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6 Ways to Make Your Sims Focused in “The Sims 4”

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Poppy is the author of "A Bard's Lament" and the Black Diamond series. She lives in Enoshima, Japan, with her husband and young son.

6 Ways to Get Focused in Sims 4

The Sims 4, released in 2014, is a ridiculously addictive and fun simulation game by Electronic Arts. Players can create individual Sims or even entire families, customizing their personalities, living their lives with careers, homes, and relationships, and sometimes even control their deaths.

As well as features of previous installments, such as basic needs (hygiene, bathroom, hunger, sleep, fun, and social) and traits (anything from slob to genius, foodie to kleptomaniac), The Sims 4 allows players to change their Sims' moods. These can be affected by their environment, the successes and failures of their social interactions, their careers, and their needs.

Each mood has a different effect on their actions and the success of their endeavors. Negative moods hold them back from being able to do certain activities and can make their work performance suffer.

The positive moods in The Sims 4 include confident, happy, inspired, playful, flirty, and focused. The latter helps your Sims do better when practicing or working on new skills. This article tells you six fast and easy ways to make your Sim focused and very focused.

1. In Awe of the Cosmos

Boost: +1
Duration: 3 hours

To get this focused boost, there must be a backyard observatory on your lot. You can buy one for 1,500 simoleons in the skills and hobbies section of Build Mode. Work on your Sim's Logic skill by "observing the sky" from it; afterward, your Sim will be focused!

Fun fact: two Sims can also WooHoo inside an observatory! It's worth having one on your lot even if it's not for improving your logic skill!

2. Pitch Black

Boost: +2
Duration: 4 hours

The Tea Magic Personal Brewer is a great item that affects and changes Sims' moods, so it is worth having in your kitchen. You can buy it in the kitchen's appliances section of Build Mode for 275 simoleons. Make a batch of pitch black tea, which costs your Sim 15 simoleons. A cup of this will get your Sim a nice +2 boost to their focused moodlet for four hours.

Be aware that drinking from the personal brewer has a negative effect on a Sim's bladder, so be sure to send them to the bathroom after drinking the tea to avoid a mood-destroying disaster.

3. Fascinating Facts

Boost: +1
Duration: 4 hours

Another great way to get your Sim focused is by getting them to browse on their computer. This is a really quick way to get them focused before doing something else, such as programming.

Select any computer on the lot and choose "Web" then "Browse Simpedia." A few minutes of reading fun and interesting facts on the web quickly gets your Sim focused for four hours after they finish.

4. Good Gaming Session

Boost: +1
Duration: 4 hours

Sims with Nerdy traits, in particular, love to play video games. Select any computer or console on the lot to start playing. The variety of games available to play depends on your Sim's Video Gaming skill.

Though completing a session takes a few hours, it improves their skill as well as increasing their fun need! It's a great way to make your Sims focused without their fun need suffering in the process.

5. Mental Workout

Boost: +1
Duration: 4 hours

The chess set has been a part of the Sims games since the very first release of The Sims in 2000! Buy a chess set for your lot (from the skills and hobbies section in Build Mode) and get your Sim to interact with it. By selecting "Ponder Moves," your Sim will practice the game alone and get a nice boost to their focused moodlet!

6. Researched Gardening

Boost: +2
Duration: 4 hours

Yet another focused moodlet can be boosted with the computer! Select it and choose "web," "research," then "research gardening." Your Sim must have a Gardening skill of at least 2 to do this, which is easy enough by reading a level 1 skill book or harvesting some plants. Research doesn't take long, and the boost is great!

The focused moodlet gives bonuses to all sorts of activities, such as logic-boosting activities, musical instruments, and programming. With these six super easy and quick ways to get your Sim focused, you'll be zooming through your career and maxing your skill levels in no time at all.

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