11 Daily Tasks to Complete in “Animal Crossing: New Horizons”

Updated on May 10, 2020
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Poppy is the author of "A Bard's Lament." She lives in Enoshima and likes to read novels and play video games, especially open-world RPGs.

In March 2020, Nintendo released the latest installment of the highly popular simulation video game series Animal Crossing. New Horizons offers players the chance to build and customize their own island, catch bugs and fish, develop a home, and get new neighbors, as well as visiting and playing with their friends using the online feature.

Like previous games, New Horizons works in real time, with some items and opportunities only presenting themselves once every calendar day. Wanting to make the most of your game? Here are some daily tasks to complete to ensure you don't miss anything.

1. Visit the Nook Stop

The ATM-looking machine in the main public tent, and later the City Hall, offers free miles if you visit it several days in a row. If you visit it more than seven days in a row, you get a nice bonus of 300 miles. Be sure to visit it at any point of the day for your free miles.

2. Find the Money Rock

Rocks reappear every day on your island, and one of these holds thousands of Bells if you do it right! To make the most of any rock on your island, try the following.

  • Build a fence or set a piece of furniture near the rock, but leave enough space for your character to stand between them.
  • Without eating any fruit, hit the rock with a Shovel repeatedly. Bells, as coins at first then bags, will fall out.

This quick way to get thousands of Bells at once will present itself daily, so be sure to hunt down the money rock once a day!

Finding the money rock in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Finding the money rock in Animal Crossing: New Horizons | Source

3. Check on Your Fruit Trees

Planting trees to grow more fruit is the name of the game in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Fruit will regrow once every few days, so be sure to check all your trees and shake them to get the fruit. Remember, non-native fruits sell for a high price!

4. Talk to Your Neighbors and Visitors

As you progress through the game, you'll get more and more people coming to live on your island. If you come across one on your travels, chat to them! Often they'll make a random comment, but every now and then, they'll give you an item or a DIY recipe. Don't miss out on this essential daily task.

If you've built the campsite, guests may visit your island now and then. Be sure to say hello to them and try to convince them to move to your island if you can!

Getting a present from Julian
Getting a present from Julian | Source

5. Find the Buried Treasure

Once a day, there is a shining light in the ground on your island. Use your Shovel to dig there and you'll find 1,000 Bells!

Digging up Bells
Digging up Bells | Source

6. Talk to Tom Nook

Tom Nook might have new tasks for you in a new calendar day. Approach him in the tent or City Hall and select "what should I do?" to get an idea of your next step in the game.

7. Find the Fossils

Every day, fossils will be scattered across your island. Be sure to hunt down the cracks in the ground and dig them up using your Shovel.

Take the fossils to Blathers in the museum to get them assessed. If it's a new species, donate it. If you already have it, you can sell it for Bells. It's a win-win situation!

8. Check the Shops for New Items

Items in Nook's Cranny, the Nook Stop, Able Sisters, and other stores change every day. Whether there's something in particular you're waiting for or you're just curious, be sure to check out all the shops daily so you can get the items you want.

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9. Find and Help Wisp

At night, a nervous ghost wanders your island! Approach him and he'll be so surprised that five pieces of his spirit will escape. Track down these spirit pieces and catch them with a Flimsy Net or Net. When you return them to Wisp, he'll give you either a wallpaper, flooring, or piece of clothing.

This is a great way to get free items and get your hands on something you don't have yet, so be sure to look for Wisp after the sun goes down.

10. Check Out the Hot Item of the Day

Once Nook's Cranny has opened on your island, Timmy and Tommy will buy items from you, from fish and bugs to fossils and flowers. Every calendar day will bring a new "hot item," which they'll buy from you for double the usual price.

Keep an eye on the day's hot item, craft a bunch of them, and sell them for a big profit!

11. Find the Message Bottle

Every day, a bottle containing a message and a DIY recipe will wash up on the beach. Comb your island daily to find this message bottle and learn to craft something new at a workstation!

Completing daily tasks give you the edge in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and completing them can help you develop through the story a lot faster! Have fun!


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