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"MTG Spellslingers": Starting Guide

In this article, you will learn the basics of "MTG Spellslingers", meet the Planeswalkers and understand the best strategies.


5 Decks That Work Better in "Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel"

Explore five themes that take advantage of the unique ban list and quirks of Yu-Gi-Oh's online Master Duel game!


"Green Project" Video Game Review: Farm Sim Meets 8-Bit Survival

"Green Project" is an interesting survival-farm sim game that brings a very different experience to the genre. This review looks at this interesting and ambitious indie game. The good, the bad, and the different. I'll give a detailed review so you can see if it's right for you!


Top 10 Underrated Card-Draws in MTG Historic Brawl

Explore ten useful but overlooked cards to help you draw more in Magic's online historic brawl format!


"Tharsis" Video Game Review: Has Survival in Space Ever Been This Challenging?

"Tharsis" is an incredible space survival game that is incredibly dark, challenging, and offers an array of endings based on the player's actions throughout. This in-depth review of the re-released version of "Tharsis" tells you all you need to know about this unique gaming experience.


Top 5 Cards to Ban in MTG Historic Brawl

Explore five arguably-overpowered cards in MTG Arena's historic brawl format!


Top 10 Cards for "Sythis, Harvest's Hand" Historic Brawl Decks

Explore ten must-have cards for green/white enchantment-based Sythis decks in online game MTG Arena!


Top 10 Historic Brawl Commanders in "MTG Arena"

Explore the ten best commanders for historic brawl format in the digital game "Magic: The Gathering Arena"!


"Super Auto Pets": 10 Tips for Beginners

"Super Auto Pets" is a great auto battler with a surprising amount of strategy going into this cute game. Here are 10 helpful tips to help true beginners get even better!


11 Farm-Life Sim Games That "Stardew Valley" Fans Will Love

The stunning success of "Stardew Valley" has helped to reinvigorate and reinvent the farm-sim game. Here are 11 incredible games that provide great and unique gaming experiences that add to the genre in a way that SV fans will love and adore.


"Wargame: Red Dragon": Hop and Glory Map Guide

Hop and Glory is one of the more dynamic large maps in "Wargame." It's typically played by teams of players who permit lots of combat power to be brought to the table. It's a fun map, and hopefully this guide shows how to play it.


"Wargame: Red Dragon": Imminent Apocalypse Map Guide

Imminent Apocalypse is a map which is prone to a static and slow, artillery-based battle in "Wargame: Red Dragon." This guide attempts to show how it can be won.


"Hearthstone" CCG: Aggressive Direct Damage Hunter Deck

Win games at lightning speed with this aggressive Hunter deck that will quickly overwhelm your opponent while building in strategies to manage the mid-game.


"Wargame: Red Dragon": The 10 Worst Planes

If you really want to lose an air battle and do no damage to enemy forces, choose these aircraft to fill out your fleet in "Wargame: Red Dragon."


Top 10 Competitive Archetypes in "Yu-Gi-Oh: Master Duel"

Explore the ten strongest monster groups in free-to-play "Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel"!


Top 10 Lockdowns in "Yu-Gi-Oh: Master Duel"

Explore the ten best play-disabling nets to hinder your opponent in free-to-play "Yu-Gi-Oh: Master Duel"!


Top 10 Trap Cards in "Yu-Gi-Oh: Master Duel"

Explore the ten best traps in Yu-Gi-Oh's free-to-play online Master Duel game!


Top 11 Games Like "Dota" You Should Be Playing Right Now

Are you looking for games like "Dota?" You've come to the right place.


Top 10 Cards You Should Be Playing in "Yu-Gi-Oh: Master Duel"

Explore ten crucial cards for any deck in free-to-play game "Yu-Gi-Oh: Master Duel"!


Top 11 Games Like "League of Legends" Everyone Should Play

Are you looking for games like "League of Legends"? You have come to the right place.


The Best Time Management Games!

Are you a fan of games like "Diner Dash" and looking for the best games in the time management genre? Here's a list of the best Diner Dash-type/time management games for Windows, Mac, Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch!


How to Get Better at "Wargame: Red Dragon"

How do you hoist yourself up from the basics into becoming a competent player who can have fun in Wargame's notoriously competitive matches?


Top 10 Arena-Exclusive Cards in Magic: The Gathering

Explore the ten strongest online-only spells in the Magic trading card game!


"Wargame: Red Dragon": 9 Units to Micromanage

"Wargame: Red Dragon" is a game of strategy, but there are some tips to help out your units tactically as well.


"Wargame: Red Dragon": Hell in a Very Small Place Map Guide

Hell in a Very Small Place is one of "Wargame: Red Dragon's" closest and most intense maps, making for intense short-range fighting and massive usage of mechanized warfare.


10 Games Like "The Settlers"

Looking for other great games like "The Settlers"? Then check out my recommendations for the top 10 games that are just like it.


"Slay the Spire" Curse Cards Guide

Read this article to understand what curse cards are in "Slay the Spire." I explain what curse cards are and how you can deal with the harmful effects they cause.


"Wargame: Red Dragon" Punchbowl Map Guide

A very intense and action packed map in "Wargame: Red Dragon," notable for its ability to see fighting all over the terrain and for the wide variety of different combats that can take place. Punchbowl is a fun choice for a Wargame match.


The 10 Worst Units in "Wargame: Red Dragon"

The worst of the worst in "Wargame: Red Dragon," with a host of ill-assorted units that are bugged, outdated, ill-priced, or simply useless.


Wargame Red Dragon: Bloody Ridge Map Guide

A common and intense 3v3 map in "Wargame: Red Dragon," Bloody Ridge's map guide is here to show you how to play it


"Wargame: Red Dragon" Tropic Thunder Map Guide

A guide for the RTS game "Wargame: Red Dragon" and how to fight on its map of Tropic Thunder


A Guide to the Best Build for Beginners in "Conqueror’s Blade"

From which weapon class to use, to the order in which you'll need to focus on obtaining units, this guide seeks to inform you of everything you need to know as a beginner in "Conqueror's Blade". This easy-to-read guide will set you on the road to success in every battle.


"Axie Infinity": Classes Guide

Explore all of the classes and their distinctions in “Axie Infinity.”


"Axie Infinity": Stats Guide

Explore all of the stats, their effects, and their significance in “Axie Infinity.”


"Axie Infinity": Buffs and Debuffs Guide

Explore all of the Buffs and Debuffs and their Special Effects in “Axie Infinity.”


"Spelunky 2" the Jungle vs. Volcana

Learn about the differences between the Jungle and Volcana in "Spelunky 2."


The Top 5 "Star Trek" Games for PC

This list ranks the top five "Star Trek" games for PC, which covers a variety of genres.


"Days Gone" Video Game Review

"Days Gone" was originally released to mixed critical reception. Now released on PC to a new audience, does it stand the test of time, and was it unfairly panned?


"Wargame: Red Dragon": What's the Best 30% Availability Nation?

"Wargame: Red Dragon" has a unique mix of nations that get a key bonus to the number of their troops. What's the best of the lot? Japan, Czechoslovakia, China, South Korea, Sweden, or ANZAC?


Top 10 Characters in "Smite"

Explore the ten best gods in the free-to-play team deathmatch game "Smite"!


"XCOM: Enemy Unknown": Is It Worth Buying?

A review of "XCOM: Enemy Unknown" that explores whether or not it is worth buying. From a rundown of the story, to the difficulty, I'm going to explore why you should, or should not be interested in this turn-based tactical classic.


"Wargame: Red Dragon": How to Play as South Korea

South Korea's combination of excellent grinding infantry, medium tanks, fire support, and a cost efficient air force makes it into a very good forest fighting and close terrain nation, but it has trouble contesting open ground and lacks special tools. This makes knowing how to play it essential.


"Wargame Red Dragon": Riding the Dragon with China National

China is one of the stronger minor nations in Wargame Red Dragon, one of the few capable of forming a balanced and complete army, which has some unique strengths and units.


"Ancestors Legacy" Xbox Review

A great start to jumping into console RTS games, if you don't mind the lack of a populated multiplayer mode.


“Poker Stars Play” Leagues Guide

Read this article to learn about "Poker Stars Play" leagues. I explain how leagues work and how to move up in leagues more often.


How to Get Free Chips in "Poker Stars Play"

In this poker guide, I explain how to get free chips in "Poker Stars Play." "Poker Stars Play" is a popular online Texas hold 'em poker game.


"WSOP" Events Ranked

WSOP has eight event game modes. I am going to rank them from worse to best.


"WSOP" King of the Table Guide

King of the Table is one of the event game modes found in "WSOP." In this guide, I will explain how this event works and how to win chips playing it.


“WSOP” Cash Dash Overdrive Guide

Read this guide to learn how to play "WSOP" Cash Dash Overdrive. I will explain how to play this game mode and how to win the most chips.


“WSOP” Powerhand Jackpot Guide

In this article, I explain what "WSOP" Powerhand Jackpot is and how you get the most chips during these events. I also share a secret poker tactic to use during these events!