Play WGT Online: A Guide to the Easiest Holes on the WGT Golf Courses

Updated on June 6, 2017

WGT is an online golf game with incredibly realistic gameplay and graphics. If you play WGT online you will be able to play on a range of different courses. There are four full courses available to play on WGT online in stroke play mode. These are Bethpage Black, Kiawah Island, St.Andrews, and Oakmont. If you are looking to play a superb realistic online golf game, then WGT is certainly for you.

In this article we will have a close look at the four main courses available to play on WGT. We will review the courses and look at what makes them such excellent places to play golf online. This guide will basically give you all the information about the WGT courses that you need to know. So now let’s have a look at each course individually.

1. Bethpage Black

Bethpage Black is a notoriously difficult course to play. This is true when playing actual golf and also when playing on WGT. At the start of Bethpage Black there is a famous warning sign which reads, ‘The Black course is an extremely difficult course which we recommend only for highly skilled golfers’. This sign is very true. Although this is only a par 70 course it really is a tough challenge and the most difficult course to play on WGT online.

The course consists of 18 testing holes which are made up of four par 3’s, twelve par 4’s and two par 5’s. At a total of 7,402 yds from the black tees, this is the longest course on WGT and the most technically challenging. The main reason that BP is such a difficult course is the fact that there are some narrow fairways with thick rough on either side. The course also has many trees which can easily be hit if you strike a wayward shot. There are not as many bunkers on Bethpage as there are on some of the WGT courses, but if you do find the sand chances are you will be in for a very tricky shot.

The most difficult hole on BP is without a doubt 15. This features a relatively comfortable tee shot, however the second shot is a long iron to a raised up green. If the flag is placed near the front of the green it is almost impossible to control your shot and bring the ball to a stop. If you roll up the hill to the back of the green you are left with a shocking putt back down the hill. There are not many easy birdie chances on BP and it really is a tough course.

Despite being a very difficult course it is a very beautiful course. Bethpage Black is a lush green course located in Farmingdale NY. There are lots of trees and a few nice ponds that really add character to the course. If you want a real challenge in beautiful surroundings, you will really enjoy playing Bethpage Black on WGT online.

First Hole at Bethpage

2. Kiawah Island

The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island is the oldest course on WGT. This was the first course the game made available and therefore it holds a special place on WGT online. With some stunning views out over the Atlantic Ocean, The Ocean Course really is a beautiful location to play golf online at WGT. Probably the easiest course when you play WGT online this is a links style course with some classic holes.

Kiawah Island has a par of 18 and is made up of four par 3’s, ten par 4’s and four par 5’s. The total yardage from the black tees comes in at 7,356 so to say it’s a par 72 it is quite a short course. The rough does not tend to be to thick when you hit a poor shot and the bunkers are quite forgiving as many of them contain hard sand which gives you a good lie. All the par 5 holes offer chances of a birdie and there are a few classic par 3’s that really are nice to play.

The main challenge to Kiawah is the greens, although there are a few flatter ones, many have some subtle slopes that can make reading putts very tricky. There are plenty of bunkers around the course and also plenty of holes that feature water. If you are new to playing WGT online then this is a good course to start on. It’s one that even a beginner can get round and still make a good below par score.

3. St.Andrews

The Old Course at St.Andrews is one of the most famous golf courses in the world. Known as the home of golf, St.Andrews offers a unique challenge when you play WGT online. This links course is a real challenge in bad conditions, however when the wind is not blowing it is possible to shoot some very low scores on this course. Set on the east coast of Scotland this course is a beautiful reminder of what golf is all about. WGT have perfectly recreated The Old Course to give players a wonderful online golfing experience.

When playing from the black tees this par 72 course measures in at 7,242 yards. A mixture of long and short holes there are four par 3’s, ten par 4’s and four par 5’s. If you stick to the fairways there are a few good birdie opportunities and even possible eagles. The best chances of making low scores come on the turn from holes 7 to 12. Despite having a few easy holes, there are some really challenging bunkers at St.Andrews. Another issue is the gorse bushes that line some of the holes, you only need to be a few yards out with a shot and you can lose your ball in the gorse.

The signature hole of The Old Course has to be 17 which is known as the Road Hole. This features a daunting tee shot over the corner of the hotel and then a terrifying approach shot into the green, make a par here and you have done well. The main test on St.Andrews comes when the wind blows. There are no trees to offer any protection here so you can expect some very strong winds to come into play. Another issue is the greens, good course management is vital on these approach shots as there are some huge slopes on some of the large greens.

4. Oakmont

The newest addition to WGT online is the Oakmont Country Club course. This beautiful course is a real tough challenge and a beautiful course at the same time. Similar to the look of BP this course offers lush green surroundings with plenty of trees to contend with. With some narrow fairways and long holes Oakmont is a really tough challenge for any player of WGT.

From the black tees the total yardage for Oakmont is 7,248, par for the course is 70. The course is littered with bunkers both on either side of the fairway and also guarding many of the greens. You can often miss a tee shot by just a few yards and find yourself with an awful lie in a deep bunker. Oakmont is also very challenging due to the hills, this is a very up and down course that requires you pay careful attention to the elevation.

From the back tees there are not that many birdies on offer on when you play WGT online at Oakmont. Some of the holes it is a genuine achievement to make a par. Even if you can find the green in regulation, chances are you will be left with a very tricky putt, some of the slopes on the green defy believe and even the most experienced of players can find themselves three putting from just a few feet away. Oakmont really is a wonderful course and a real challenge for all WGT players.

There really are some stunning courses to play on WGT online. As well as the four stroke play courses there are also a few good closest to the hole courses which are well worth a look. Playing WGT online really is a great fun experience and one that anyone who enjoy playing golf will surely be impressed by. Head over to the site and play a round today.

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