World Golf Tour: How To Prevent Swing Meter Glitches & Lag - Swing Meter Cheat

Updated on November 15, 2016

On this page we look at the problem of the swing meter glitch on WGT. The swing meter problem is one that has plagued WGT since the early days. So here we look at some suggestions for improving the meter when you play on World Golf Tour. This is not a page with a swing meter cheat on, it is just to help you play the game properly. The meter stutter really can ruin a game on WGT so hopefully this helpful guide will sort out your problems and get you swinging nice and smoothly once more.

WGT is the most realistic golf game that you will find anywhere on the internet. The game uses some wonderful graphics and cutting edge technology to make this one of the most played games on the net. However, if you are having meter problems it will ruin the entire game for you. So now let’s take a look at what you can do about it.

Is WGT to Blame?

So first of all it would be good to analyse exactly where the problem lies. When we talk about a swing meter glitch we are talking about the little bar at the bottom of the screen that moves when you take a shot. The idea is to click your mouse at the exact time the meter moves over the sweet ding spot. To do this you want a nice smooth meter. If it stutters or jumps it is almost impossible to hit the ding and play an accurate shot.

The fact is that if you browse the forums on WGT you will see literally hundreds of players complaining about jumpy meters, lag, stutter, glitches and a whole host of other problems. So are World Golf Tour to blame for this? Well quite simply, no! They spend hours working on the meter and have produced a piece of technology that in the right conditions will run perfectly every time. That is the key though, it has to be in the right conditions.

So basically when you see a glitch on the swing meter, it is because there is a problem with your computer. For everything to run smoothly you need a fast system where there are going to be no external factors causing the meter to jump or stutter. The people at WGT can do nothing to control what is going on on your computer while you play the game. So how can you control the environment that you play in.

Controlling the Swing Meter

Some people claim there are cheats for WGT and a swing meter cheat. This however is not how good players shoot low scores. They simply have good quality computers that rarely glitch when playing the game. So how can you make sure that you are one of these players and thus increase your chances of hitting the ding? Well first of all it will depend upon what type of computer you are playing on. The general feeling is that a desktop will perform far better than a laptop, there are of course exceptions to the rule but generally speaking if you have a desktop you are better using that for playing World Golf Tour.

Another issue that can effect the performance is the server. If there are large amounts of people playing the game and people using the internet at the same time, it can sometimes slow things down a little. Not everyone subscribers to this particular theory but if you play at quite times of the day you do seem to find there are less glitches.

The most important thing to consider when playing on WGT is to make sure you have no programs running in the background. Streaming music, downloading files or worst of all running scans will severely enhance the likelihood of jumps and glitches in your swing. Even having windows open in the background that may auto refresh at the wrong moment can cause a lag in the meter.

So the best way to make sure you will have a nice smooth ride is to make sure you close everything down, make sure your computer is performing to the best of it’s ability, play on a desktop and try playing when there is going to be less demand for the game.

Other Methods for Slowing Down the Meter

Aside from all the technical advice we can give you there are other ways to help improve your game and increase your chances of hitting the ding. Again, we are not talking about a swing meter cheat but there are things in the game you can do to slow the meter down. Many of the clubs and balls you can use will slow it down. If you visit the pro shop and view the clubs in any detail, you will notice they have a meter speed on them. The slower this is the easier it will be to hit a good shot.

If you purchase balls to play with you can buy ones that will slow the meter down slightly. The more feel a ball has the slower the meter will be when you play with that particular ball. Again this is another way to help bring your scores down and make the game that little bit easier to play.

The fact is that WGT is a wonderful game but as with so many game there are things that can affect the game play. The issue of meter stutter or lag is one that will no doubt cause controversy on WGT for many years to come. But if you take all the precautions we have mentioned you can play with a smooth meter and shoot some really low scores out there on the course.


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    • profile image

      gooberjones 11 months ago

      cant swing set curser and it wont start brown meter it says 3 clich in brown next to yardage does anyone know how to fix this please

    • profile image

      Woodbros 13 months ago

      It is so annoying when the swing meeter glitches so it results in a lost ball, but that's probably what WGT earns good monney on. So they're probably just happy about it.

    • profile image

      Waltermydoinhere 13 months ago

      I play from my basic work computer with no issues. I play from my daughters laptop which is nice but not a super-computer, with no issues. However, when I try to play from my very expensive gaming computer there is no meter glitching that I can tell but It definitely doesn't "CLICK" when I click. It seems to have a half-second delay from when I click. Every time I try to research it, the only articles I can find are on "glitchy, sticky, etc.." meters. Nothing about my issue. I've changed to different mice, tried every browser imaginable, (ever heard of maxthon?) I've updated my bios, I've changed video cards, tried onboard, sound, etc...NOTHING works. It's not a OS issue either. My daughters computer has 64b win10 just like my main computer. I like this game but it's strange that this error or issue is happening on the most powerful computer I own.

    • profile image

      Bub 2 years ago

      BS, I have a $5k PC with 8 cores, 32GB Ram and an SSD drive with 120MB/s internet. I've also been a PC expert for over 30 years. WGT lags all over the place and it ain't on my end.

    • profile image

      meresi 2 years ago

      i have quite a top notch Laptop...but what i figured is...the lag or clitch happened only when my Cursor is right on the swing meter...period...on all other Areas on the Screen the Cursor is working just fine...

    • profile image

      awfairway 3 years ago

      Why r there no left handed avatars on wgt

    • profile image

      Bill0070 4 years ago

      thank you 4 explaining the issues on the meter skipping!

    • profile image

      John T 4 years ago

      Tinminer - THANK YOU!! Pure Gold.

      .. you too, ALNMAC.

    • profile image

      wlturner 4 years ago

      im having problems with my swing meter.wgt put ez-swing on and ever since I have had problems.i.liked the old meter better is there any way I can get ez-swing removed I really like the game but not wiyh ez-swing anyone have any ideas

    • profile image

      warren 5 years ago

      I have found that a "practice swing" helps tremdously when the meter is jumping. First thing I do is pull it back and let it go, then I line up my shot and hit.

    • profile image

      John 5 years ago

      Why does every green slope away from every shot you have so that your ball rolls an extra 50 feet, very unrealistic

    • profile image

      alnmac 5 years ago

      Get these time wasters punished.They spoil the experience for keen players.Flog them and put them in the stocks,twice at weekends.LOL.

    • profile image

      Tinminer 6 years ago

      I have found that the best mwthod to stop meter problems is as follows. When in the game right click on the screen, then on settings. This brings up adobe flash player click on the folder icon in the middle and then move the slider to the extreme right. This allows the computer more space for wgt and it works a treat. You have to use the procedure every time you log into a game.

    • profile image

      twister829 6 years ago

      put in driving ranges to try out new clubs also putting greens