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A Guide to the Best Build for Beginners in "Conqueror’s Blade"

Video games are a big part of my life, and I wish I wanted them to stay that way.

One of the best free-to-play games out there right now.

One of the best free-to-play games out there right now.

With over 86 hours put into Conqueror's Blade in the last two weeks, I'm beginning to get a deep understanding of the mechanics, builds, and units that lead everyone to success in every battle they fight. The game is so simple, yet complex, and I struggle to find quick and easy-to-read guides, so I'm setting out to give you exactly what you need to know without any filler.

Without further ado, let's jump straight into the guide starting with which weapon you should choose.

The Dual Blades are the best weapon for beginners in "Conqueror's Blade".

The Dual Blades are the best weapon for beginners in "Conqueror's Blade".

The Best Weapon for Beginners: Dual Blades

When creating your character for the first time in Conqueror's Blade, you will be faced with the difficult choice of choosing your beginning weapon. The choices are pretty vast, and they all seem attractive, but you're going to want to go with the Dual Blades. This is because of the lethality of this weapon class as it concerns other heroes, while balancing itself with stealth abilities.

The abilities of the Dual Blades include:

  • Great Thunderbolt: Essentially a flashbang grenade with the potential for high damage.
  • Infiltrator: Your bread and butter, because it makes you invisible and allows you to ambush unwitting heroes.
  • Alchemical Vapours: Basically a smoke bomb you toss at your feet like a magician that dazes the enemy allowing you to escape.
  • Skylark: The first move you should make on any enemy hero you attack.
  • Butterfly: Allows you to slow the enemy and apply damage over time effects.
  • Bo-Shurikens: The only ranged attack available to this class outside of artillery.
  • The Dance of Death: An ultimate flurry of devastating strikes with a long cooldown.
  • Marked for Death: Best used against an opponent who easily evades you, and needs to be whittled down over time. Easier to land than the dance of death.

You may not like playing as a roguish stealth class, but this class will allow you to get the feel for what Conqueror's Blade is like without the stress of having to already be a pro to utilize it to its fullest. In order to utilize it to its fullest, though, you need to know how to place your attributes.

How to Properly Place Your Attribute Points

There is an argument for the Dual Blades class as it concerns whether or not to put all of your skills into strength, or to reserve some points for agility as well. Strength is your raw damage output, but agility will allow you to hammer through heavier armor with a bit more ease. I don't like this argument, and I'll settle it here and now for you.

Put all of your attribute points into strength—plain and simple.

The slight bit of armor penetration you get from a few points placed manually into the agility attribute will not outweigh what you lose in strength. As well, it must be noted that you will receive runes to put on your armor later on, and you should focus on strength for those as well, but you'll also receive a bit of agility that will make up for focusing all strength.

With that out of the way, let's move into the units you need to focus on.

The Best Beginner Attack and Defense Units

Though the units you use will ultimately end up depending purely on your playstyle, there is a baseline set of units you should focus on obtaining in order to learn the ropes of Conqueror's Blade. The units you need to focus on obtaining are as follows:

  • Favoured Sons (Season 7)
  • Landsknechts
  • Martellatori
  • Ironcap Swordsmen
  • Demesne Spearmen
  • Namkhan Archers

With these beginner units you will be well on your way to stomping the competition, but you need to know how to level them properly. I will include pictures of the proper veterancy for these best beginner units below.

The Best Veterancy for Your Beginner Units

It goes without saying that you need to view the images above in order to figure out the best way to place your veterancy points for your beginner units. In the images above you will be able to observe the proper leveling technique to get all that you can out of your units in battle.

The idea behind the way you see the veterancy being leveled within this build is that we want to get the most out of every single unit we bring into battle. Deviate from this build at your own risk, but I'd recommend following it to the letter for the best results.

You'll still need to know the best tactics for this build, though, so let's move on to exactly what a successful player does while utilizing the best build for beginners.

This is what it looks like when you utilize the best beginner build to the fullest extent.

This is what it looks like when you utilize the best beginner build to the fullest extent.

Tactics for the Best Beginner's Build

As you can see in the picture above, the best beginner's build has the potential to outdo any other player in the game. One second your team may be down and ready to throw in the towel, but if you're playing your Dual Blades class properly then you know that's a false sense of defeat building up in your guts. Your infiltration and guerilla style abilities are just what your team needs, and exactly what the best beginner's build demands from you.

The way you need to be playing this build is from the mindset of a guerilla warfare tactician—always remain hidden until you're ready to attack, make your hit, run away, hide, and then repeat the process. Big risks lead to big rewards, but you can reduce the risk by remembering the fact that you are not a frontline unit. You are a master of stealth, an infiltrator, and a predator.

They say the most successful predators are the most cowardly—the cowardly lion is an excellent metaphor to recall—and the best beginner's build is most certainly going to appear to play like the most cowardly on the field. Be that coward, embrace your soft, squishy, delicate nature, and learn to only dole out hits when there is room to get out of enemy territory as swiftly as you entered!

Finally, in order to be one of the best in this game, you're going to need to join an Alliance/House.

Make sure you join a top-tier alliance and house, such as The Last Legion led by Lord Sr. on the NA West, Cloudwing Valley server.

Make sure you join a top-tier alliance and house, such as The Last Legion led by Lord Sr. on the NA West, Cloudwing Valley server.

The Last Legion is an alliance built upon the principles of generous spirit, and relentless dedication. Through sweat, toil, and undying loyalty we will prevail. If you have what it takes to be a Lord, join us in paving the way to glory!

— Lord Sr., leader of The Last Legion

Closing Notes: Join a House/Alliance

The end goal within Conqueror's Blade, no matter who you might be, is to join/create a thriving Alliance/Houses that own a vast swathe of land with successful fiefs. If you are not already part of a successful Alliance/House, you need to make sure you join one as soon as you possibly can. When joining an Alliance/House you have some factors you want to look for to determine whether it is worth it or not:

  • Land ownership
  • Activity
  • Rank
  • Helpfulness

When choosing an Alliance/House to join, the most important of these factors I've given you to consider will be activity and helpfulness. An Alliance/House that is both active and helpful has nowhere to go but upwards, and they will grow overtime so long as they remain consistent. Look for Alliances/Houses that have your best interests in mind, and ditch the ones who fail to meet these standards.

If you are on the North American West server, Cloudwing Valley, might I suggest you get ahold of one of The Last Legion's leaders? Their Houses include The House of Lords, The House of Knights, and The House of Squires. You'll see us trotting around all of the different maps and battles within the game, and we'd love to make you a part of our active, and growing team.

I hope this guide to the best build for beginners has helped you get a grasp on success in Conqueror's Blade.

Good luck out there, warriors, and I hope to see you by my side in the battlefield!

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