Baseball Superstars II Guide | Tips, Cheats, and Unlockables

Updated on December 28, 2011

Baseball Superstars II Pro is the fourth iteration in a very, very addictive series of games on the iOS platform.With an anime-type graphic style and a less realistic take on the sport, Baseball Superstars doesn’t care about being cutting edge – it just provides pure, unpolluted fun.

The seven game modes

A regular friendly match
Play through a tournament with the team of your choosing
My League
Play through the career of a batter or pitcher
Play through the career of a coach/manager
Homerun Race
Hit home runs for G Points. The longer then homer, the more points you get.
Mission Mode
Using your player, bat or pitch through challenges for G Points
Match Mode
Online mode. Note that you’re not actually playing other people, just the AI with their team.

My League

My League is probably the primary mode you’ll be playing with this game. You play through at most 11 seasons with a player of your creation, building up his stats and buying gear. The main things you can do in this mode are training, buying items, doing an “outing”, and playing the game. You can choose to be either a batter or a pitcher.

Before you start your first season in My League, your coach will ask you to set goals for the year. The easiest three for batting are usually batting average, hits, and OPS. For pitching, I usually go with WHIP, K’s, and K/9. It’s important to reach them for G Points, money and fame.

Right after making a new character, you should go into the mission mode/ homerun race for lots of free G Points. There’s no downside… keep repeating missions until you feel like the points aren’t worth the time anymore. It’s good practice, anyway, especially against the super pitchers. Tip: You get extra G Points for hitting the signs in Home Run Race.

After every pair of games you play, you get to pick what to do, spending Action Points. It’s important to be efficient with them – try to end up with the smallest amount you can every single time.

For batting, by far the most important stat is power. This is especially the case if you’ve played the other Baseball Superstars – timing shouldn’t be much of an issue. If your timing is good, the batting stat will be pretty useless to add. You can space out your points much more in pitching, but the more important ones are curve and speed.

Start out training your power/curve/speed and Super Batting/Super Pitching. After training the supers’, you unlock SPs for further upgrades. Don’t spend all your G Points though; save some for illnesses, injuries, and negative skills.

As your batter’s career goes on, keep emphasizing on power, while dabbling into the other skills 2ish times per season. This is to avoid getting negative skills, which you can get from lack of training or extended periods of low morale.

At the end of each season, if you’ve led the league in any of the categories or have been awarded MVP, assertively ask for a raise. It’ll lower your fame but give you more money (a 20% raise as opposed to a 10%).

At the end of your career, you can retire your player into the Hall of Fame for 30,000 G Points, and subsequently use him in season & the other modes.

Outing Unlockables

Military Cap (Batter Cap)
Attract Medica
Ironclad Glove (Batter Glove)
Attract Rosie
Wizardry Hat (Pitcher Cap)
Attract Cycci
Wizardry Hat (Pitcher Cap)
Attract Ahra

Best Gear/Unlockables in the game (+220 stat)

Berserker Helm (Batter Cap)
2 Cycling Home Runs
Force Gauntlet (Batter Glove)
3 Back to Back Homeruns
Force Blade (Batter Bat)
Super batters all level 5
Ikarus Shoes (Batter Shoes)
30 Tournament Wins
General’s Crown (Pitcher Cap)
25 K’s in a game…twice
LEVEL 55555 (Pitcher Glove)
Super pitchers all level 5
Goggle Sunglasses (Pitcher Accessory)
Register ranking online

Miscellaneous tips

  • If you want to switch your game save to another device, go to Options and Data Management. Save the Data and then Load it on your other device.
  • To save G points, wait until you get two negative skills before using Hypnotization. Having 1 usually isn’t bad enough to warrant using 2000 G Points.
  • Keep your morale up so you don’t get the negative skill Basket-case, which lowers all your abilities by 20%.
  • Don’t prolong healing an injury. If you wait too long, you may be due for an early retirement…
  • Be efficient with your AP. Super Bat training and the Quiz show cost 6 AP each, Resting costs 3, and most of the other things cost 4. The less AP you have leftover, the less you’re wasting. An example is if you need to replenish morale, and you have 6 AP, remember to rest twice instead of “Replenishing Morale”. This obviously goes for season mode as well.
  • Use your super bat when the pitcher screws up, which is notified by two red exclamation points above him after he pitches. When this happens, the ball goes exactly to the middle of the batter’s box, and combined with a Super Bat, results in good things.

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      • profile image

        jamg 4 years ago

        You know how all the curves is unlocked¿¿

      • profile image

        kyle 4 years ago

        what is line drive

      • profile image

        \=Dragon 4 years ago

        I once got a x3 hit combo with merry-go-round! :p

      • profile image

        angel3642 4 years ago

        Anybody know any actual cheats

      • profile image

        Well... 5 years ago

        I already know these things,I just don't know...the timing

        When it's the time?

        How do I know the time to bat when don't have an eagle eye?I don't get it...

      • profile image

        Cabysho 5 years ago

        Another way to get a lot of G points is to do 13th mission for pitcher in mission mode. I suggest that you get a my league pitcher with super pitching before you do this because super pitching will make the process of getting the G point WAYY MUCH FASTER.

        First, get your my league pitcher with at least 3 super pitches (Use easy mode to quickly get super pitches if you're only about the g points)

        Then get your stats up like normal, and train super pitching and eventually you'll have super pitching.

        Afterwards, go to mission mode with your pitcher and this step will take the longest but it's totally worth it. Complete missions 1-12.

        Once you're done with 12, the 13th mission should will be unlocked and you'll face tiger KO. The mission is to strike him out with a max of 5 pitches, but 5 is too much. That's why you have 3 super pitches.

        When you're facing Tiger KO, remember that there's always a chance of him hitting ball so don't rage over it. Use all of the pitches on the bottom corners (left and right).

        Doing this mission constantly will get you a lot of 2,000 g points when you first do this mission then 1,200 if you retry it. If you do it correctly you'll make BANK, because who wants to buy g points?

        Welcome guys :D

      • profile image

        Patrick 5 years ago

        How do you plan an event league on match mode?

      • profile image

        Spin 5 years ago

        I agree but i did 3 homeruns and a triple and got a cycling hit

      • profile image

        Mr Cool 5 years ago

        No. A cycling home run is a home run after you hit a single, double, and a triple. Any order is fine, just make sure you got the three hits then a home run.

      • profile image

        Don 5 years ago

        Any tips for: How do you bat against the super pitchers.. its almost impossible to time the swing right against them.?

      • profile image

        Anthony 5 years ago

        I hit two grandslams in one game does that count?

      • profile image

        ok 5 years ago

        That make so hard

      • profile image

        Catchergmw 5 years ago

        Cycling homerun is getting a single homerun, a two person homerun, a three person homerun, and a grandslam

      • profile image

        dave 6 years ago

        What is a cycling home run?

      • profile image

        Giambi 6 years ago