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8 Ways to Make Your Sims Flirty in “The Sims 4”

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Poppy is the author of A Bard's Lament and the Black Diamond series. She lives in Enoshima with her husband and young son.

The Sims 4 is an installation of the incredibly popular simulation video game series by Electronic Arts. For about two decades, players have enjoyed creating unique Sims, building their homes, and developing their careers and relationships.

Like previous installments, The Sims 4 allows you to give Sims traits which develop their personality and make them unique. A fairly new feature is moods: Sims can become happy, confident, inspired, focused, energized, and flirty when given positive stimuli. These can be behavioral, environmental, or social.


How to Make Sims Flirty

A flirty Sim performs better at romantic social interactions and unlocks new kinds of creative pursuits, such as flirty paintings and statues. Here are eight ways to get your Sim, and other Sims you're hanging out with, in a flirty and very flirty mood.

1. Glamorous Presence

Boost: +1
Duration: 4 hours

To activate this moodlet, select any mirror and choose "Freshen Up." Your Sim will check themselves out and pose in front of the mirror for a few minutes. This is the easiest way to get your Sim in a flirty mood for a good four hours!

2. Watched Romantic Comedy

Boost: +1
Duration: 3 hours

If there is a TV on your lot, choose "Watch Channel" and then "Romance." After watching for only a few moments, your Sim will be thrown into a flirty mood! The moodlet lasts for three hours and starts counting down after they've stopped watching.

If there's a romantic interest nearby, get them to join you and they'll become flirty, too!

3. Pummelled by Cupid

Boost: +2
Duration: 4 hours

While your Sim is in a flirty mood, they can make Cupid's Juice at the bar for 10 simoleons. This is a very accessible drink because the Sim only needs a Mixology skill of 1 to make it.

Just remember that drinks have a negative effect on a Sim's bladder; nothing much spoils the mood more than an 'accident' if they don't reach the bathroom in time.

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4. Hot 'n' Heavy

Boost: +2
Duration: 3 hours

While your Sim is in a good mood, have them interact with a romantic interest. Successful romantic actions, ranging from flirting to kissing to seductive whispers, make your Sims even more flirty! Be aware that this is less likely to work on Sims who or Unflirty, especially if on a public lot.

Being flirty unlocks new social interactions, such as Sexy Pose and Offer Rose.

5. Hot Tea

Boost: +2
Duration: 4 hours

If your Sim owns the Magic Tea Personal Brewer or other coffee maker item (from the kitchen appliances section in Build Mode), have them brew some Hot Ginseng for 5 simoleons for a single or 15 simoleons for multiple. A cup of this will launch your Sim into a flirty mood with a nice +2 points!

6. Ready for Love

Boost: +1
Duration: 4 hours

Go to your Sim's computer and select "Web," "Research," and "Research Pick-Up Lines." Browsing the web for sexy conversation starters will put your Sim in a flirty mood for four hours.

7. On the Hunt for Sugar

Boost: +1/2
Duration: 3 hours

When your Sim is already in a flirty mood, select the lot's oven and choose "Flirty Heart Cookies." These will cost 23 simoleons to make and any Sim who eats them will be made flirty - perfect for a date or a party.

Your Sim's Cooking skill affects the quality of the cookies. Excellent cookies can give a great +2 bonus!

8. Lookin' Good!

Boost: +1
Duration: 4 hours

Buy a dresser for your Sim's bedroom. Select it and choose "Try on Outfits." They'll change into their different outfits, giggling with excitement. This only takes a moment and gives a nice +1 bonus to your Sim's flirty moodlet.

Flirty Sims enjoy more success when pursuing romance and can even make love-inspired artwork, recipes, and drinks. These eight ways are easy and quick and can help your Sims succeed when looking for love. Have fun!

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