. This makes it immensely easier to plant and harvest large areas of crops and land.

You Don’t Need to Water Your Crops

Unlike many farming games, watering your crops is not mandatory in Farm Together. Normal crops can be watered to speed up how long they take to harvest, but you will have to go back and water them each season for it to have a big impact.

Trees can’t be watered.

You Do Want to Water Your Flowers, Though

Flowers that are constantly watered pay out a higher value (e.g. the price displayed in the menu). Invest early in sprinklers (1 medal each) to keep your flower beds watered.

Invest in Flowers and Multi-Season Trees

Flowers look expensive at first glance, but the benefit to them is you only have to plant them once - the rest of the time they’re all profit. The same thing goes for trees. When choosing trees to plant on your farm, try to pick ones which bloom during multiple seasons (apple trees at the start) to maximise how often you’ll earn resources and coins.

Flowers and trees are huge money-makers in Farm Together!

Flowers and trees are huge money-makers in Farm Together!

Plant Crops According to When You’ll Next Be Able to Play the Game

Farm Together runs in real time when it comes to harvesting crops. It’s a good idea to plant crops that will be ready to harvest when you next check in, that way you’ll have something to harvest when you log back into the game.

Plant Crops That Net the Highest Profit

This may seem like a no-brainer – but have a look at crops before you plant them and see how much profit you’ll gain. In general, all crops cost less to plant than you’ll net at harvest, but some crops double the amount of coins you’ll get at harvest time. Some good crops to plant are watermelon (costs 250 coins to plant, earn 800 coins at harvest), strawberry (800 to plant, 1.5k at harvest), and corn (2k to plant, 3k to harvest). Any of the peppercorn crops (pink, black or white) are good for harvesting diamonds.

Crops level up the more you harvest them, and your income per harvest increases, too!

Plant a Variety of Crops

It’s a good idea to plant a variety of crops – not just the ones you need for quests or the ones that make the most money. You want to make sure you have some vegetables, fruit, fish, flowers, and grains on hand. These can be turned into diamonds at Market Stalls, or used in your house to complete jobs.

The Boost Meter can help you level up your own farm much faster!

The Boost Meter can help you level up your own farm much faster!

Multiplayer Tips

Like the game’s title suggests, Farm Together is about, well, farming together – with friends and family in local coop, or online with other players! Though the game can be played completely solo (you don’t need to do anything via multiplayer to play the game and run your farm), there are some great reasons to play with other people.

The Boost Meter

I mentioned this above, but can’t state it enough: before you start the game and harvest your own farm, help out someone else on their farm and get your boost meter up. When you go back to your own farm, you’ll get double the resources and experience points when harvesting until the meter runs out.

You Don’t Need “Friends” to Play Together

Unlike many multiplayer games, you don’t actually have to add people to your friend’s list to visit their farm. Simply go into the main menu and go to the Find Farms menu. You can visit farms of other players who are online at the same time.

You Can Only Do What the Farm Owner Allows You

Each player (including you!) can set up permissions for what visitors can do on their farm. Some owners will only allow visitors to harvest, meaning you can’t water, sow, or plant on their farms. Others will allow you to plant only crops that are for quests or events. Some will allow you to do anything, including buying decorative items. You’ll know if you aren’t allowed to do something if you try to do it and get a message saying it’s not allowed.

Be Kind When You’re Playing With Real Players

  • While you can’t chat with other players in the console versions of Farm Together, you can do a handful of emotes (things like waiving); I think it’s nice to wave to the other player when you first land on their farm.
  • Keep in mind that some players play AFK (away from the keyboard), so they may just be idling somewhere on the map and have left the game running for other players/farmhands to harvest. This is fine, but if you’re trying to interact with a player who isn’t noticing you, it may be that they’re not actively playing at the moment.
  • Many players will request for you to sign their guestbook before leaving. You can leave a pre-written message, if you like.
  • I think it’s nice to plow any land that you’ve harvested, so the owner has one less thing to do after you leave (plowing also increase your boost meter, so why not?).
  • Try not to harvest resources that have reached the storage limit
  • Again, this is just being courteous, but if you’re harvesting flowers, for example, and notice they’ve reached their storage cap, stop harvesting them to allow the player to sell them in a stand. You’ll still get boost meter points for harvesting, but the harvested resources will go to waste for the owner. Try to find a different crop to harvest while the farm owner can sell off their resources.
I love helping out on well-organised farms with lots of flowers!

I love helping out on well-organised farms with lots of flowers!

Look for Farms With a Lot of Flowers

All that said, you probably don’t want to spend an hour just helping on someone else’s farm, so I recommend looking for farms with big plots of flowers. Flowers are easy to harvest; you don’t have to worry about going back to plow after you harvest them, and most players will lay them out in a strip, which makes it easier for you to turn through and harvest.

Harvesting Event Items Count for You and the Other Farmer

During limited-time events, if you harvest event items, the harvests count towards your event goals and the owner’s event goals! You’ll see lots of people harvesting on farms together during limited-time events.

Save Your Favourite Farms

You can save the farms you like helping out the most at by going into the game menu and selecting the option to add them to your favourite.

Tips for Making Your Own Farm Visitor Friendly:

  • Place the gas pump right by your bus stop- this allows visitors to easily and quickly refuel their tractor.
  • Place any event or quest crops near your entrance.
  • This just makes it easier for other players to harvest the event items or the crops you need for your quests quicker.
  • Keep an eye on your resources/storage while other players are harvesting. You don’t want to reach your storage cap, so make sure you’re actively selling resources if you have a lot of crops to harvest. Other players can’t interact with your crop stands for you.
You'll want many stores/stalls to turn your resources into Diamonds!

You'll want many stores/stalls to turn your resources into Diamonds!

Earning Coins, Diamonds, Medals and Tickets

Here are some tips on how to earn certain items.

How to Earn coins in Farm Together

The main source of earning coins is by planting and harvesting crops. Flowers and trees are also very lucrative in terms of coins. Animals and fish don’t earn you as many coins, but can still be a good source of income once they’ve levelled up. Check out the Planting and Harvesting section above for more tips on crops, trees, and animals.

How to Earn Diamonds in Farm Together

Harvesting crops, trees, and flowers that give Diamonds, instead of Coins.

The small shops or stalls in the game can be used to turn your harvested goods into diamonds. As you level up, you’ll unlock bigger shops that can take more resources and reward you more diamonds. You’ll rack up diamonds quickly in the shops.

How to Earn Tickets in Farm Together

Tickets are primarily earned by performing Jobs in your house.

The best Jobs to earn Tickets are:

  • Cooking Sushi at the Stove rewards you with 20 Tickets upon completion.
  • Painting the Mushroom Cluster on the Easel rewards you with 15 tickets.
  • Playing Little Serenade or Sonata for Beginners on the Piano or Synthesizer rewards you with 15 Tickets (and 1 Medal).
Doing Jobs in your home can also help you earn Medals!

Doing Jobs in your home can also help you earn Medals!

How to Earn Medals in Farm Together

Medals (or ribbons, as some refer to them) can be earned mainly by completing quests. Buy a Marketing Agency to get more quests to complete. Taking on “Long” quests reward you with the most amount of Medals (up to 40).

You can also earn medals by using the Jam Stall, Cheese Stand, and Honey Stand.

For the Jam Stall, you can earn 1 medal per 10 jars of jam. To make jam, you need a Fruit Press. If you need Medals, skip over turning your harvested fruit into diamonds at the Fruit Stand, and instead, turn all your fruit into jam at the Fruit Press (you will likely want to put down 10 or more Fruit Presses to keep up with the amount of resources).

The Cheese Stand is a bit slower than the Jam Stall, but if you have a lot of cows, you’ll be able to turn your milk into cheese at the Dairy. 10 cheese will turn into 1 Medal.

The Honey Stand can be utilised by placing down multiple Beehives. Beehives are only harvestable once every 23 hours and each only produce 1 honey, so you’ll want a lot of them to make it worthwhile. 20 honey can be turned into the Honey Stand for 1 Medal.

If you have the Candy Pack DLC, there is a Cotton Candy tree which also produces honey in summer; I find them easier to use for getting honey quickly compared to the Beehives.

You can earn Medals from some Jobs in your house:

  • Playing Ode to Joy on the Piano or Synthesizer rewards you with 2 Medals.
  • Painting a Sunflower on the Easel rewards you with 1 Medal.

You can also turn Gold Nuggets into Medals (10 gold nuggets for 1Medal) at the Pawn Shop, or by exchanging 250K coins for 1 Medal at the Gift Shop.

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