10 Strategy Games Like "Clash of Clans"

Updated on February 6, 2019
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Clash of Clans breathed new life into the dying real-time strategy (RTS) genre with its unique gameplay concept, amazing 3D visuals, and a simple combat system that instantly clicked with the casual gaming crowd. This multiplayer city-building/strategy title lets you build a village, train troops, and send them to battle to earn rewards and collect loot. Its strength lies in its simple format, which appeals to casual mobile gamers.

If you love playing SuperCell’s epic strategy game, then you should try one of these titles. The games listed below aren’t exact clones, but have borrowed the “tap to deploy” mechanics and other concepts similar to Clash of Clans. Here are ten addicting city-building/RTS titles for mobile and Facebook gamers.

1. Vikings Gone Wild

I wish it was named Vikings vs. Zombies, because that’s what it is – a real-time strategy game featuring brawny Vikings and not-so-brainy zombies. You will control Vikings, put up defenses and towers to fend off zombie attacks and recruit archers, warriors, bear riders, wall breakers, bone crushers, and other powerful units to invade and destroy the undead lair.

Vikings Gone Wild has excellent cartoony graphics that will remind you of Asterix and Obelix comic books. The animation is top-notch; just zoom in to get a clear view of battling Vikings and fleeing zombies. You can play it on Facebook from your web browser, but make sure your PC has Unity Web Player installed.

2. Castle Clash

In a fantasy setting, Castle Clash lets you build strong defenses, recruit common and special units, level-up buildings, upgrade units, and attack enemy bases. The game’s social feature lets you invade player bases and brace for a friendly invasion from friends and random opponents.

Besides recruiting common units like archers, mages, and warriors, players can also buy special heroes to summon at enemy bases where they can do maximum damage to buildings. There’s also an arena mode that allows one-on-one hero battles between random players online. The game’s fun and addicting and has plenty of challenging levels, many that might force you to re-invade several times to emerge victorious in battle.

3. Ninja Kingdom

Ninja Kingdom’s Far East setting will appeal to fans of shogun warriors and veiled assassins. And within its charming Asian backdrop is a nice real-time strategy game involving base defense, city-building, and strategy combat. You will need to set up defenses, recruit deadly troops, and fend off the ruthless shogun army to protect your village and the princess.

This Facebook game has a nice lineup of troops ranging from Kunoichi (ranged attackers) to stealthy samurais adept in sneak and kill tactics. You can also summon powerful monsters like the Hulk-like Oni, who can single-handedly destroy half of the enemy village. The game has undergone lots of changes and will be available soon in a new avatar.

4. Greed for Glory

A medieval/fantasy-themed real-time strategy game, Greed for Glory uses the "tap" to deploy mechanic and base-building elements. Except for the setting and artwork, there’s nothing here that's unique or different from modern-day RTS games

You will be in control of a small village where all the base-building and resource-collection takes place. Building new structures and mining for resources will help raise a strong army containing knights, archers, and mages. Once you have built a powerful army, you can head straight to nearby villages to deploy troops and destroy buildings to increase fame and collect loot.

Greed for Glory’s gameplay is fine, except for path-finding issues during combat. It’s a freemium strategy title, so expect frequent warnings and tips to purchase special currencies to manage your village and battle.

5. Clash of Lords

Another fantasy-themed strategy game, Clash of Lords blends tower-defense elements with RTS pretty well. It keeps the base-building mechanics intact and lets you build towers and walls around your village. You will also be recruiting fantasy creatures like dragons, witches, mages, and minotaurs.

The free-to-play title might lure you to spend real cash, but with a little bit of patience and cleverness you can build a formidable defense and army without spending a dime. The game also has a multiplayer system, which allows you to search and destroy random villages and join guilds for a fun co-op invasion.

There are plenty of defenses to build, units to upgrade, and maps and challenges to unlock. Visuals and gameplay are similar to Castle Clash, but Clash of Lords places more emphasis on towers instead of units for defending bases.

6. Jungle Heat

A Clash of Clans-like game with a modern military setting – sounds interesting! Well, a Russian developer has made it possible. And it is extremely addicting to say the least. The game’s jungle backdrop offers a perfect setting for guerrilla warfare. While the game borrows several elements from the original city-building title, the military theme fits quite well with modern day RTS elements.

Jungle Heat allows players to build a base consisting of defenses, resource-generating machines, and a command center that needs to be constantly protected from enemy attack. Your base will be vulnerable to random player attacks, and so putting up the best defenses (including ultra-modern buildings) and creating a stronger base is your responsibility.

After building a strong defense, you can recruit troops belonging to different classes and attack AI-controlled enemy bases as well as player bases. Combat is fun and there are plenty of levels that provide a decent challenge to players. Jungle Heat is a good game and has all the elements one looks for in a military-themed strategy game.

7. Battle Dragons

Battle Dragons combines city-building elements with tap-and-deploy combat mechanics and presents an immersive battle system that’s quite reminiscent of the current RTS games for Android and iOS platforms. Instead of grunts and mages, you will be breeding different types of fire-breathing creatures, each with its own unique attack powers. The city-building aspect involves building structures, collecting food and gold, and using them to build additional defensive towers and breed dragons.

Along with building a strong base, you will be sending your fire-breathing troops to destroy and loot nearby villages. The game offers various levels, each having a unique layout and defense. Rival dragons, towers, and powerful creatures will defend bases and you will need to strategically place your troops outside the town outskirts. Once dragons are deployed, sit back and watch the fire-breathing creatures fight and destroy enemy buildings. Commanding a legion of dragons was never this fun!

8. Samurai Siege

Samurai Siege enters the ever-growing list of next-gen RTS games, and does not disappoint at all. This is the second Clash of Clans-like game with an Asian backdrop and plenty of samurai warriors ready to destroy rival clans.

The basic concept is similar to the other combat strategy games in this Hub. Along with real-time combat, the game lets you manage a village and dress it up with arrow towers and other defensive structures.

The game employs a familiar combat and multiplayer system, the latter allowing you to join clans or raid a random player’s town. Samurai Siege joins Castle Clash as one of the top-grossing strategy games.

9. Total Conquest

Total Conquest’s Greco-Roman setting, empire management, and military strategy fit perfectly with a modern-day RTS game’s mechanics. Gameplay is fairly easy and 3D visuals are top-notch. The objective is to build a base, raise an army, and raid other villages and towns for resources and loot.

There are 50 challenging levels in the single-player campaign, and a multiplayer mode that will allow you to attack a player’s base for a small fee. You can also create or join legions and call for reinforcements during raids. The online leaderboard will rank the most successful player or legion with most battle wins.

Total Conquest is not an outright clone; a few new features make gameplay more engaging. Troops can be hidden inside towers and used to attack incoming enemies. A unique boosting system involves offering resources to a temple, which in turn gives unit boosts in the form of “blessings,” and a skill system that bestows powerful skills to units upon first upgrade.

10. Battle Beach

Battle Beach is a war game with combat strategy elements. You will need to help surviving humans fight the merciless marauders by building a base and defending it with mine fields, sniper towers, and machine gun nests. You will also raise a guerrilla force of ten units, each with unique abilities and multiple upgrade levels.

The game’s amazing single-player campaign will allow you to wage war against the marauder leader. You will be in command with snipers, shooters, and tanks, each unit more powerful than the other. The multiplayer mode will let you battle online players and join alliances to rank higher in the leaderboard.

Battle Beach’s fast paced real-time combat and tower defense elements are fun and addicting. With a familiar RTS concept and good graphics, the game offers decent combat strategy.


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    4 years ago

    I dont get why people like these kinds of games.

    These kinds of games should have its own genre instead of polluting the rts genre (they are like a mix of tower defence, "wait times" and almost no strategy at all)


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