The Fastest Way to Max All Your Skills in “The Sims 4”

Updated on June 22, 2019
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Poppy is the author of "A Bard's Lament." She lives in Enoshima and likes to read novels and play video games, especially open-world RPGs.

The Sims games have been around for two decades, since the release of The Sims in 2000. The Sims 4 delivered with new furniture and building items, new clothes and looks, and traits, aspirations, and whims to give your Sims' unique personalities and experiences beyond maintaining basic survival.

Upon creating your very own Sim, you can choose four traits ranging from natural cook and foodie to slob and kleptomaniac. What kind of life your Sims will lead and how they react to their situations depends on these traits. An aspiration is their life goal, though you can change their aspiration at any time without losing progress.


Skills, more than ever in the newest Sims installment, are also a huge part of their lives. High ranking skills can help them along in life, such as repairing household items, creating delicious dishes, or selling pieces of writing or artwork. High skills also help Sims get promotions and work up their career ladder.

This article is about how to maximize your skills the highest possible way, which is ideal if your Sim's aspiration is to be good at many different things ("Renaissance Sim").

This article only includes skills in the base “The Sims 4” game and doesn't include skills from any expansion packs.


Upon creating your very own Sim, you can choose four traits ranging from natural cook and foodie to slob and kleptomaniac. What kind of life your Sims will lead and how they react to their situations depends on these traits. An aspiration is their life goal, though you can change their aspiration at any time without losing progress.

For a Renaissance Sim, the following traits are ideal to level up your skills as quickly as possible:

  • Quick Learner. Your Sim will learn new skills at a faster rate than those without this trait.
  • Bookworm. Ideal for if you plan on improving skills mainly with skill books.
  • Creative. A creative Sim will be inspired more often, and do better with writing, painting, and musical instruments.

I also chose the Self-Assured trait for my Sim; she feels confident more often, giving boosts to social interactions and the opportunity to paint a confident painting and additional behaviors.


Painting and Writing Skills

As soon as you are able, invest in an easel, a desk, a desk chair, and a computer. You may also want to purchase a bookshelf and some skill books (start at level 1). The Bookworm trait will allow your Sim to enjoy reading and not get bored from reading many skill books in a row.

Earning Money

To allow maximum time to level up your skills, don't get your Sim a job right away. You can earn money quite quickly from painting and writing novels. Level up writing and painting first; a Creative Sim will enjoy these activities and enjoy bursts of inspiration.

  • Write or paint when your Sim is Inspired or Very Inspired.
  • Write motivational books or confident paintings when your Sim is feeling confident (having your Sim brush their teeth at any sink is a quick way to do this).
  • Sell your paintings for a quick profit. Masterpieces sell for much more.
  • Publish a book by selecting your mailbox and clicking "Self-Publish" or "Sell to Publisher." The latter choice will yield more money.

Cooking and Gourmet Cooking Skills

As your Sim starts to make money from their works, you can invest in better kitchen equipment. Be sure to buy a sprinkler in case of a fire (in the kitchen category).

Level up your Sim's Cooking skill a couple of times by reading a level 1 Cooking skill book. Every time your Sim prepares food, they'll get a small boost to their skill. As they improve they'll learn new recipes, eventually allowing them to work on their Gourmet Cooking skill.

Another quick way to level up on Cooking is by buying a TV and watching the cooking channel. This is also a great way for Sims to top up their fun level.


Additional Tips

Once your painting and writing skills are maxed (ideal for your Sim to make money selling their works), you can move on to other skills such as Gardening, Piano, Guitar, Logic, and the rest. Invest in books, instruments, and high-level skill items, respectively.

  • Invest in a good bed; better beds mean your Sim will be better rested and need less sleep to be satisfied.
  • Balance fun with work. If your Sim has spent the last six hours talking in the mirror to increase their Charisma skill, get them to play an instrument or watch the cooking channel for a while to avoid them becoming bored or tense.
  • Pools are good for quickly increasing your Sim's Athletic skill, simple bushes and flowers help increase their Gardening, and observatories increase your Sim's Logic.
  • Make sure your lot has furniture and items for every skill.

Fridge and stove
A small pond or body of water
Pool, treadmill, or weights machine
Bushes or flowers
Gourmet Cooking
Fridge and stove
Broken or upgradable items (electronics, shower, or toilet)
Chess board or observatory
Computer (select and choose "Troll teh Forums")
n/a (used with Sim's cellphone by clicking "Take Photo")
Computer (select and choose "Practice Programming")
Rocket Science
Rocket (or reach Level 10 of the Astronaut Career)
Video Gaming
Computer (choose and select "play game")

What Kind of Lot Are You Playing Right Now in “The Sims 4”?

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Being highly invested in skills opens new doors of opportunity for your Sims, whether it be by making money, leveling up in their careers, or upgrading items to perfection. With this guide, your Sim will be maxed out in no time, making for an easy life of riches and success!

© 2019 Poppy


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    • Anrie James profile image

      Anrie James 

      5 months ago from Johannesburg

      Thanks for the tips! These are going to save me so much time and effort.


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