6 Ways to Make Your Sims Playful in “The Sims 4”

Updated on June 29, 2019
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Poppy lives in Enoshima and likes to read novels and play video games, especially open-world RPGs.

The Sims games have been around for nearly twenty years. The ability to create and customize Sims, give them their own unique personalities, work on improving their skills and careers, and developing their relationships with others has given this famous Electronic Arts video game its fame and popularity.

The Sims 4 was released in 2014. As well as basic needs and aspirations, Sims in the newest installment also have moods; depending on their environment, social interactions, and actions, their moods can change. Positive moods include inspired, flirty, focused, happy, confident, playful, and energized, whereas negative emotions include embarrassed, uncomfortable, and tense. Some aspects of the game can become easier or more difficult depending on these moods, and some useful ones can give boosts to certain behaviors.


A playful mood unlocks new social interactions for Sims as well as allowing them to create new art pieces and food. A playful mood also gives a bonus to the Comedy career track and when they are pursuing Mischief. It is a useful moodlet to pursue! Here are six easy and quick ways to make your Sim playful or very playful.

1. Having Playful Traits

Boost: +1
Duration: 4 hours

Sims with the traits Goofball or Childish get random bursts of playfulness, especially when playing with children's toys. If being playful is important to your Sim, choose one or both of these traits in Sim creation! They'll often be playful with no extra effort on your part at all.

2. Bubbles!!!

Boost: +2
Duration: 4 hours

You can only do this if your Sim has a tub, not just a shower. Select the bath and choose "Take Bubble Bath." This will instantly make your Sim playful and lasts for four hours. The countdown starts after they get out of the bathtub, so don't feel the need to draw their bath short by canceling the action. In addition, your Sim will be squeaky clean!


3. Hilarious Show

Boost: +1
Duration: 3 hours

Select any TV in the lot where your Sim is and choose "Watch Channel" and then select "Comedy." Your Sim will get a nice boost for their fun meter and for three hours after they stop watching, they'll enjoy a wave of playfulness. This is useful when other Sims are nearby and you want to try to make everyone playful by watching the television.

4. Gummy Bear Guffaws

Boost: +1/2
Duration: 3 hours

With a high skill in Cooking, this boost can be even stronger. When your Sim is already in a playful mood, select the fridge or stove and choose "Make Silly Gummy Bear Pancakes." You can make one serving or several (which is excellent for parties). If your Sim's Cooking skill is high, they'll enjoy extra boosts after eating this filling snack.

If you make Silly Gummy Bear Pancakes at a party, select the dish and choose "Call to Meal" to make everyone grab a dish.


5. What a Silly Face!

Boost: +1
Duration: 2 hours

Another easy way to get your Sim from playful to very playful is by engaging any mirror on the lot and selecting "Pull Silly Face." Your Sim has to already be in a playful mood to perform this action and it'll give them a small boost moodlet.

6. Hilarious Videos

Boost: +1
Duration: 4 hours

If your Sim has a computer, select it and choose "Web" and then "Watch Funny Videos on Sim.tv." after watching them, your Sim will enjoy a small playful moodlet for four whole hours.


Getting Too Playful

Do be careful about getting your Sim "hysterical," the third stage after very playful. A hysterical Sim can actually laugh themselves to death if they hear a joke! There isn't much more of a buzzkill than spontaneous death.

To avoid becoming hysterical or to get rid of this dangerous mood, perform the action "Calm Self Down" in any mirror.

The Sims games continue to delight and entertain fans all over the world, and moods are a great way to affect other Sims, excel in careers, and get things done more quickly. Playful Sims do well in the Mischief and Comedy skills and if they are working in the Comedian career, promotions will come flying in! Just be careful not to get too hysterical, or the fun might get caught short.

© 2019 Poppy


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