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"WGT" Putting Tips & Advice: Improve Your Putts on "World Golf Tour"

Putting is one of the most important parts of WGT. In this article, we have a close look at tips on putting when playing World Golf Tour. We give you all the information you will need to shoot low scores and putt well on and around the greens. Putting on WGT really is an important part of the game and one that you should spend some time practicing, so here we will give you all the tips and advice you need to become a good putter on WGT.

WGT is an online golf game that has been around for a few years now. This game has thousands of regular players and is the most realistic golf game there is on the internet. When you play this game you must perfect many different aspects of your game and putting is one of these. So now let’s take a look at how exactly to putt on World Golf Tour.


Selecting the Best WGT Putter

The first thing to consider when putting on WGT is which putter you will be using. There are lots to choose from and lots to think about. You do get a standard WGT putter, but this is not very good and will not help your putting very much.

Spider Putter

So you will have to spend your credits and buy yourself a decent putter. For many players, the Spider Putter is seen as a good place to start. This is just 400 credits and has a very slow meter on it which means you should hit the ding more often than not. However, the precision is not very good and neither is the forgiveness.

Redwood Putter

For many players, the Redwood is the putter of choice—this comes in at 1,385 credits and has a slightly faster meter speed. However, it is very accurate and has great balance, up until recently this was considered the best putter that WGT had to offer.

Ghost Putter

That was until the Ghost Putter came along. This one will set you back 1,795 which makes it the most expensive golf putter on offer. But the balance and precision are stunning on this model. If you want the top of the range then this one is most certainly for you.

Using the right putter is vital when you putt on WGT. The difference a good putter can make is huge and if you really want to take your game to the next level then you really must spend the money and buy the best equipment the game has to offer. But when you are happy with your putter, what next?

World Golf Tour Putter Pal

In recent times WGT has brought out Putter Pal. This is a clever little gadget that is supposed to help you with your putting. The idea is simple—when you are using Putter Pal a little grid overlays on your putting meter, this makes the length of putts easier to judge.

The fact is that this is a helpful tool, however, it does cost money. You can purchase a limited amount of putts to use this for depending on how much you want to use it. It works out quite expensive and while it is a handy tool I would say that Putter Pal is not really worth the money overall.

Putter Pal on World Golf Tour is really just another way that the company is trying to make money. Yes, it’s clever, but you could just draw your own chart and put it on the screen when you are putting and this would have the same effect.

Basic Putting Tips on WGT

If you are new to WGT, let’s just run through the basics of putting.

First of all, to aim your putt you simply move the arrow left and right on the screen. This will aim your putt and show you the distance to the hole. Then you click on the swing and choose how hard you wish to hit your putt. You can increase the length of the putt on very long shots by adjusting the little marker on the left which will change the putting length you are going to hit.

Now you must judge the way the dots are moving on the grid. The way they move shows you how your ball will move when it passes over them. Adjust the line of your putt accordingly. Also be aware of up and down slopes, the end of your putting line will have a number with either an up or down arrow.

So if it says up 4 this means the slopes go up by 4 inches. In some cases, on long putts it may say up 2ft, this means the hill is very steep and you have to go a long way up the slope. When putting up or downhill the ball will travel differently and at different speeds, so hit harder on up slopes and softer on down slopes.

Another basic thing to take into consideration is green speed. On each round, you play there will be different greens speeds. It is important to take note of this, the green speed will be displayed in the top right corner of the screen when you are putting. Always remember to check this as your ball will move at different speeds on different surfaces when putting on WGT.

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Advanced Putting Tips for WGT

If you want more advanced tips on how to putt on WGT, we can take a look at some.

First of all, let's talk about green speed. There are six different green speeds that you will come across; slow, standard, fast, very fast, tournament and championship. Slow is like putting on long grass and championship is like putting on ice! As an example, on a flat green, I hit a putt at full whack when the meter goes up to 25ft. I did this on a slow green and the ball travelled 23 ft. Then I did an almost identical putt on a championship green, the ball travelled 44ft. This shows the massive difference in green speed. When you are putting downhill on either a tournament green or a championship green, you barely need to touch the ball and it will travel a long distance.

Another thing to be aware of is that slopes are more pronounced on faster greens. So the same slope on a slow green will not turn as much as a slope on a tournament green. Some putts you may have to aim at very odd angles on the faster green speeds. But don’t worry about this.

One thing to be aware of is sometimes it’s better to leave a putt short than blasting it past. On the quick greens, players can often roll 10ft past the hole and leave a very tough putt for par. So don’t overdo it, just a gentle roll will often be more than enough on some shots.

Off-the-Green Putting

Sometimes you may come to rest on the fringe of the green. Some players will always take a chip shot here, however, if you are close to the hole you may be better putting your ball. Remember though that the fringe will be slower than the green itself, so for those first few inches, you need a little extra power. I would suggest adding around 20% to a putt on the fringe, it depends on how much fringe you need to putt through but more often than not this should be about right.

In real golf you often see players putting from way off the green. This is not a method that usually works on WGT. The vast majority of times you attempt this you will find that your ball stops before it even reaches the green. Even if you are on the fairway, don’t risk trying to putt your ball, always use a chip, pitch or flop shot.


Learning to putt on WGT is very important. Putting is a big part of the game and to consistently shoot low scores you need to have your putting game in order. World Golf Tour is very realistic and just as in real golf you may be incredible from tee to green but if you can’t putt you will never be any good. Hopefully, the tips and advice on this page will have helped you somewhat and you will sink more putts when you play WGT.


Alexiss8 on May 25, 2018:

This is all a head game really. Ive played with all tiers and levels, starter clubs and ball are often used. We get used to certain clubs and as game gets harder, and it does, then you have two choices. Adjust to play getting trickier, or spend money. It is all about profit, and this game is a Gold Mine for designers. You feel your clubs are bad when you play bad over and over. Make adjustments and ignore your partners 2000 credit drive! Play your game and be persistent.


Joseph on May 09, 2017:

I feel the deck is stacked against those of us who don't have the extra bucks to afford the better equipment. e,g. their is a distinct disadvantage with using the standard putter. there are times I just shake my head when a one foot put takes a decidedly quick turn at the hole.

RangeRAT on November 12, 2014:

if you are an icredible human being yes for sure you can win everything...

Gary Armstrong on April 21, 2012:

Is it possible to win a set of decent clubs without paying for them?

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