Why the NBA Jam Franchise Should Be Revived

Updated on October 26, 2017
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Why the Legendary Series Should Make a Comeback

There are many games that have made an impact over the years, but one such series that is sorely missed is the NBA Jam franchise. Long before the NBA 2k franchise and the NBA Live franchise there was another choice for basketball fans who wanted a way to enjoy their favorite players on a game console. That choice was NBA Jam, a game that combined exciting and sometimes unrealistic gameplay with a large roster of licensed players and teams. Most modern video gamers from this generation will never truly understand the addictive gameplay that the NBA Jam franchise brought to the table.

The Dunks and Two-on-Two Faceoff:

The thing with NBA Jam was that it was not a traditional NBA title by any means, and most of the gameplay was not meant to mimic a real NBA game. For starters NBA Jam used a two on two systems, whereas NBA Live had all of the players on the court at any given time. The thing with NBA Jam was that it was so exciting and addictive to play that you really didn’t pay any attention to the fact that it was loosely based on reality.

The back and forth game play was so fast, and the quarters seemed like they flew by. The game even had an interesting half time show which would pop up and show the current gameplay stats. These were features not yet seen by a series in the past, and they really made for an interesting game. Who can forget the trademark dunks?

This is what made NBA Jam so memorable, most of the gameplay consisted of the special dunks that you could do. There were many different dunks that you were able to pull off, and each one consisted of the player catching on fire. These were definitely what made the gameplay worth it when you could dunk on your friend with a spectacular finisher.

The Commentary:

Another thing that made the NBA Jam franchise so unique was the commentary that would go on throughout the game. The commentary was funny and sometimes off the hook, with the announcers often saying boom shakalaka when you were able to land one of those crazily high dunks. This was just some of the funny commentary that would go on during gameplay, and they would also make comedic comments when you elbowed one of your opponents out of the way. This interested and comedic style of commentary just made the game more interesting.

Why Modern Day Consoles Can Benefit From NBA Jam:

NBA Jam combined addictive arcade game play with the element of real life basketball stars, creating a pick up and plays game that had a stellar amount of replay value. Most modern day video games either rely too heavily on online gameplay or intense graphics to sell the game, falling away from the simplistic yet fun arcade gameplay of yesteryear. The arcade style gameplay of NBA Jam was both memorable and fun, and many younger gamers of today would appreciate such a game bringing this arcade fun back home. There was an NBA Jam released back in 2010 for the Wii but this has been in the last title in seven years, and I think it is time for a reboot of the series.

How to Enjoy NBA Jam Right Now:

With the recent release of the Sega Genesis classic system, there is the ability to play Sega Genesis cartridges in the unit. This means that you can go out and purchase a used copy of the original NBA Jam for little to nothing and enjoy it right from the original system that it was offered on. The noteworthy thing about the original NBA Jam is that it was immensely popular in its heyday and even spawned a tournament edition release. You can also find NBA Jam relatively cheaply for the Gameboy Color console, and I have recently been playing this version and it is very much addictive as well.

There are also various ways to enjoy the series on your computer, via emulation of the classic consoles. Though this method is not necessarily the preferable method, it does allow you to enjoy every version of the game that has been released. Alternatively you can also download emulators for the android operating system that will allow you to play the classic NBA Jam titles right from the comfort of your phone or tablet. I think that most modern gamers should take the time to check out the NBA Jam franchise, it is definitely memorable and well worth taking the time to play.

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